CLOSED -50 Projects in 2020

I finally finished my It-Felt-Never-Ending blanket project. I decided not to do a plaid border all the way around once I did the top and bottom edges because I really liked it. I wanted the blanket to have a cool edging not the edging to have a neat blanket, if that makes sense.
I made the project up using a screen grab of my friend’s very favorite characters and stitch fiddle to make a chart. My original plan was “a nice throw blanket” and ended up with a 7’ square-ish beast. Hopefully she likes it cuz it’s taking over her apartment later today haha. It’s not at all square, I flare out a bit as it works upward from accidental added stitches… but I think that… adds to the charm. Yes, yes. Charm. She and I are yarning buddies and we always say you dont want to make a perfect project and anger any gods so it actually works for this gift. :slight_smile: It is due to be delivered today so I feel comfortable posting now. I dont think she will bump into this post while at work.


This is flat out adorable! I love the plaid on the top and bottom and think it was a great choice to do a simple thing on the sides. This will be treasured.

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Thank you! She just face timed me and it’s already decked out on her bed under a pillow she has of the same two characters- yay!


I can’t even wrap my head around how this is done…just such a special blanket…so many hours of labor and love! It turned out wonderful…the plaid at the top and bottom are just enough…wow…bet you are glad to be done as well…but of course, there is always another project to be done…lol


In the last OWS swap, @jillybeans sent me the cutest wooden cutouts to make a bunting… perfect for Halloween!

I painted them black and the added some silver sparkly paint to half of them. I tied Halloween fabric scraps between them…when I hung it up, I decided they needed googly eyes…what a fun and fast little project for my favorite holiday…I got it done for the Zoom meeting yesterday!


I’ve added some new projects to my list, but I am pretty proud of these, so I’m going to show them!
A set of fabric bowls


They turned out great!

So many great projects here! I’ve been somewhere between a daze and a slump, I made a few things but did not always take pictures. Especially not when it was masks, they start to look the same at some point. But I’m going to be making a few more for myself, trying a new pattern or two. I found that while I love wearing the one I’ve been using (adapted from the @Magpie pattern) usually, for work now I need something different. Six straight hours of lugging stuff around and talking to customers just makes them slip up or down. Mostly the talking. Yawning also not recommended. So that’s my current project, plus a few more from my list, as usual. I can post a few pretty pictures soonish too –– depending on how fast or slow the mail to New Zealand is from Germany.


HOT DANG, Y’ALL! I hit 100 on Thursday! My running list to which I hope to add at least a handful more projects before the end of the year.


Virtual high five!

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Ooh, pretty bias tape! I just got a bias tape folder this year, and I can’t figure out what took me so long. I love custom tapes.

I’m almost up to 200 projects this year :crazy_face: and I’ll probably get there. Here’s the latest batch:

A handspun earwarmer for my SIL.

A couple book covers.

A blank recipe book.

And an embroidered bookmark.


200!? WOWZERS! So much greatness comes from your hands!


Thank you! To be fair, half of that was masks. :woman_shrugging:


I love that earwarmer! Such pretty colors!

200 projects…wonderful!

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Every mask counts! In more than one way. :heart:


Y’all. This beast was just about 50 projects all by himself!

If you haven’t already, please join us in the 2020 Nutcracker Along!


I was a few months behind on this thread, but I’m going to work on updating my list right now. I’m also going to change the thread settings so I can get notifications and stay updated on all the great work everyone is doing.

@jemimah I love the artwork you created! The lady and the bird is my favorite. Your watercolor skills are very impressive and the mixed media aspect really adds to the beauty of your picture.

@coryjo I love that you turned your grandma’s shirt into a pillow and that shawl is beautiful! I was curious about what it was going to look like when I read the name, ‘hotel for bees.’ It is a great bee representation both in color and pattern.


I have made so many projects this year. I just added the 7 items I made for the Holiday Present Swap.


Wonderful! I am at 150 projects as of Dec 1. I will be cranking out a bunch in the next two weeks, but I doubt I will hit my all time high of 200. I probably did make over 200 but I didn’t count masks I made for donations…this was the year of the mask.I will say that I really thought I would do more since we had to stay at home, but there were periods of time where the creativity and enthusiasm was just sucked out of me.

I am looking forward to a better 2021…hope everyone is crafting away to reach goals of 1 or 1000!


That’s great. I’m not sure my total, but it’s pretty high.

I still can’t make myself make masks. I made 8 total; I just buy them.

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