CLOSED: Harry Potter Craftalong - Ostara 2021

Class or Challenge Title: Headmistress - Pygmy Puff
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Viking Adventure Baby Quilt
Brief Description: This baby quilt is very soft, especially with its flannel backing.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Headmistress - Ten Second Pimple Vanisher
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Pinkstravaganza Quilt
Brief Description: This scrappy quilt top was sent to me by our very own Edel, about a year ago. We agreed to craft scrappy quilts with what we had on hand during the early days in the pandemic. It has been hanging out in my stash since then, waiting to be quilted. I’m so glad to have finished another project, and gotten something out of the pile!
Project Picture:


CraftsUntold Congratulations! I love your little knit items.

Abbeeroad great progress on the art, and I love the smocks.

MistressJennie that baby blanket looks so complex, looking forward to seeing it.

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That Viking fabric is so cute @MistressJennie :hugs:

Class/Challenge: Detention Stash #2
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Red textured tshirt
Project Description: After making the pink and black shirt below I decided to make a red one too. I used Butterick pattern # 6132 with an altered sleeve.

Class/Challenge: Headmistress Dungbombs
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Brown Linen Barbie Outfit
Project Description: I am not a fan of orange or brown fabric usually. But I also hate to throw fabric away. I had a decent sized piece leftover of this brown fabric and decided to create a new Barbie outfit. I love the oomph the ribbon added.

Class/Challenge: Headmistress Love Potion
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Ruffled T-shirt
Project Description: I am a bit obsessed with making Barbie items the last few months. This ruffled t-shirt is a fun spring item. I used Pixie Faires Free pattern for the base.

It is pictured in the picture above. Both lovely ladies are also sporting handmade shoes from my advanced studies project.

Class/Challenge: Headmistress Challenge- Peruvian Darkness
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Knit Fabric Cardigan
Project Description: This black knit fabric with white polka dots is perfect for a summer Peruvian night. I used Kwik Sew Pattern 3232.

Class/Challenge: Headmistress Challenge- Screaming YoYo
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Striped Tshirt
Project Description: I was trying to decide between 2 different shirt patterns for the bright happy knit fabric. I was planning to do a long sleeve but changed my mind halfway through when I figured out I did not take into the account the extra fabric for cutting the stripes the right way-luckily an easy fix to alter the pattern to short sleeves.
I used Butterick pattern # 6132.


A new Hermione’s Book Club prompt has been posted!

Project Name: Clyde Pants
House: Hufflepuff
Brief Description: I love these “Clyde Pants”. I am a school teacher and always in need of more pockets. I want to create my own pattern based on these.
I plan on making at least 2 trial pants to get the fit right. I want my final pair to be linen with a zipper waist. I think this will take about 1-2 months. I will draft the pattern, make 2 trial pairs and then my final pair in linen.

@plaidpineapple - Oh man I love those pants!! Good luck! Your proposal has been added to the project log.

Class or Challenge Title: Detention - AS Progress
House: Slytherin ::snake:: ::yarn::
Project Name & Page Link: Harvest Moon baby blanket (ravelry link)
Brief Description: Here is a little over 2 hours progress… maybe 4 hours? Past the bottom edging and on to the main pattern! About half of the blanket is showing in the picture.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Detention - Stash 2
House: Slytherin ::snake:: ::yarn::
Project Name & Page Link: Kate Atherly Baby Socks (ravelry link)
Brief Description: To match the previously knit hat and cardigan in the same yarn.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Detention - WIP
House: Slytherin ::snake:: ::thread::
Project Name & Page Link: Pokemon Mug Mat (similar tutorial here, can’t find my usual…)
Brief Description: I started this sometime around christmas, and it’s been sitting on my desk with the binding half stitched. DONE! Will be part of my husband’s fathers day gift.
Project Picture:


That baby blanket is going to be so pretty!

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:wave: hey guys!
So, I’m not really one for a dramatic big entrance, but it’s hard to siddle into an online forum :grin:

It’s been… What? 3 years? Since I joined in with the HPC, and my life has been an insane whirlwind in that time (hence less time online) but I’m starting to get things back into a better balance. Hopefully that might mean I can post here a bit now that I’m having more time for craft/ online-ness again. I’m gonna check out the classes and maybe even post some this eve.

So, how is everyone? What’s the goss? I proper missed y’all!

yes, I initially posted this in the Ostara 2020 term… You all recall my exceptional proof reading skills, yes?? :rofl:


I just real-life squealed! Welcome back!! fireworks, parade, other lacks of subtlety So, so glad to see you!


NOODLE! OMG! HI!!! :wave: :wave: :wave:

So good to see you, lady!!


Ok, so one of the more positive elements of my whirlwind has been that a month ago I brought my first house (OMG I’m gonna have Wifi! Another reason to step back into the HPC!). It’s in Manchester (UK) so I can’t move in until the end of the school year when my contract at work ends (another whirlwind element is that I don’t work in theatre anymore, I’m a teacher!); but in on my Easter holiday atm so I came up to decorate. I’ve gone for a very sedate and refined colour scheme…

Challenge: house pride
House: Hufflepuff*
Project: spare room repaint

House colours y’all!
For all the rooms I’m showing, I stripped back all the existing paint and redid all walls and ceiling. There was a lot of cleanup because I guess the previous owners repainted in a rush to sell it and left lots of messy bits - splodgy paint on the sockets, splashes on the doors etc.
I’m going to employ a pro to come in and do the stairs for me (I don’t have the needed ladders etc) and I’ll have them do my gloss work too (skirting boards & doorframes)

  • yup, I switched. Growth, change, et al.

Apparently I have to put these each as separate posts cause I’m a newbie :slight_smile: so sorry for it being a bit bitty!

Challenge: house unity
House: hufflepuff
Project: bedroom repaint

This brilliant bright aqua gives me a chance of to show off my RavenclAwsome side


Challenge: Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes Boxing Telescope
House: hufflepuff
Project: downstairs bathroom
How’s that for a punch of colour??

I know the edges look messy but that’s because I was TOO excited to take pictures and didn’t take the frog tape off first - oops!

Also turns out I can’t post more than 3 times in a topic yet, so you’ll have to be patient to see the other rooms.

:wave: :fireworks: fantastic to see you both too xxx


Class or Challenge Title: Headmistress - Otter’s Fizzy Orange
House: Slytherin :snake: :cupcake:
Project Name & Page Link: Apfelkuchen
Brief Description: Had to use up some apples that I wasn’t going to eat in time. First time using this recipe! Wish I had taken a picture of it before it went into the oven. It’s supposed to be topped with a spiral of apple slices, which I did, but they sunk into the batter during the baking…
Project Picture:


Hi Noodle!! :wave: So glad to see you again!

Congrats on the house! I love the colors you’ve chosen.


Hey lovely!
Thanks - I have to say I’m really pleased with them too. At one point I was tempted to tone them down but I’m so glad I didn’t.

Challenge; Weasley’s WW dungbombs
House: Hufflepuff
Project: up stairs bathroom
This room was so dingy. I wish I had a before photo to share with you! I upcycled it into a much fresher space with several coats of brilliant white eggshell. No splash colours in here - but when I love properly I’m going to put in lots of plants to give it some airy green

Challenge: WWW love potion
House: hufflepuff
Project: living room / kitchen (open plan)
So, I know you’re not supposed to buy a house just because you like the wallpaper, but…

I’m obsessed with it.
The other walls were magnolia but I took them (&ceiling) to white to show off the gorgeous mustard banana leaf wonder-wall. The whole colour scheme for the house came from this wall! I’m shopping tomorrow for an aqua sofa and pink accent chair, cannot wait :heart_eyes:


The Owl Post Swap is now open!

Class or Challenge Title: CoMC
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Herb Garden
Brief Description: Every year I plant a little herb garden on my patio or porch. It brings me joy & happiness throughout the summer and fall, as I go out and snip some fresh herbs to add to dinner. This year’s selection includes lemon balm, mint, cilantro, purple basil, parsley, chives, thyme, and sweet basil.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Herbology
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Flower Plantings
Brief Description: Every time I go to garden center to pick up herbs and potting soil, I’m inspired by the endless flowers I see. This year I swapped out our faded old terracotta colored flower box that lives on the side of the mailbox/postal fortress for a new black one and filled it with flowers, filled the pots on our front steps, filled the teacup pot on my porch, AND I added two large new flower boxes on the railings of our deck. The plantings should grow out to trail gracefully out of the boxes.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Book Club - Ch 14
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Vegetable Garden
Brief Description: Last year I ended up adding in 2 pepper plants to my usual herb garden, one bell and one jalapeno. The jalapeno went nuts, and I made tons of salsa and pepper jelly for Christmas gifts.
So this year I snuck a tiny veggie patch into my normal few herbs & flowers plantings. It includes a jalapeno, a ‘coolapeno’ (a flavorful but not hot variety of jalapenos), spinach, lettuce mix, Swiss Chard, pak choy, red romaine, and a tomato plant.
Project Picture: