Cheshire Cat Costume - - Fashion 2020 Q4 Contest Entry

Made for a friend’s Alice in Wonderland birthday party, it has the added benefit of being a perfect “mask” costume! The dress was something my friend just happened to have that went perfectly with the jacket I made (Simplicity 3685, fabric also from her stash!). I left the sleeves off the jacket because that fabric is not stretchy AT ALL and I hate feeling constricted (and this was back when it was warmer, anyway). I can always add some later.

The mask was made from a pattern I have altered and tweaked and painted with acrylic paint. The ears are super-quick thrown together ears over a set of cat-ears I had. The bag is from @Bunny1kenobi eons ago (it’s been hard-used as a bag I carry my cross-stitch in!) and went so very perfectly!


I love your elegant take on the Cheshire Cat! And you’re quite right about it lending itself well to a mask, too. It honestly looks like a part of the costume, nothing else.

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@Smeddley, you should enter this into the Halloween Costume Challenge 2020

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The mask is perfect with this! You look great! :heart_eyes:

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Ok sister, this is DA BOMB GIGGETTY! You look flat out amazeballs and wow, that mask is perfecto. It really looks like part of the costume, I mean, you wouldn’t be as recognizable without it and what a brilliant way to make the theme feel super contemporary. I love this. The hand painting lends itself so wonderfully to the madness of the character. And the necklace? Whaaaa? So much purpley. And the bag? Get outta here!
And now, where are you that the walls are painted so wonderfully ombre? I had to look a second and then a third time. That is just too cool.

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Awww, thanks! That’s my friend’s house, she just had it built and had the walls painted that way. The whole house is amazing (the wall is all mirrors because it’s a dance studio!). She has EVERYTHING you could need to accessorize with any costume!

Love tgus! Such a clever take.

What an awesome costume!!! It’s quite a treat to see one of my old creations put to such excellent use, too!

Love it! :heart_eyes_cat:

So awesome!!! Perfect ensemble!

Fantastic! The mask is everything!

Whoah. Saw the thumbnail. HAD to click it. Was greatly rewarded.
this whole thing is awesome!!!

congrats, so well done!