CLOSED -50 Projects in 2020

New Home. New Year.

…and for me, a New Life.

Let’s use this wonderful new crafting site to…well…craft!

Here is how it works:

  1. Post your list, if you want, then when you are done, you can cross it off, post a picture, etc. At the end of the year, you will have one huge record of everything you made. Bookmark it so you can find it! We are still working out details of how to do some things on this new site.

  2. Post your projects as you finish them as well…you are allowed to cross-post in other categories if you are in a craftalong or swap. So if you did an embroidery, post it there and here. You can also do a link if you’d rather. YOU MUST POST SEPARATELY FROM YOUR LIST OR NO ONE IS GOING TO GET A NOTIFICATION! You can them post a thumbnail or link in your list for yourself.

  3. Comment and chat to support your fellow crafting buddies! Please stay on topic as much as you can, commenting on the projects or asking questions.

  4. To make it fun and to motivate you, we will bring back some periodic contests with prizes!


December 2020
159. Frida Shrine

158. Halloween Pompom Bunting

157. Sarabelle Cowl
156. Mushroom House Ornament

155. December Stitching

154. Zoom Journal Pages (12/19/20)

153. Scrap yarn fingerless gloves

152. Holiday Cards

151. Pompoms!
150. HP Ornament for PrincessP

149. Mushroom Needlebook

148. Virus meets granny shawl

147. Ongoing Ornament Swap for Ragingsloth

November 2020
146. Ongoing Ornament Swap for meg

145. Ongoing Ornament Swap for Marionberries

144. Zoom Art Project
143. Mini Altered Art Tags

142. Mostly Harmless shawl/scarf

141. Felted bowl

140. Necklace hanger
139. Remake shell bracelet into a necklace
138. Rainbow Stripe Fingerless Gloves

137. Ball Chain bracelets

136. Zoom Art project

October 2020
135. Lori’s Sari Skirt painting
134. Audrey’s Sari skirt painting

133. Facets Cowl

132.Sequoia National Park knit hat

131.Grey/black tunic
130.Skirt mending

129. Favorite Hat for hubby (2)

128. Blue variegated afghan

September 2020

  1. Spider Bunting
  2. I Wish I Could Be in Space for the Rest of 2020
  3. Blue Circles for Me
  4. Goose Girl Mixed Media

August 2020
123. Needlebook

  1. Crochet Halloween Bag

120 & 121. Bounty Hunter & John Doggart
20200825_120222 (1)
119. Deep Throat
20200825_120238 (1)
118. Smoking Man
20200825_120300 (1)
116 & 117. Alien & Krychek

115 . Lone Gunman

114 . Skinner
113 . Mulder and Scully
112 . Prayer Flag for PrincessP
111 . Ugly Sweater Quilt Block
110 . OWS for kittykill
109 . OWS swap - Birdie Pincushion
108 . OWS swap- Owl Fabric Basket

July 2020
106.& 107.4x6 art for personal swap
105. Art Journal Pages from Zoom meeting with geekgirl and friends
104. Tiny Handmade Doll
103. Foam Stamps
102. Kitten/Puppy cross stitch
92.-101. Fabric journal Pages
91. TM Patch for Swap
90. Six Masks for sisters admin asst
89. Four Masks for Niece
88. Beach Masks for Niece
87. Four Masks for Kids
86. Six Masks for Teachers

June 2020
85. Olympic Hat
84. Grand Teton Hat
82 & 83 Grand Canyon and Redwood Forest National Parks Hats
81. More Masks for Nephew (4)-first group was thought to be lost in the mail!

May 2020
80 . Masks for Nephew
79 . Pink Suncatcher- Color Box
78 . Pink Floral Rice Bag-Color Box Swap
77 .Pink Valencia Shawl-Color Box Swap
76. Masks for Nydia

Apr 2020
75. Prayer Flag for Me
74. Prayer Flag for Swap
73. Masks for Sara
72. Masks for Estella
71. Masks for Estella’s grandkids
70. Masks for Donnelle and Summer
69. Masks for Fran
68. Masks for Nancy & Bill
67. Masks for Sally
66. Masks for Bonnie
65. Which Way Swirl crochet blanket
64. Two loaves pumpkin bread with orange buttercream
63. Masks for office-women
62. Masks for office-men

Mar 2020
61. Flamingo Collage for sister
60. March ATCs - post when received
59. First Assemblage
58. Washi tape Notecards #2
57. Washi tape Notecards
56. Miniature toilet paper
55. Mushroom Bunting
54. Converted two king pillowcases to standard and made a little embroidery with the cut off fabric
53. Neck Pillow for Jim
52. Knit top, shrug and skirt for Barbie
51. Mini plants
50. Barbie floral skirt (top was last yr, never posted)
49. Tiny macrame with spider plant for Art2020Q1 challenge
48.Zodiac Mitts - Libra
47.Zodiac Hat - Leo
46. Floral arrangement for foyer
45. Mini wreath for guest bathroom
44. Glacier Hat
43. Shawl

Feb 2020
42. Lemon creamcheese cookies
41. Faux fur pom poms
40. Stuff pouch
39. Neutral shawl/scarf
38. Blue scrappy pouch
37. Green fabric twine
36. Toilet tank rug
35. Fabric Twine Blue Wreath
34. Denim pouch
33. Olga, the Creative Monster
32. Lettuce Craft tote
30.-31. Crochet dusters
29. Sashiko piece for purse
25.-28. Embroidered patches
24. Lettuce Craft Cross stitch
23. Cactus Girl #3
22. Cactus Girl #2
21. Cactus Girl #1
20. Linen Heart #2
19. Linen Heart #1
18. Guest bath Valance
17. TM patch for larger project

Jan 2020
16. Bunny
15. Sunglass case
14.[Kiss Clasp Coin Purse] (Kiss Clasp Coin Purses)
13.Broken Rib Cowl in alpaca
12.Fabric hanging pouch
11.Pencil/pen zipper pouch
9.& 10.Cupcake Shawls for shawl along
8.Snowflake ornament
7.Tiny crochet snowman
6.R,W,B coasters from scraps
5.Embroidered Elephant dotee
4.File folder journal
3.Homo Sweet Homo cross stitch
2.ATCs this month
1.(Go Hornets!) knit scarf


Yay! I like the idea of starting off the new year with a bright shiny list!! Haha, I am a pathological list-maker :page_with_curl::fountain_pen:

Apart from essentials like thread, zippers, etc. my intention is to make everything (or as much as feasible) from stash, thrifted, or recycled materials.

My List

Completed 2020:

1 scrappy fabric bookmarks for LGT swap
2 prayer flags for LGT swap
3 merit badges (2) for LGT swap
4 watercolour ATCs and bookmarks for LGT swap
5 some pouches for Australian wildlife rescue
6 leaf potholder
7 watercolour Jacques the cat
8 watercolour black fluffy cat
9 watercolour folk art deer
10 ‘Home’ embroidery (January stitchalong)
11 inchies for Averia (personal swap)
12 pan handle cover
13 red leaf potholder
14 felt-lined zipper pouch
15 panda fabric bin
16 file folder journal
17 zetti style artwork
18 Miniature challenge - birdie painting a bird
19 house key ring
20 vintage embroidery salvage pouch
21 ATC blitz #2 challenge - pandamonium
22 heart potholder
23 Noro headband x 2
24 scrappy bookmarks and tutorial
25 paper robot
26 ATC blitz #4 challenge - little bird adventures
27 little artwork for swap
28 Fishy fish shawl (test knit)
29 bright spot painting
30 bird in the rain watercolour and tutorial
31 ATC blitz #5 challenge - mythical silliness
various 4 x 6 artworks
32 panda watercolour
33 duck watercolour
34 snail mail
35 singing in the dark
36 a bunch of masks
37 a knitted hat for our neighbour
38 green scarf for CD
39 some ATCs for the ongoing swap
mixed media artworks inspired by the paper & mixed media craftalong and Zoom sessions
40 found frog
41 blackbird girl
42 stuff for happy mail swap
43 mushroom village embroidery and stationery folder
44 navy and green mug rug (for PrincessP)
45 flamingo cushion cover
46 Star Trek mug rug
47 watercolours for OWS
48 black cat embroidery
49 Frog prince watercolour
50 several mixed media craftalong pieces

Little Good Things Swap
4 x 6 art swap
Colour in a box swap
Go bananas swap
Ongoing ATC swap
Happy mail swap
4 x 6 art swap II
Ongoing wish swap
Secret Santa Wishlist Swap

Proposed Projects:

Fabric things
Cloud mug rugs in grey for hubby
Mug rugs for gifts
Make some more things from my Yoko Saito books
Table runner
Remake damaged vintage embroidery pieces into little items
Make items for church fundraisers - aprons, potholders, mug rugs, key rings etc.etc.
Slipcovers for barstools
Finish rabbit pouch for gift
black and white bag

Arty things
Linocut for fundraiser
Lots of watercolour pictures
Chameleon painting
Little art objects (mini journals, decorated quotes/poems)
Mini creature scenes in house boxes

Yarny things
blue scarf for LD
black cable scarf for me
More little mice
Grey cardigan

Yoko Saito needlework case
Vintage monochrome cushion cover (embroidered)
Green Myrna cardigan

and, finish my novel!


YAS!!! This one is my favourite. I will think about my list…

1 blue inchies
2 3 fox ATCs
3 books and cats carved stamps
4 “funcle” freezer paper stenciled shirt
5 gumball, unicorn, blue granddaughter ATCs
6 masterboard bday card
7 Brigid’s cross carved stamp
8 Butterfly stamped card sets
9 Imbolc mojo pouch
10 Last minute masterboard Valentine’s
11 ATCs from masterboards
12 Magpie ATCs
13 felt kitty twinchies
14 divided fabric covered basket
15 pincushion thread-catcher combo
16 metallic masterboard ATCs
17 adorable animals, a set of ATCs
18 Mushroom jar pincushion

19 crocheted sushi
20 open-wide pouch in purple velvet and galaxy print
21 mushroom house prayer flag
22 cactus ATC trio
23 Teeny weeny gnome in dome with mushroom
24 gnome and mushroom paper-pieced needlebook
25 Ostara bunny tin
26 felt mushroom ornament
27 mushroom pincushion
28 dryer balls
29 more dryer balls
30 mushroom freezer paper stenciled shirt
31 mushroom jar pincushion version 2
32 felted pebble with embroidery
33 paper-pieced monster cushion cover
34 paper-pieced monster cushion cover version 2
35 felt and fabric mushroom ATCs
36 more felt and fabric mushroom ATCs
37 dreamy magical mushroom shirt
38 Smeddley crocheted snail
39 t-shirt yarn tutorial
40 pillow case for body pillow, didn’t make a topic for this one.
41 Denim crafting apron
42 Sneaky kitty hoopla trio
43 TM patch sewing machine cover
44 masterboard ATCs, sweary @$&%!
45 Llama butt towels, haha.
46 Parsley worm tutorial
47 Reversible yarn travel bag
48 Veggie scraps picnic sack
49 Garden Party play mat
50 Effin’ Birds “Wash Your Hands” owl plaque
51 Fulled sweater blanket
Garden Party play mat set V-2

(a) simplified mask pattern & tutorial
(b) Face mask with ear loop variation
(c) Under the ear button up face mask
(d) “Veggie Face” mask set
(e) Fastest, easiest fitted mask pattern & tutorial
(f) Fastest, easiest darted face mask pattern & tutorial
(g) Face mask with clear plastic mouth window

2 add 2 rows of squares to patchwork fulled sweater blanket - DONE!
3 crochet edge on sweater blanket
4 crochet infinity scarf for me
5 crochet striped infinity scarf for Rob
7 finished wreath for door DONE!
8 finish giant crochet cactus dolly DONE!
9 crochet bunting
10 finished crochet ornaments before next xmas, haha
11 make books from all the brown paper bags you carefully washed
12 finished wool landscape play mats
13 thread catcher for serger


1.–January Stitchalong “Home” embroidery
2.–Lettuce Craft stamped bracelets and zip pulls for ebay sale
3.–Lettuce always be friends notecard set I have made 3 green sets for ebay sale, 2 sets for Nerd Games, 2 pink sets for ebay sale (SETS of 10), plus more
4.–Fabric Rope Wreath
Fabric Rope Bowl and Crocheted Succulent
5.–Bear-y alcohol inked card
6.–Appliqued quilt to tote bag
7.–Ruby-Throated Hummingbird atc set
8. – Appliqued Quilts Re-purposed into Pillow Covers
9. – Nerd Games Charms and Bracelet
10.–End of Year Teacher Gift Hand Bound Journal
11.–Turquoise Burlap Bag Teacher Gift

1.–Sunset Fabric Woven Wreath for Prinicipal
2. –Art Auction 4th Grade Artist tote bag
3. –Feb stitachalong/Hummingbird zip pouch
4. – *youre a Nerd Games Zap pouch
5. --[a whole 'lotta Zetti style atcs (19!)](

6. – Miniature Pocket Letter–Miniature Art Challenge Entry!
7. – Ohio State quilt–wedding gift (quilt top posted only right now)
8. – Aqua Blue Crochet Dishlcoths (F&T 2020 Q1 Contest Entry)
9. – Cut up and stabilized A TON of the family soccer jersey shirts to prepare for a three eventual quilts
10. – Joyful Clover in a hoop
11. – Wrapped two twine wreaths (one for MIL and one for SIL)
12. – Soft Kitty Plushie turned magnet
13. – masterboards and atcs

1.-- Through the Looking Glass: A Fabric Rope Wrapped Wreath Mirror
2. – Joyful Clover in a hoop
3. – March stitchalong offering–fiery soccer ball
4. – The Transformation from Uncomfortable Chaise to Sleek New Couch F&D Q1 2020 Challenge Entry
5. – I love soccer (jersey) wreath
6. – Crafts for Lettuce Merit Badge
7. – Ohio State Quilt for a wedding gift
8. – 4 Day ATC Blitz Challenge
9. – Together We Make a Family Embroidery Coptic Bound Journal
10. – Weekend Blitz #2–Coronavirus: Life in 6 Words
11. – Mrs. Mantis Goes To Town Drawing


  1. I Spy Swap Fabrics Scrappy Repositional Handle Project Bag for LBAB
  2. Wall Hanging for LBAB
  3. Skeletal Walrus Embroidery
  4. Weird Animals Bunting
  5. Crochet Plant Seedling with jar
  6. Color in Box–Platypus painting
  7. Effin Puffin Bird Journal (NSFW)
  8. Effin Bird 2
  9. I finally made masks (8).
  10. Lava Java: April Stitchalong
  11. SoapSaver
  12. Soccer Jersey Quilt Top #1
  13. Weekend Blitz #4 Quarantine Inspired
  14. Backyard Birds Notecard Set
  15. Bird Notecards in Festive Box
  16. Principal's Art Bag (gift)
  17. 5-Yard Everyday Quilt
  18. Upcycled Trendy Jar from Pickled Beets
  19. School Pride Wreath


  1. Find your omen pocket letter
  2. Masterboard atc blanks
  3. Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes
  4. Root Beer Float Cupcakes
  5. Hummingbird and Clematis Twisted Fabric Rope Wreath
  6. worked on ds’s fire t-shirt quilt
  7. Mighty Mountains and Rosy-Throated Grosbeak Painting Re-Created
  8. Clematis 4x6
  9. My first assemblage piece!
  10. May Stitchalong


  1. Not Opes Cross Stitch
  2. A Hand-Lettered Hello!
  3. Bonjour, says Dragon painting
  4. Striped Panel Makes Shirt Fit Better
  5. Reusable Recycling Bag #1
  6. Oceanic Woven Notcards for Nursing Homes
  7. My First Art Journal Pages
  8. Glow in the Dark Reusable Napkins
  9. Upcycled Bath Towel to Cleaning Rags (no photo)

July (some made in June, but posted in July)

  1. Raspberry Cupcakes with Lemon Frosting
  2. No Puffin atc
  3. Yarn Yo-Yo Participant Merit Badge
  4. "Meow" says Black Jack kitty
  5. Lettuce coin purse
  6. Fabric Covered Buttons
  7. Atc Trio Swap
  8. Duck Cloth Tool Dust Covers
  9. Bells for New York Shells
  10. Air Fried Stuffed Mushrooms
  11. Key Lime Cupcakes
  12. Mini Air Fried Chorizo Empanadas
  13. Soccer Jersey Quilt
  14. Leggings to Tank Top Transformation


  1. Wedding Card
  2. Slow Movin' Sloths atcs
  3. Hummingbird Adult Coloring Sheet
  4. ACNH Alice's Pocket Weather App
  5. Just a little somethin' somethin' for my bed!
  6. Lobster Magnet


  1. Hector, the 3D Cave Painting Stuffie!


  1. Notorious RBG ornament
  2. Christmas Cupcake Snowman Cat Ornament
  3. Hummingbird Ornament
  4. Happy Embroidered Christmas Tree Ornament
  5. Acrylic Winter Landscape Atc
  6. 3D Houseplant ATC
  7. A Set of Fabric Wrapped Bowls


  1. "Seed the Light" Poinsettia Ornament
  2. Cozy Winter Scene Ornament
  3. Set of Stud Earrings
  4. Barbell-- The #1 ornament!
  5. Boomer Hoopla
  6. Constellation Whale for lifeinpigtails (her photo)
  7. A Quilt for Me--The "5 Yard Everyday Quilt Pattern" Exploded!
  8. Papier-mâché Adipose Ornament

December: (Some made earlier for Holiday Present Swap)

  1. Disney Bottle Cap Magnets
  2. Mickey Mouse Pocket Letter
  3. Disney Themed Felt Hoop
  4. Mickey Christmas Ornament
  5. Disneyland Metal Stamped Jewelry
  6. Vintage Mickey and Minnie Lap Quilt
  7. A Cozy Set of Christmas Panel Mug Rugs
  8. There's a Blue Character ornament Among Us!
  9. Reflect: 2021 Word of the Year atcs featuring rose-breasted grosbeak

To do:
–lots of atcs
–make a quilt from the books Audiobooklover gave me
:white_check_mark:–start working on t-shirt quilts for the kids from their soccer jersey’s and their forrest fire tshirts.
:white_check_mark: – make last tool cover for garage that dh asked for last year


I’m going to give this another try.

2020 Completed:

  1. baby sloth amigurumi for ebay fundraiser
  2. Make dish rags from leftover cotton yarn (ongoing)
  3. Inches (ongoing all year)
  4. January ATCs
    Glowing Mushroom Demon
    Snarky ATCs
    Goodbye to Craftster ATCs
    Assemblage ATC
    ATC Blitz 5
  5. Swap with Anne - Star and 4x6 assemblage
  6. Notecards - A Plethora of Cards
  7. Mini Assemblage Canvases - More assemblage art canvases
    A trio of mini assemblage art canvases - - ART 2020 Q1 Challenge Entry
  8. Learn to knit - Knitted dishcloth
  9. A Completed Art Journal
    A sample of pages
  10. Lap Blanket
  11. Dr Who hoop
  12. Owlbert
  13. March ATCs
  14. Studio Ghibli shrine

15. Art palette assemblage

  1. Effen Bird Magnets
  1. cloth napkins and more

  2. Crocheted Swiffer Duster Cover - revamped

  3. taco sauce

  4. Ranch Dressing

  5. hand towel

  6. 4x6 art

  7. pizza sauce

  8. another art journal


I love this idea! And I’m thrilled for the new forum!
1.Mixed media Jackets
2. A decorated/embroidered ukulele case
3. Minions stuff for my mom
4. Large scale papier mache
5. Huge popcorn & cranberry garland
6. Altered paintbrushes
7. Flip flops or sandals (like my diy zero shoes)
8.Finish piece inspired by Fallen Angel in Italy
9. Statement piece necklace
10. Join at least 5 swaps, host at least 1


My 2020 List:

  1. Little Things Swap #1

  2. Little Things swap #2

  3. Boys Baby Quilt

  4. 2 Baby flannel blankets

  5. 2 bibs and 2 burp cloths

  6. Flying Geese Quilt

  7. Try Sublimation!

  8. Fix Hammock

  9. purses

  10. Bike Bag for B

  11. Bike bag for me

  12. Ear Bud Pouchs

  13. Vinyl Window Zipper Pouches

  14. Waterproof fleece blanket

  15. Outside Couch Cover


  1. Pottery Garden Markers
  2. Soap Dish
  3. Toothbrush Holder

Yep I’m gonna give this a go again.

Knitted blanket
Hexagon sampler quilt
Learn to paint
Do some embroidery
Make another bag
Zipper pouches


Sliding in and skidding to a stop
I’m in! This will be great fun and much needed inspiration.

My List: (coming soon)

1.-12. Circular tree skirts, made from prequilted panels, lined and reversible. These were donated.


Ooooh!! Exactly what I need to help me meet one of my goals for 2020: more crafting.


  1. Baby overalls for Declan
  2. Kitty toy for Declan
  3. Snail plush for Sanji
  4. Tweed hat for me
  5. Ida dress for me
  6. Mariana dress for me
  7. Wee city sprite wings for Ari
  8. Valentine BTS Suga card for Ari
  9. Bee shrinky dink necklace
  10. Luna Moth shrinky dink necklace
  11. cloth masks
  12. Latternfly necklace
  13. Circuit board bug
  14. Panic King tee
  15. Kitty zip pouch for OWS
  16. Mug rug for OWS
  17. Polar bear stuffie for OWS
  18. Prayer flag for OWS
  19. Pouch for OWS
  20. Surprise for OWS
  21. Xxx for Secret Santa Swap
  22. Xxx for Secret Santa Swap
  23. Xxx for Secret Santa Swap
  24. Xxx for Secret Santa Swap
  25. Xxx for Secret Santa Swap
  26. Krampus for holiday decor swap
  27. Glitter bird for holiday decor swap
  28. gnome for holiday decor swap
  29. rabbit mask
  30. Art nouveau bee necklace
  31. Pinafore for me
  32. Pantaloons for me
  33. Wood burned “Napping Parlor” sign for Phil
  34. Cocoon cardigan for me
  35. Wide leg cropped pants for me
  36. Suga Tee for Ari (stencil)
  37. Christmas bandanas for dogs
  38. Bench
  39. Dog toy crate
  40. Curio cabinet
  41. Witchy folk art doll
  42. Protect Trans Kids/Free Mom hugs tee for me
  43. Monsta X hoodie for Ari (stencil)

Bonus dreams but probably not happening this year:

Completed 29/50


2020 is our year baby!!

My List



Completed count: 67

  1. Amigurumi (tiny dog)
  2. Inchies (my first ones!)
  3. “Oh Happy Day!” Card With elephants
  4. Hufflepuff Craft Love painting
  5. Lion Craft Love painting
  6. Eagle Craft Love painting
  7. Badger Craft Love painting
  8. Snake Craft Love painting
    (Hogwarts House Craft Love Paintings).
  9. Monogram embroidered necklace
  10. Felt Hummingbird
  11. Lettuce leaves stamps and cards
  12. Vintage Valentine cards
  13. Vintage Paper Doll Valentine Girl
  14. Happy buntings
  15. My first Temari ball embroidery project!
  16. Brown Temari ball Temari Ball: D&F 2020 Q1 Contest Entry
  17. Pink Temari ball Temari the Third
  18. Temari to swap (blue Kiku)
  19. Temari pendant necklace
    Temari necklace and blue Kiku
  20. Scented Gift Temari
  21. Temari for my MIL
  22. Colorful Temari
  23. Magic cards box
  24. Animal Crossing birthday cake
  25. Potion of healing dice roller
  26. Big birthday card
  27. Face masks
  28. Umbrella and Hatbox Pin
  29. Thimble Necklace with Charms
  30. Roses and Pompoms Basket Bag
  31. Whimsy jar
  32. Embroidered Pin
  33. Ballerina Doll
  34. Harry Potter face masks
  35. Beach flotsam pendant 1 Beach Flotsam Pendants
  36. Beach flotsam pendant 2
  37. Beach flotsam pendant 3
  38. Zentangle “Place of my dreams” art
  39. More face masks
  40. Adult merit badges
  41. Leaf card
  42. Woven wristband
  43. Magnets
  44. Goldfish Amigurumi ornament
  45. Ruth Bader Ginsberg hoop ornament
    image image
  46. Sugar skull dog pincushion
  47. Blathers ornament
  48. D&D ornament
  49. Photo ornament
    image image
  50. DNA scarf
  51. Upholstery samples and thrifted belt bag
  52. Cooking utensils ornament
  53. Goldeen ornament
  54. Non-traditional Santa ornament
  55. Snoopy ornament
  56. Olaf ornament
  57. Quokka ornament
  58. Stitch ornament
  59. Ancestor with a bagpipe ornament
  60. Sea turtle ornament
  61. Edna from Incredibles ornament
  62. Spike (pet lizard) ornament
  63. Retro ornament
  64. Koala ornament
  65. Christmas goodies ornaments (Bucilla kit)
  66. Cushions (2) as gifts
  67. Decorated Christmas cookies & pie

Yay! I am back, also. (my list doesn’t count things made for swaps, since those come with deadlines.)
Projects done:
*Badges: More crafty merit badges!
*scrappy banner
*Warmer hearts/Cooler oceans stamp
*Pencil pouches: Pencil pouches from masterboard-style fabric
*valentine bookmarks
*Sekrit Projekt: Mini book/zine-- ART 2020 Q1 Challenge Entry
*Glamor Llama pouch: Another pencil-style pouch
*Jewelweed balm
*egg candles
*silly window clings!

Projects ongoing:
-krampus hat!
-all the b-day party stuff :crazy_face:


my 2020 list:

  1. finish Kellen’s space quilt (sashing, backing, binding) IMG_2225

  2. Big Foot and Winter Pines wall hanging (Big Foot from one pattern and wonky trees from another)

  1. finish kitchen-themed pot holders

  2. Tie One On fabric Christmas tree

  3. Starry Night panel wall hanging (BOM panel challenge)

  4. BOM block (Boone County Homemakers)
    January IMG_2264
    Feb - Mar - Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct - Nov - Dec

  5. Vera Bradley type Sunglasses Case

  6. Harry Potter Craftalong entry

  7. Dish cloths using plastic scrubber material

  8. Get Cozy mini quilt (I finally finished piecing the project, but it’s wonky and crooked, so I don’t think I will quilt and bind it. It was my first quilting project from a pattern, and I don’t even think my seams were standard yet! This can be a practice piece.)

  1. doll clothes

  2. find bulldog pattern and make bulldog quilt

  3. finish repairing Megan’s heart quilt

  4. Buck-toothed reindeer wall hanging


I am in! My list:

  1. Grey Blanket
  2. Green Socks
  3. Book shelf wall art
  4. Baby Hat
  5. Handspun hat
  6. Mask for me
  7. masks for DD
  8. masks for DS
  9. Scarf in red and grey
  10. Wall art for friend’s daughter
  11. sweater for daughter
  12. unicorn apron
  13. star wars apron
  14. bee pouch
  15. donut pouch
  16. pouch with lips
  17. zipper pouch for my mom
  18. Tray for husband
  19. shadowbox for DS’s teacher
  20. tray for my grandma
  21. tray for my dad
  22. metal gnome decorative plate
  23. coffee themed wall art
  24. Halloween chalkboard art
  25. Hallmark movie blanket for grandma
  26. Ball sack project pouch
  27. Blue Project pouch

I’m in!
2020 Project List

  1. Finish big painting Jan 15
  2. Finish other big painting (for my bedroom)
  3. Knit Water shawl
  4. Shrine-frozen charlette with cicada wings
  5. Prairie triptych in cold wax
  6. Finish sister shrine
  7. Finish wood heart from Italy
  8. Shibori dye day
  9. Figure out how to make chair and sofa covers
  10. knit some pillow cases
  11. knit cabin “tube” socks

I’d love to play!

Completed 2020 Tally: 27
January: 2 Dishcloths, 2 scrubbies, Baba Stuffie, Crochet Nest Basket, Stuffie Hammock
February: set of giant pompons, Weasley Sweater for Baby Bee
March: Aldi Quarter-Keeper, The Mending (5), Dish Scrubbies (1)
April: Dish Scrubbies (2), Mug Rug, Tea Time mandala doily
May: Completed the body of The Blanket, just needs a border so it’s not counted yet.
June: Zero Crafting.
July: Zero Crafting
August: [Cricket sounds]
September: bunny from a square, visible mend on sneakers, hat for brother, crown for daughter, Oona Stuffie
October: Blanket
December: Hat for Husband,
Christmas Countdown Calendar, Project Keeper, Fair Isle knit hat, House elf ornament, knitted dolly (with clothes or topsy-turvy maybe), Wedding invitation wood wall hanging, House shaped tissue box cover, Reusable party decorations, storage for Baby Bee’s numerous toys and activities, random slippers, Fork and Spoon, Paint mirror for BB room, Cousin’s yoga socks, wall decor prints framed, Chair socks, easter eggs, easter basket, baby gift december, fishing game for 2 players


I’m in.

Completed Projects

  1. Black Cat Mixed Media
  2. Once in a blue moon
  3. Rice heating pad & ice packs
  4. Large Mixed Media (UFO from 2019)
  5. Domino Pendants Set 1

In progress/Proposed Peojects

  • Mamaw’s Chevron Afgahn (UFO from 2019)
  • Celtic Cable Cowl (UFO from 2019)
  • Second Socks
  • Tea Cosy
  • Domino Pendants Set 2

Yay! I failed at 2019 :stuck_out_tongue: Once I posted my to-do list I lost all motivation :roll_eyes: so this year I’ll just keep track of what I finish, not what I want to finish :wink:

Jan 1 - two inchies! :rofl:
January - Three mini journals for the Garage Sale fundraser

January (a few in December 2019) - Inchies

January - Eight ATCs

January - Masterboard with Tutorial

February 14 - Set of Mini Masterboard

Counting five projects so far