CLOSED: Harry Potter Craftalong - Midsummer 2020

Class or Challenge Title: Alchemy
House: Slytherin
Project Name & Page Link: Capezzoli di Venus (Nipples of Venus)
Brief Description: I was inspired by Venus, well, more like her nipples I guess XD And because I want everyone to be included I covered them in white, milk and dark chocolate.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Hermione’s Book Club
House: Slytherin
Project Name & Page Link: Carrot and ginger soup
Brief Description: I needed a few carrots, but they only come in a huge bag, so I decided that for once I should use them before I forget about them and have to throw them. Trying out new recipes is something that comes naturally to me, and I’m having a lot of fun every time. I mean, it’s not as smooth as I would like it to be but at least it tasted really nice.
Project Picture:


Class or Challenge Title: Astronomy
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Honeybee Necklace & Earrings
Brief Description: My aunt recently contacted me, and asked if I could make her a Honeybee themed necklace and earrings. Apparently in his retirement, my uncle has started keeping bees, and they have been selling the honey at a local Farmer’s Market. She wanted something to wear while selling it.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Detention - Reparo
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Jeans Mending
Brief Description: I adore these jeans. They fit so well, and are so comfortable, and after nearly 3 years service they have started to wear small holes in the thighs. Better nip that right in the bud! A stitch in time and all that.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Muggle Studies
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Stash Busting Potholders for Vicky
Brief Description: A few years ago I made a quilt for my friend Vicky, when she got married. The pattern had you make more blocks than were actually needed for the qu
ilt top, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the extras. While digging through my stash making masks, I came across them again, and decided to put them to use! I used up the last of my insul-bright scraps and whipped up 3 potholders.
Project Picture:

And here’s the original quilt, the blocks came from:


That carrot soup looks so good!

class/challenge - herbology
project - broccoli soup

I’ve tried a couple different broccoli soup recipies, and my family likes this one the best. It actually only has a half cup of cream, but it’s yummy. It’s hard to see in the picture, but, They also like it with some chunks of broccoli. I puree half the soup, then mix it back in. I found the recipie in a top secrets cookbook, but the link is to their website.


A new Hermione’s Book Club challenge has been posted.

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**House: Hufflepuff
**Project Name: Royal Summer Shawl by ELK Studio on Ravelry
**Brief Description: if any of you make this yourselves, note that the stars in the pattern are in the incorrect place for many of the rows. I was able to figure it out but it was confusing for a hot second. I love the result and I need to experiment with different ways to wear it. Enjoy the improvised blocking mat as well. :sweat_smile:
**Project Picture:


Well done on completing your Advanced Studies @katiebread!

:tada: Awesome job completing your Advanced Studies, @katiebread! Your project has earned your house 100 points! :tada:

well done!

That’s beautiful! Great job!!

**Project Name:**Blanket of Calm
Brief Description: I have never crocheted before but now seems a good time to start! There’s lots of explanation in the pattern for beginners like me so I think this should be doable. Timeline-wise… I truly have no idea how long this will take, having never crocheted and not being able to judge how quickly it will proceed. But it will be an adventure!

May I suspend my current Advanced Studies project? After sitting on the needles for a couple years I think it’s safe to say I have well and truly lost momentum on it.

In its place I would like to propose a new project

Project Name: Monster Quilt
House: Hufflepuff
Brief Description: This is a multi-stage process that involves fabric selection, sewing, cutting, and arranging blocks, plus quilting and binding. It usually takes about three weeks to finish a quilt. Unlike all my other quilts this does not yet have an intended recipient, but I just feel like sewing something big and whimsical.

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Yes! I will update the log for you (and @RubeusUmbrella) tomorrow!

And - done! Both of your proposals have been added to the Advanced Studies Project log. Happy Crafting!

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Class or Challenge Title: Book Club: Chapter 9, The Midnight Duel (Something you can fly through)
House: Gryffindor
Project Name & Page Link: I made the digital file myself
Brief Description: I recently bought a second hand embroidery machine, and I’m so excited! I’ve wanted one for ten years :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve had the best time playing around with the software and designing badges. I love designing things for people, so if there’s anyone who’d like to do a personal swap, please let me know! (I hope that’s ok to write here?)
The great thing about this style of crafting, and why I chose it for this challenge, was that once it’s designed there’s very little ‘hands on’ crafting time, so I can do something else if I wanted. Although at the moment I’m so mesmerized by the machine I just sit and watch it embroider! :laughing:
Project Picture:


Class or Challenge Title: Basic Broomcare
House: Gryffindor
Project Name & Page Link: Herb Garden & Flower Extravaganza
Brief Description: I normally plant my herb garden, and fill all the flower planters in late March, but due to pandemic, I didn’t get around to it. So now that things are slowly reopening, I decided to pick up some plants, and get working. The mint, sage, chives and oregano came back from last year. I planted new parsley, dill, basil, and thyme. I also picked up a jalapeno, a bell pepper, and a pineapple ground cherry plant, which is akin to a tomatillo. So far the bell pepper and the pineapple ground cherry are growing a bit, and starting to bloom, while the jalapeno is going nuts. It has doubled in height in about a week. Meanwhile I am trying to regrow green onions from their roots. (The pot on the far right.) They have taken off quite well.
As for the rest of the house, I filled the mailbox planter, the pots on the front porch with some beautiful calla lilies, and my little teacup planter with impatients. Now the house is all cheerful for our summer in quarantine.
Project Picture:


:heartpulse: :transgender_flag: :white_heart: :transgender_flag: :blue_heart: Note from the Headmistress… :blue_heart: :transgender_flag: :white_heart: :transgender_flag: :heartpulse:

My dear Friends, in deference to the diversity of our group, I try to keep our Craftalong relatively free of politics. Many of us see the HPC as a refuge from the world around us, and I try to maintain that to the best of my ability. But once in a while, something in the real world comes up which must be addressed. This is one of those times.

I know many of you will have either seen or heard about the transphobic comments made by JK Rowling. The stance Rowling has taken has angered, frustrated, and hurt many trans people, especially young fans of her books. This is all the more heartbreaking amid the background of violence we are seeing right now in America, by police, against unarmed protestors working to change racist systems and ideologies. It can be difficult to reconcile a love & fandom for for a work of fiction, art or film, when fundamentally disagreeing with its author or creator on an important topic. After all, Rowling told us that Hogwarts would always welcome us back home, and reminded us that that love is the greatest magic in our world.

So where does that leave us?

It leaves us just where we always have been; a place of uncompromising love and inclusivity.

I want all of you here to know, in no uncertain terms, that YOU are welcome here.

You are welcome here if you are cis or trans gender. You are welcome here if you are gay, straight, bi, poly, or asexual. You are welcome here if you are a person of color or if you are white. You are welcome here if you are devoted to a specific religion, if you are open to spirituality, or if you are an atheist or agnostic.

What is not, and will never be welcome here, is racism, bigotry, intolerance, or cruelty.
This is, and always will be, a place of sharing, creativity, and most of all, love.

:heart: :zap: :infinity:


**Class or Challenge Title: Herbology
**House: Hufflepuff
**Project Name & Page Link: Ori from the video game Ori and the Blind Forest
**Brief Description: I worked really hard to beat this game with my husband coaching me, and I wanted something to remember it by. I made an armature from jewelry wire and aluminum foil, sculpted with beige super Sculpey that actually looks really creepy, and painted with acrylic paint. I tried to add some shading with pastels but was largely unsuccessful. He could definitely stand to be smoother but I like him! I’m going to get some 2 part epoxy glue and attach him to his rock. I might even make a little environment for him from the absurd amounts of Sculpey I have left.
**Project Picture:


Class/Challenge: Detention: WIP 1/2
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Happypotamus
Brief Description: For detention, I finished a WIP from last year. I started working on it again last month & finally finished it!
Project Picture:

before I started working on it again:



@jellybean, your Happypotomus is ADORABLE! Well done on finishing it.

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Is there “class suggestions” list for OWLS and NEWTS?