Chunky Houses Halloween Edition Gallery Sendouts 10/13/2020

Post your fabulous chunky houses here!

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List of Partners
irid3sc3nt > MissingWillow, RagingSloth, SonjaBoo
marionberries > MissingWillow, WiccadWitch
MissingWillow > irid3sc3nt, marionberries, RagingSloth, SonjaBoo
RagingSloth > irid3sc3nt, MissingWillow, SonjaBoo, WiccadWitch
SonjaBoo > irid3sc3nt, MissingWillow, RagingSloth, WiccadWitch
WiccadWitch > marionberries, RagingSloth, SonjaBoo

I recieved from @MissingWillow ! My very firat Chunky House!! I love it. It’s very sleek and perfect. I live the muted spooky ghost colors.

Yay! I’m very excited to have my own little village!


Yay! Glad you like it!

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Ooh look at those fun papers. Is the cameo frame thingy raised? I like that bat, too!

I received from @MissingWillow too. A zombi themed house and the inside pic is perfect. Fun! And spooky! I feel more prepared for a zombie attack now.


Omg, that’s hilarious!

That was a fun one!

The cameo oval is actually a sticker frame I found at Tuesday Morning.

Omg yes! That’s so fun!

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I didn’t know Tuesday Morning had crafting supplies. Hmm…

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There are two of them about 90 min from here. One has zero craft supplies, the other has an entire aisle. I’ve gotten so many discontinued Graphic 45, BoBunny & Tim Holtz items there as well as some lovely fat quarter bundles over the years.


There’s probably one around here. It’s not a store that’s on my radar so I don’t notice it.

I used to love Tuesday Morning, but the closest store was inconvenient. After moving, I visited a couple and was disappointed in pricing and selection. I guess they vary by location and whatever is in the truck that week.


Here is my house from MissingWillow. I moved recently and now live on Mockingbird Lane, which is the same street as The Munsters! She wrote in her card that the moon image was taken from a photograph on her vacation. I particularly love the bumpy paper behind Lily.

Now for questions: What is the resin piece over Lily? Also, did you cut out the 1313 numbers or were they stickers cuz I’ve been looking at Michaels for number stickers and cannot find them.

Thank you, MissingWillow!


This is my house from RagingSloth. I believe for my themes in my swap, most of them were from songs, so she made me a party house! Look at all of the hand drawn characters! You may not be able to tell from the photo, but each little roofing piece is separate.

Did you make the papers in the background? And can you elaborate on the roof?

Thank you, RagingSloth!


The piece over Lilly is a glass oval I’ve had for years. I used diamond glaze to set the image behind it. The numbers are literally from a sticker sheet I got at Michaels. They were from an alphabet sheet, which usually includes numbers. Maybe look at their Recollections collections? I think I got the bumpy paper from Hobby Lobby. So glad you like it!

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Yup I made the papers! The orange and purple are made from old Goosebumps pages, painted over, and stamped or stenciled on. The black are old japanese novel pages. It was a book I found that was falling apart. No idea what the name of the book is since it’s in Japanese but it had a victorian lady on the front that had been torn off. I just did a quick wash of black over those. The roof was originally just black construction paper but it looked like it needed something so I cut up little uneven squares out of the japanese paper and glued them as shingles! The stickers on the back are some of the very last from my special neon halloween sticker book. It still has some pumpkins and bats but no more monsters or robots. I wanted them to go on something special. All the houses I made are suuuper different. My preferences on everything generally change day-by-day. Kinda weird. Yours ended up with drawn characters, others were old pictures, others had different textural things… it looks a little nuts like I’m 4 different people. :rofl:

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Oh I was wondering about the cameo oval thing!

Love the @MissingWillow mockingbird lane house, so fun, and the cute little witch house from @RagingSloth is adorable…can you say that about a spooky house?

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Ooh, love the houses so far! I also received from Missing Willow, who went with my haunted house theme. How awesome is this?

Thank you so much, MissingWillow! I love it! :heart::skull: