CLOSED: Harry Potter Craftalong - Ostara 2020

Hahaha! Ok with me, I’m in the same spot! :wink:

I love the clay owl! with the texture it could be carved from wood.

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class or challenge title : charms
house: gryffindor
project name: just learned one stitch and won’t stop

For the play my daughter is in, she needed a long crochet chain. another character replies" She just learned the one stitch, but now she won’t stop". Learning to crochet is supposed to be helping her relax. They wanted it to actually be in a tanged pile on the floor. I took an entire ball of thick fuzzy yarn and crochet it into a loose chain with a large hook. Some of it I also did with my fingers so it would look rough. It actually was relaxing to work on a project without worrying if it looked nice. It ended up over 30 feet long. I added a 2nd ball to it so she could continue adding to it on stage. This picture is of the chain in her prop basket, but I’ll try and take one on stage this weekend.

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Whoa! 30 feet! :astonished:

I actually remembered to post this today! :smile:

Anyone have any progress to report?

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Hey dear friends! I’ve been on a social media diet for quite some time and I didn’t even know “Craftster” had relaunched!:exploding_head: I’ve spent the last day or two checking out the new site and I’m in love! Hope everyone is cozying into the new home nicely. :slight_smile:

And to help my fellow Gryffindor’s out…I’ve got two projects to turn in for February homework AND an Advanced Studies Proposal!

Class or Challenge Title: DADA
House: Gryffindor
Project Name & Page Link: “Let’s Go on an Egg Hunt” Cross Stitch
Brief Description: Crafted with my pointed needle…I needed some spring and sunshine in my life to brighten up these February days. It’ll be framed soon-ish but I had to order special matting which I’m still waiting on but I can’t help but to break it out every day just to look upon it’s happiness. Here’s the link to the pattern:
Project Picture: Thumb included for size reference! :laughing:

Class or Challenge Title: Study of Ancient Runes
House: Gryffindor
Project Name & Page Link: Girl Scout Curtain and Troop # Banner
Brief Description: This project uses only FOUR supplies: thread/string, cotton fabric, felt, glue. My daughter’s Girl Scout Troop had this cute lemonade stand they’re going to use for cookie booth’s but the little curtain at the top needed a Girl Scout makeover. I used the old curtain as a pattern (and even lined it so it wouldn’t be see-through. For a not-so avid sewer I was pretty proud of myself.) And then I used felt to make the little troop # banner and cheated myself some time by gluing the numbers on.
Project Picture:

Project Name: Every Season Stitch-A-Long by Tiny Modernist
House: Gryffindor
Brief Description: I’ve been hit by the cross-stitch bug recently and I have embarked on a year-long SAL. Parts of the pattern are released every 2-3 months and will be completed (hopefully!) in December. Here’s a link to the stitch-a-long if anyone’s interested in joining in!

I started stitching three days ago soooo for Advanced Studies Friday, here’s my progress!

Glad to be back! Hope you’re all well!


Yay @Whistlefish! Welcome home! :smile:

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Project Name: Dragon skin bag
House: Hufflepuff
Brief Description:
I want to make this bag.
on it’s own it may not be big enough to count as an ‘advanced’ project, so I will find something else to go with it, maybe these.

I have done a sample, because it a new stitch for me. It’s posted here

Class: Divination
House: Hufflepuff
Project: Powertex brooch
Link: here
The largest of the 3 brooches I made has a lovely large, smooth & reflective glass cabochon in the middle

(The medium sized one was entered into the ART 2020 Q1 Challenge, but not the big one)

Class: DADA
Project: crochet
Crochet hooks are sharper than you think, definitely pointy (try using one that isn’t, it’ll soon go in the bin!), have to be smooth so the yarn will slip on them :smile:

Class: HoM
Project: Lino prints
The colours of this lino print, in particular, reminds me of tea and coffee.


Class or Challenge Title: HM: Fan Mail
House: Slytherin
Project Name & Page Link: Weasely Sweater for Baby Bee
Brief Description: My constant companion is definitely my wee Valentine. I really wanted to finish this for the 14th but … ah well. I finished it today in time to wear it to the zoo, which is also appropriate as that is the chapter we’re on for the book club! And even better, it fit!
Project Picture:

(Model pic poofed)


Class: Detention
House: Hufflepuff
Project: Advanced project - dragon skin bag
After what felt like an epic fail with the mornings project, I walked away before I regretted anything :joy:
I hadn’t had chance to see all 3 rugby games over the weekend, so TV went on, I picked up my yarn and hook and watched and worked :+1:

There are no before pictures because I started it today but this is how far I got

It’s working up quite nicely, so not going to take as long as I thought, but I want to add adjustable straps; I will need to work out how to do that first, and I want to line it, if I can find the fabric I have in mind.


@AntBee, OMG it’s so adorable! And it fits her so well. :smiley:

@GMPNQ, good start to your project!

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@Whistlefish @GMPNQ - your AS proposals have been added to the project log! Happy studies! :slight_smile:

@AntBee - I cannot get over the cuteness!!!


Class: Detention - Repario
House: Hufflepuff
Project name: Catty Keyring
The keyring DS1 uses for his school locker key. The cord on it snapped so I used a scrap of ribbon’ to make a new one.
Lots more narrow ribbon on hand for next time it breaks!


Here’s my tangled chain of yarn onstage. I was so proud of my daughter. She did such a good job portraying Helen Keller. I think she’s a little sad that the show is over. I’m thinking about using the yarn to make something for her.


Oh, I love it!! And their costumes look superb! I’m glad to hear she did so well! :yellow_heart:

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:sparkles: :owl::love_letter: Urgent Owl from the Headmistress… :love_letter::owl::sparkles:

I am adding a new way for you to earn a 10 point bonus on projects! In addition to the 10 point bonus option for SPEW projects, you now have the ability to earn a 10 point bonus on projects created as part of Lettuce Craft board & site challenges. If you scroll up to the top, you will see that the line for SPEW in the Project Header now reads:

But Jennie, how do I find out about LC Challenges?

Glad you asked! New threads, including new Challenges, show up as “New” at the top of the homepage, and Challenges are generally pinned at the top of their respective boards. In addition, I have added an ongoing list of Current Lettuce Craft Challenges on the Crafty Shenanigans Board. Please note, the “Contests” section of the Shenanigans Board is actually for future site-wide contests, not board-specific challenges. But I figured it would be helpful to those who got turned around looking for things.

Can I double up on the bonus points?

If your project fulfills an LC challenge, AND it is going to a legitimate charity, it is possible to earn both 10 point bonuses. Meaning you can earn 15 base points for fulfilling a prompt + 10 point bonus for an LC challenge + 10 point bonus for a SPEW donation = for a total 35 points. But please take this seriously. You might craft an awesome piece of miniature art for the Miniaturize Your Craft challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s something that a women’s shelter or a hospital needs as a donation. It must honestly work for both to get both sets of bonus points.


:zap: Headmistress Jennie casts the House Points Charm! :zap:

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@MistressJennie Exciting!! What a great incentive to participate in other boards on Lettuce Craft! :slight_smile:

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Class or Challenge Title: Herbology
House: Gryffindor
Project Name & Page Link: Scented Victorian Lavender Bookmark
Brief Description: While I was studying Moonwort for Herbology this semester I came across another herb with purple flowers! Similar to moonwort it can also inspire love and the banishment of bad feelings.
Project Picture: (More pictures and info in the linked post! :blush:)

And since I have no cross-stitch chill…I’m about to embark on ANOTHER cross stitch starting this evening so I figured I’d propose it for my second Advanced Studies. :slight_smile:

Project Name: “Grow Your Own”
House: Gryffindor
Brief Description: I had a hard time choosing my next pattern but in the end this one won. So instead of doing actual gardening like I should be doing I’m going to do this instead. :laughing: The pattern is from the April issue of Cross Stitcher Magazine and predicts 47 hours of stitching time. Totally Advanced Studies worthy in my opinion. Lol. Here’s the finished picture from the magazine of what it should look like: