Cannop-pee Pants

Hey crafty bunch!

So alas I’ve been bed ridden for most of the last month and a bit, uuuurgh, agonisingly torturous bout of sciatica :sob: Suffice to say I couldn’t sew, and whilst I had this project ready to post I couldn’t sit at my computer, even if my brain was clear enough to create words, which it wasn’t!!

Fast forward through a trip to A&E (ER), lots of meds, and physio appointments and yey, I can sit, and sew, and make words, and just about walk again!! :smile:

So here’s the last thing I made before my convalescence! Named Cannop-pee Pants by Mr Loops, the reason [I’m assuming] being that some of the photos were taken on a walk at Cannop Ponds, and Cannop sounds like canopy… so cannop-pee… I think??!

You know I love a plaid pattern, I have a looooot of plaid fabric waiting to be used :grin: And I also love comfort, so these trousers are a comfy jog pants pattern (Yoggers by Petite Stitchery - free pattern btw) without the bands at the bottom, and in a nice stretch ponte, and I think they look pretty smart tbh!

I did make a little amendment to the pattern (as usual) as my waist and hips are preeeetty much the same size so without amendment most [bottoms] patterns look like the old puffy style jodhpurs on me!!


The aforementioned Cannop Ponds… here’s one of the “ponds”

And one of the ducks…


Anyways, back to the trousers… oh actually I’m a bit short of any more information tbh. I did wear them to A&E though, they were as comfy as expected, not that I cared whilst I was rocking back and forth crying, lol. I can laugh about it now I’m feeling much better… kind of anyways… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Oh and I did also make the top, albeit a few years ago. The fabric actually has rather rude words hidden amongst the roses if you zoom in…

If you managed to get through all that, thanks for reading!! :books:
Loops xx


I hope you are feeling better!

The fabric looks more formal but in a knit, they would be more comfortable than what I consider traditional plaid fabrics to be!

I laughed at your title because I thought you had discovered a way to “go” without pulling down the pants…oh well…lol.

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@AIMR Well technically I do have a “Whiz” (similar to a “shewee”)… which can come in very handy on a long walk or camping :wink: And yes thanks, I’m still on all the meds for the time being but I’m feeling sooooo much better now, it’s now more niggly compared to torture before!!

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The pants look great! Glad youre on the mend!

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Yay! So glad to see you up and about and enjoying the sunshine! Hopefully you just keep improving from here!

Those pants look sooo comfy, but totally respectable to wear everywhere with that sophisticated plaid. :wink:

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These look so comfy! Sorry to hear about the sciatica…glad to hear you’re finally on the mend again!

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Your modifications worked a treat! They look like a great fit and the fabric (plus leaving off the ankle bands makes them look much more sophisticated than joggers, but they still feel like joggers. AWESOME!

I am especially glad that you included pics from the walk with Rosie in them since she couldn’t be bothered to attend the photo shoot.


Thanks chaps! Doing my exercises and trying to taper off my meds so hopefully soon I’ll be back to “normal” :crazy_face:

@Abbeeroad - Well technically we did the photos and walk before I got hit with the pain stick, my limit walking atm is to the end of our road and back, buuuuut we also put together a lovely day bed just before, so at least now I can actually enjoy it!!!

@TheMistressT - Ha ha ha I love it, yeah I did call her but she’s a stubborn gal and she was just like “NOOOOOPE imma lay on the sofa in the sun room and just watch you being a fool”


This looks great! I love plaid too.
The shirt fabric is pretty, i zoomed but didnt see any bad words so its an awesome fabric that wouldnt get you busted too easily. Hmmm, is that a pun? "Bust"ed on a shirt? Anyway, i think they both look great and as a shorter person,I love joggers for the cuff. Without it I am walking on the backs, even in petites! (Those must be some long legged “short” people).

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Lol, I’ll message you the close up I took when I made it :wink: You’d defo have to get fairly close to spot them though!

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The pants are awesome! You make the best clothes!

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Awwww thanx! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Mr Loops comes up with the best names, although, like others, I wondered about the ‘pee’ :joy:

Hope you’re all better soon!