Cat Pocket Tank Top

So I did this twice. I stitched a pocket into a big tank top and then sized it down but the tank was super wonky. I started over with a top that already fit and made a new pocket. The tank top was on clearance at Joann’s for a few dollars and I got the patch 50% off. Not bad. I did have to hand stitch the patch on the second time because all the adhesive came off but it looks cute peeking outside of the pocket. I got the idea from the old site.


Fun idea and cute embroidered cat!

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Super cute!

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Tee hee, that kitty pocket is something special. Total adorbs.

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Sweet design and cute kitty

It does look cool! What a cute idea :smiley_cat:

Super cute customization!

It looks like a little kitty pocket square! Fun!

That’s so cute! :heart_eyes_cat:

This is so cute!

This is really cute :smiley: I always loved the kitty hiding in a pocket design :smiley:

This is so cute. Well done.