CLOSED Felt Badge Swap - Send outs June 22, 2022

I did send out today will pm yall when the kids go to bed!

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Package is sent. Almost forgot.

I sent my badges after work today to both partners!! :partying_face::two_hearts::cherry_blossom: Messaged people with tracking numbers, and now I just have to clean up the pile of embroidery floss and felt chunks I left behind. :rofl:

This was awesome. I needed a fun, simple, happy swap. Thank you, @audity and @pioneer9 for being fabulous partners! And much thankfulness to @geekgirl for putting this one together! :heart: I can’t wait till more badges arrive. :grin:


:point_up: This! It was such a great excuse to break out of my rut and craft for someone else without it being overwhelming.