Cards with Vintage Valentine Images

This weekend, I played with some vintage Valentine designs I’d bought online. Made Valentines out of some of them…



It was fun cutting and stitching and pasting these (although I did ruin one by stitching too much, to the point that the card tore.)

Happy Valentine’s Day! :heart::heart::heart:


Such charming retro Valentines! :heart::heart_decoration::heart:

Love your vintage valentine cards…they are so, so sweet!

Oh my goodness! They are so sweet. I love the little stitchy one.

These are adorable!

Your revamped vintage valentines are too cute for words!

Cute cards!

Thanks, everyone! I really had a blast making them. Most of them are decorated with stitching and washi tape. I added little “jewels” to three of them, too.

Those are great! I love vintage holiday cards. It’s nice to give them a new life. :blush: