CLOSED:: Craft My Collectable Swap S/U by 2/10, S/O by 3/24

I am close but I think it’ll be a game of beat the clock for me. I intended to finish today but my craft time was stolen by “Honey, our son needs to bring a cultural dish to boy scouts. Tomorrow.” We have no culture. I should have made french fries. But because my husband’s family is Czechoslovakian (even if my in-laws deny it) I made a frgal. It took forever. Those boy scouts better appreciate the darn frgal. (It’s basically a giant fruit kolache the size of a pizza.)

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I am just about done and will send this week.

Starting to feel the crunch! I have majorly stalled on my second small project.
I work late tonight, but have some free time tomorrow morning and I think I have a decent plan of how to finish.

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I need have a crafting session this evening; we keep having crazy life things (stressful digging up the front yard & maybe killing my tree to replace the collapsed sewer line, today my husband had a dental emergency…) that have been getting in the way of my crafting brain. I know what I’m doing, but have a lot more actual crafting to do.

Got my butt in gear and sent today.
If there is one thing I have learned, it is that I am super slow at redacted crafting method lol.
Very fun swap though, I always enjoy pushing the limits of my skills, especially when learning a new craft.

I sent 2 of my 3 today!!!

Packages off to @veghorsegirl and @PrincessP

I am putting the finishing touch on @Dfabbric’s package and will send tomorrow!!!


Sent my 3rd and final to @Dfabbric!!

I’m now in a swap lull ACK!!! suppose its time to actually clean the craft room like I keep attempting to do


@dfabbric’s package made it into the post today, just under the deadline. Whew!

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Flash flood warnings in NOLA today. I did not make it out due to the weather. I will ship tomorrow morning.

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Yikes! Stay safe

I feel like the postal service is punishing me for saying Canada post is slow by making my package to @Dfabbric take forever to get there!

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It came, I’ll post pics now😁