Chunky Houses Halloween Edition Gallery Sendouts 10/13/2020

I received from @SonjaBoo and @WiccadWitch !
I love how different all the houses are. Here’s SonjaBoo’s:

So magical!

And here’s WiccadWitch’s:

It’s so spooky! I adore it!
Thank you all so much! Here’s my finished spooky neighborhood!:

I added a house from @MissingWillow from the STS swap and it fits nicely so it fills up the whole window. Love it!

Those look great all together

Here is my final house. A seriously great one from SonjaBoo. You got some awesome images for the houses you made this year! Thanks so much.

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My collection… and there are more scattered about.


I like the castle bricks surrounding that :Frankenstein’s monster.

@marionberries Hey! I recognize a few of those houses :wink:

I can’t believe how many I have. So many memories.

Agreed. They’re all different, too! I like seeing the variety and interpretations of themes. I’ve only had to make minor repairs on a few houses because of a large 3D element. I wrap them up in butcher paper across several small bins so the weight of them together doesn’t smash them. Who knew when I started swapping these that I’d have to worry about weight when storing them?

I’ve had one or two that simply disintegrated due to natural design elements. And the 3d ones are scattered about other shelves or displays. These flatter ones are just thrown in a box year after year. They’ve held up well.

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I also received from WiccaandWitch — I love this house so much! Dracula is the bomb.

Thank you all for your amazing houses — this is always such a fun swap. And thanks to irid3sc3nt for hosting again! :heart::jack_o_lantern::skull:


Awesome! Scary! Creepy cool. :ghost:

Oooh, he has a good expression on his face.

Thank you all! This swap is finished. You all have Positive Feedback, if it were available.

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Wow! This is such a cool collection! I’m definitely going to jump in to this swap next year :wink:


Please do join us! It’s addictive. I can’t wait every year to make & receive them.