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Heeeeey crafty peeps!!

I hope everyone had a great Xmas and New Year?? Sorry I’ve been absent for a little while again, but I have a series of good excuses. Good and bad. I’ll get the bad out of the way first. Unfortunately Mr Loops’ father had a major heart attack a week before Xmas, which was a massive shock to the whole family. It was touch and go for the first few days, but he made it through and thankfully was able to go home on NYE, he’ll be recovering for a while and still needs an op, but at least he’s alive and home and has everyone looking after him now!!

And the good… we got Arwen a lil baby puppy brother :grin: The dog shelter that we got Arwen from, had a litter of puppies born just before Xmas, and we now have lil Atlas with us, he’s just over 10 weeks old now, and it’s been a superbly crazy 2 weeks! Puppy pictures to come later in this post…

Sooo I have a few things lined up to post that I made at the end of last year but haven’t had time to post until now!! And here’s the first… Bumbling Bee as Mr Loops calls it…

Mustardy yellow is one of my fave colours (amongst many others), and I got this chunky sweater knit fabric from obv my fave fabric shop Minerva

I need to check how much fabric I had leftover (not much I don’t think) because I HAVE to make a matching bobble hat with it, and maybe some mittens :wink:

I used the Kenai Crossover Hoodie by New Horizons again as whilst I love a standard knit sweater, I have quite a few mustard knit sweaters already :face_with_hand_over_mouth: so I figured I should go for something different. It’s not my favourite pattern tbh, I had issues with weird pulling happening last time I used it, which I blamed on the pockets, but I skipped them this time and had the same issue. I think I’ve determined that the issue is my bazookas tho, so if I try to use it again I’ll have to try doing a full bust adjustment and keep my fingers xed that sorts it!!

Arwen of course wanted to be part of the photoshoot, but she’s just so danged fast it’s hard to get an unblurry shot of her, tbh she’s so fast she’s almost invisible to the human eye sometimes, she’s like a doggy ninja!!

And I shall leave you with a piccie or two of Atlas the puppy, who will no doubt be in my future photoshoots a few posts from now

Happy New Year, and I hope you like! :honeybee: :dog:
Loops xx


Lovely top, and the mustard suits you wonderfully!
Gorgeous dogs! Such intelligent eyes. Lucky you to have them, lucky them to have you.


I love that fabric! I also love the color mustard…

I hope that your FIL is recovering and will be able to enjoy watching the antics of your two pups!


So glad to see your post. The top is super cute! And the dogs…well, the cuteness of them is a given. :wink:


You HAVE had a busy end of year! I hope your FIL recovers as quickly as can be expected and without any setbacks.

You look radiant in mustard yellow! And the top is a really nice addition to your wardrobe - versatile, but not plain.

Congratulations to your family and to Atlas! Now you’ve got a little canine A-Team!


The top looks so cozy and I love the color. It looks great on you.
Sorry to hear about your FIL, but glad he is recovering. Sounds like you have had a stressful time lately.
Luckily it looks like Altas is fully willing to fill your life with smiles. He is so cute! I also think Arwen is so beautiful. It looks like they are fast friends.


@Tea Thank you so much, I defo need to get more mustard fabric, I’m really into yellows and neon greens atm!! And we are very lucky to have our lovely pups, even if Atlas is INCREDIBLY bitey atm, lol, that’s puppys for you tho eh.

@AIMR MiL and FiL actually managed to make it over to visit a few days ago, he’s quite nervous about being away from home (and in the forest away from hospitals!) atm unsurprisingly so they didn’t stay too long, but he got to have a little snuggle with Atlas at least and get their Xmas pressies! :slightly_smiling_face:

@J-squared Their cuteness belies their capacity for mischief!!

@TheMistressT Aww A-Team, I love that! Of course their naming was through no skill on our part as the shelter named both of them, but hey that worked out well, and the shelter are always so happy when you say you’re not renaming them :wink:

@gozer It absolutely was, we had added stress too as MiL caught covid only a few days after FiL was rushed to hospital so she couldn’t visit him and obv felt terrible, and she was still testing positive when they wanted to release him so that was an extra panic trying to find somewhere lower risk for him to stay until she was negative!

Arwen and Atlas are defo warming to each other, she’s struggling to play at a more puppy level, and he’s very bitey atm which she’s not a fan of, but they defo love each other already and I think in a few more weeks things will mesh even better between them :grin:


Adorable! You in your awesome sweater and those pups!! Congrats on Altas. :dog: :dog:

Hope all the health drama is behind you!!

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Your sweater looks great on you and I really like that fabric!

Congratulations on Atlas! And lucky us- more puppo pics!! :heart_eyes: