Breaking News Announcement: Our first CAKE DAY!

:notes:Yay, @Koreena, it’s your b’day!:balloon:
@Mircka , it’s your birthday!:birthday:
Yaaaaaaay, you guys! :musical_note:

Happy Birthday @ClearlyVisible!! :cake: :birthday:

:birthday::birthday::birthday: Happy Birthday, @ClearlyVisible! :balloon::balloon::balloon:

Happy Birthday @nettleseed & @TheSapphireMoon!!! :cake: :birthday: :cake: :birthday:

This was also my mother-in-law’s birthday too!


@nettleseed and @TheSapphireMoon happy birthday!! :partying_face::partying_face:

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Aww, thank you @Harlan and @Bunny1kenobi! :orange_heart:

Hello and a virtual high five to my birthday twin @TheSapphireMoon

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@harlan is the birthday wishing queen!! Happy Birthday to all the wonderful LCer’s who have been celebrating their big days recently!


Happy Birthday @Bajita & @finapaca!! :cake: :birthday: :cake: :birthday:

@Bajita and @finapaca happy birthday!! :partying_face::partying_face:

Happy Birthday @appledainty!! :cake: :birthday:

@appledainty happy birthday!!

Happy birthday to all the mid February peeps!

Happy Birthday @asynje & @meowari!! :cake: :birthday: :cake: :birthday:

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@asynje and @meowari happy birthday!! :partying_face::partying_face:

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Happy Birthday To @asynje and @meowari! :balloon::cupcake::cupcake::balloon:

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Happy Birthday @LastOSummerWine!! :cake: :birthday:

@LastOSummerWine happy birthday!!

:birthday: happy birthday, @LastOSummerWine! :balloon:

Happy belated, @LastOSummerWine! Love the user name! :laughing:

Happy Birthday @Ashley, @CrazyClymer, & @Superhandmadecrafts!!!
:cake: :birthday: :cake: :birthday: :cake: :birthday:

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