CLOSED: Harry Potter Craftalong - Ostara 2021

It’s coming out so beautifully!

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Class: Muggle Studies
House: Hufflepuff
Project: Doll Sweater (made using this pattern)
Description: knitting is pretty much the most “hand heavy” craft that I do (somehow even more so than crochet although I can’t quite articulate why it feels this way). I needed a quick win project and a doll sweater fit the bill nicely.


Sending all the healing hugs from across the water :two_hearts:

I am loving that afghan, it is going to be so snuggly :smiley:

I have loved watching the beautiful pattern emerge and I adore the colours

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Advanced studies update…


House: Ravenclaw
Project Name & Link: Winter Wonderland Sampler
Brief Description: She done! It was a labor at times. (Man, I am sick of snow and winter and thrilled to start my Spring Sampler soon.) I might now make myself work on my other Advanced Studies’ assignment.
Project Picture:

Alright @MistressJennie…I feel it in my bones. You’re gonna finish the next Advanced Study with your giant afghan. :crossed_fingers:


That winter scene is amazing!!

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Thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Class: Apparition
House: Hufflepuff
Project: tiny pouch
Description: This tiny rainbow stripe pouch has an inside and outside. I used this pattern

Class: Potions
House: Hufflepuff
Project: keychain tiny pouch
Description: The green pouch I made to go on my keychain. I used the same pattern as above, the striped one i just did not box as deeply. My keychain pouch helps me keep track of my change and chapstick. (pictured above with the other pouch)

Class: Book Club: Ch 10 The Rogue Bludger
House: Hufflepuff
Project: Exercise Leggings
For these leggings I took the “difficult way” of creating a pattern based on small too-small leggings.


@plaidpineapple - I love the rainbow pouch and thank you for sharing that pattern, so many uses :smiley:

Class or Challenge Title: Hermione’s Book Club Chapter 10
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: Inchie Background
Brief Description: I took the long road with these inchie and twinchie backgrounds, by using a blank sheet of card and zentangle doodling across it, rather than using a piece of scrapbooking paper
Project Picture:


Class or Challenge Title: astronomy
House: ravenclaw
Project Name & Page Link: Audrey2 from little shop of horrors
Brief Description: modular, oh so many parts. 39 sections, each with at least 4 pieces of fabric, some had 7. I’m a very fast crafter, but this 20*20" piece took three days!
Project Picture:

So many pattern pieces!


:open_mouth: It is so amazing

That’s amazing!

Class or Challenge Title: Divination
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: Mustard Ripples Hat
Brief Description: Definitely something to keep me warm in the winter snows we’ve been getting, I knitted this hat with some stash yarn that was gifted to me by a good friend. Because my needles were bigger than the pattern called for, I ended up doing 3 stripes of stockinette instead of the 5 the pattern lists.
Project Picture:


Your hat looks so good! I love mustard color for winter gear, it just brightens up the whole winter mood. (And it looks awesome with your hair color!!)


Awesome AS work! Your completed project has earned you 100 points for your house! :tada: :tada:


A Quick note from the Advanced Studies Examiner Office

As a yearly practice, any advanced studies proposals that are more than 3 years old will be removed from the project log. For 2021, I am removing any proposals proposed in 2017 or prior.

These include:

@jenleahlynn: Arithmancy, December 15, 2017
@rockmygypsysoul: Muggle Studies, September 11, 2017
@J-Kieviet: Alchemy #1, June 3, 2017, CoMC, June 3, 2017
@primrosepetunia: Transfiguration, Option 1, February 21, 2017
@TechnicolorAquahearts: Arithmancy, August 14, 2017, Charms, August 14, 2017

If anyone would like these AS proposals continued/extended, please PM me and let me know! I will reinstate them with a new date.

Thank you!


A new Book Club challenge has been posted!

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@MistressJennie Oh no, feel better! Tailbone bruises are the worst. At least that massive afghan is big enough to give you extra cushioning while working on it. Brilliant foresight.

@AntBee That pattern and color combination is glorious! I’m in awe.

@Trillian This is so cute! That little touch of yellow is so perfect with the doll’s hair.

@Whistlefish Hot damn. Congratulations! How did you not give up and just embroider those little foxes on everything?

@plaidpineapple The perfect cheerful solution for lost chapstick. I love that it could hide in a bigger bag or being its own bag-free self.

@Edel I gasped, I shreaked, I checked for a spontaneous solar eclipse! The perspective and geometric shape is absolutely rad.

@sheepBlue That’s the friendliest hat ever! Winter sunshine for sure.

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Class or Challenge Title: Acid Pops Challenge
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name & Page Link: Sassy Shrooms
Brief Description: I’m really struggling with a new crochet pattern on another project, and after yet another mess of yarn, I made some no-pattern, no counting, do whatever looks funky fungus. Were you thinking they’d be friendly forest finds? Wrong, they are made of sass and chaos.