Christmas Craftalong

Wow! You are zooming along! And… great job on your ninja stealth, too.

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I needed the distraction tonight, so I focused on getting it done. I might make another one though.

Question…I bought the pattern for this piece on Etsy. It has some technical flaws, not huge, but enough for it to cause problems for someone new to working with felt. Should I message the person who created the pattern?

I would, I can imagine an small crafty business owner would appreciate feedback far more than a large corporation.


Agree. If it was me, I’d appreciate the feedback, as long as it was given in an upbeat and kind way.

I went through my Secret stash of goodies to figure out what items I still need to make/order and have found an issue.

Stocking stuffers! EEP!

I usually pick up small items randomly while out and about, but I’m not sure how I’ll do this as I’m not going into stores this year. I tend to do a mix of candy and small useful items. Any suggestions?

A little birdie told me the Ongoing Ornament Swap is happening now if you’re interested in that.


Homemade cookies & candy as well as small homemade items like magnets, bookmarks, etc.?

Are you going out at all? My grocery store usually has lots of stocking stuffers available.

You could probably also buy pre-filled stockings online.

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My DH is high risk, so I don’t really go out, other than curbside pick up for groceries and other necesities.

I don’t mind making candy or cookies, but it’s impossible to make it a surprise when we’re all at home…when not at work.

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Candy might be easy as you can add it to the grocery order and just pull it aside to hide before you bring the bags in to put away. As for the other items, not sure what you usually go with, but many stores are doing curbside pick up so you could try that. For example if you wanted to put a (random example) muti-tool jack knife like thing in a stocking you might be able to buy it online/over the phone from a hardware store and do curbside. I’m sorry I dont know where you live to know if you have Target or Walmart stores but they are both doing curbside as well.
For “useful” homemade items: do your recipients have any hobbies you could make accessories to use while hobbying? Like bookmarks for readers, golf club cozies for a golfer, etc? For non-useful you could make something funny based off some inside jokes between you- like an embroidered quote to hang or maybe a small painted box for on the dresser?
If you want to give more info on the recipients i would be happy to give it more thought.

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The ongoing wish swap or the STS might be helpful too!


Here’s what I’ve obsessed over this weekend… Felt ornaments. I’ve made two of five so far. :laughing:

A good friend has 4 small Christmas trees decorated in Harry Potter style, one for each of the houses. I’m making him a lesser known character ornament for each tree. Hagrid for Gryffendor and Luna Lovegood for Ravenclaw. Next up, I’m making Bellatrix and Professor Potts.


Depending on where you like to buy your stocking stuffers, a lot of smaller, more boutique/unique shops (at least in my area) are offering 1-on-1, by appointment, in person shopping slots. Might be a way to be able to do some safe browsing/shopping without the crowds.


Very cute! Love felt ornaments, and love HP… I did notice you said you were going to make five, but there are only four trees for four houses… what will the 5th one be?

Hedwig :slight_smile:

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Adorable! :blue_heart:

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My sis-in-law makes aprons that she attaches a dish towel to the front of to wipe your hands on, much more practical to me than wiping my hands on my apron, towels are so much more absorbent


Finished this one today, from a free kit that came with this month’s Cross Stitcher. Will probably finished into an ornament but probably with a backing fabric from my stash rather than the one that came with the kit.


Pretty! I love almost anything with a deer on it.

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That’s very cute!

I havent even started my lists yet nevermind a project! Maybe i’ll allow myself a little time tonight after chores with a hot chocolate and a notebook to think on what i might like to work up. I know one thing I have been thinking about is a Christmas Countdown calendar idea. Maybe stockings on a line, maybe winter hats and mittens… basically just something cute into which one could out a little treat or something.