#blm tokens for march

Not sure art is the right spot as I don’t see a laser cut tag. I’m a teacher and our school Black Student Union organized a protest march last Friday. I made a boatload of these to hand out. So proud of them!


Those look so great!

I agree. They look great!

Very cool! Does the laser also do the design? They all look so sharp and professional.

These came out awesome!

They are so great. How you do that? Looks like fun to do too.

I make the design on a computer, then set different lines to different laser powers. So, the circle was set to cut, but the fist and #blm were set to etch. On this batch I then colored in with sharpie. Some were handed out without the sharpie for people to decorate themselves.


These are great! Both powerful and small! :heart: :black_heart:

These are fantastic!!

Ammmmazing!! Thank you for sharing! Which laser do you use?

I have Full Spectrum lasers. A pro series and muse at work, a 4th gen hobby at home.


Awesome! :black_heart:


Those are awesome!

Congrats! Your BLM Tokens is one of this week’s featured projects.

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These are so cool and it is awesome that the participants will have a memento to their part in history.

I love these. :heart:

They look awesome! Great job!