BLM Upcycled Top

If I’m going to have a protest shirt I’m still gonna make it my style. Lol. I live in Minneapolis and we’re still protesting and probably will for awhile until the city meets our demands. Then we’ll be rebuilding and sustaining communities for awhile… so I need something to wear. I painted BLM all the way from top to bottom over and over again on the front and back in white fabric paint, then I cut off the sleeves, and I did that whole braid-y thing up the side.

If you want to find out how to help people in Minneapolis, let me know. If you have questions about what’s been happening or want some crazy stories, message me. I’m just trying to spread word. If this isn’t allowed you can delete this or whatever. This is the most excitement I’ve ever had in my life. Minnesota is pretty tame, y’all.


Love the shirt! If we can have a coronavirus thread, I’d think you could share your stories in the lounge…


Fantastic redo! It looks comfortable and sends exactly the right message. :black_heart:


Awesome. Love the effect of the hand painted letters.


Well done! Stay safe and make your voice heard.


Awesome upcycle!

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