Chronic pain suffers and lovers of cooking discussion

I have found an easy way to clean pots and pans that have stuck-on food residue. Hard scrubbing is tiring and not good for cookware. Just put a little water in it (doesn’t take much) and put on the stovetop on very low heat (as low as you can set). Within a few minutes, it will simmer the food loose. Turn off, let cool and then clean as you normally do.


I’ve found the shape of this bowl helps in that I can use my claw to pick it up. I can’t put it back down, but it does help at least a little.

Also, I’ve put our cat litter on a flat cart (it’s actually a convertable dolly that I’ve put a piece of wood on it), and I wheel it to our porch and clean it out without any bending over.

Mental note to self: I really need to get around to reorganizing this stuff, O_o.

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That’s a great idea! You’re good at DIY so maybe you can come up with some more ideas to make your life easier.

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WOOOT! I’ve had this cheese for quite some time, and I was hoping because it’s in the wax I wouldn’t have to be too pressed to use it quickly, and I was right. Not only did it stay good for much longer, our fridge crapped out so it even stayed good sitting in a cooler chest for a week.

So, YAY!

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