Chunky Houses Halloween Edition Gallery Sendouts 10/13/2020

I have two houses to share today. They have a common theme that I love!
From marionberries -
image image
And from irid3sc3nt -
image image
I have a strange collection of zombie sheep that awesome crafters have sent me over the years. These are going into my collection. Thank you both so much!


It was fun capturing and then herding them into the chunky house…but wow, those sheep are mean!

Glad you love it.

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These houses are spooky. That orange spider web ribbon is perfect with the purple. And the simple silhouette house evokes empty but so haunted!

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Omg those are so greeeaat!!! I assume you’ve seen the movie “Black Sheep”?

We own the movie Black Sheep!

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@RagingSloth I like how you used ribbon to create a roof on your house. And those images on the back! Spooky.

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Lol the images are from a random book I was using for scrap and then I just scratched out the eyes. :laughing:

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I used to own it but I lost it somehow :sob:

BTW the first sheep are made of fleece (cheap and fake), felt, colored googly eyes and blood…uh red paint. they were fun to create. I forgot to take pictures before I sent, so if you could take a clear shot of the front @MissingWillow, I would love to have one.

Is this one OK? I took it with my ipad. Luckily we finally had a nice day so I took it outside. If it’s not good enough, I can get out the good camera. Thanks again!

Nice! Thank you. Those sheep kinda haunt me…

You should see my entire collection…


I received from @WiccadWitch. A beautiful, scary house. The back is scarier than the front! Perfect addition to my collection, which is not out yet due to 1 year old cat who is in is knock everything down phase…wait, that never ends.

So spooky!

Whoa what a creepy house. Is it wood?

I received TWO amazing Halloween chunky houses!!

From marionberries


I Love the witches hiding behind the tattered curtain!!

And from SonjaBoo

I Love the black kitty and the moon!!

(Apologies for taking so long to post… I have to do it from my phone right now, and it wasn’t being very cooperative :angry:).

Here is my final house. It’s from SonjaBoo!

The acid reference reminds me of this stamp that I found online that I regret not purchasing. It said “Acid Drops” on it, which I found hysterical.
Anywho, I like the garland on it and how the paper roof has been folded over the top rather than split into two pieces. It’s a nice effect that I may have to steal if I remember it next year.
Thank you, SonjaBoo!

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That’s a really nice one!

That’s the scarecrow’s tattered clothes and he seems to be terrorizing even the scary witches. Oh no!