Block Printed Silk Fiber Bowl

When I was buying the yarn for the Thyme After Thyme Shawl I made for Abbeeroad, I also saw this beautiful recycled Block Printed Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn. It clearly also had to be something for my friend Abbee. It was just so her. Neutral with a hint of color, beautiful upcycled material, from a fair trade company. So perfect for my hippie friend.

The pattern is the Classic Fiber Bowl from Darn Good Yarn that I’ve made many times before, and it works up so fast. I did the whole piece in one afternoon watching Netflix.

I did what I usually do and kept crocheting till I had a little less than enough yarn for another round of single crochet. Then I used that last bit of yarn to do a slip stitch along the edge of the bowl, to give it a little added stability.

Now it’s ready to organize something in Abbee’s house!


I really like all the kinda-chonky proprotions going on in this cute little bowl!

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It’s so lovely and useful! I need all the organization help I can get! :laughing:

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The colors are dreamy. Cool bowl, I’ve been wanting to attempt one.


Do it! They really are so simple. I promise.

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Love those fabric. It is so pretty!

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