CLOSED: Harry Potter Craftalong - Yule 2020/21

It is a gorgeous piece - it would make a lovely cushion cover…

A new Hermione’s Book Club prompt has been posted!

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I have a Janome 300E which I got third- or perhaps fourth-hand. It’s old, but reliable and efficient :slight_smile:

Thank you @PrincessP! :slight_smile:

@Whistlefish that house is going to be so cool! What fun! And I love that you did shrinky dinks for science. They’re super cute!

@seeuudee I love how you repurposed your elements! Great idea!

@MistressJennie I bet your parents will love the embroidered picture. What a perfect sentiment. :slight_smile: It’s so frustrating when a project goes that way. Kudos for sticking through all the problems!

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Happy December, Friends!! It’s time for a new Iron Chef!

December Secret Ingredient: Fennel!
This often underappreciated vegetable gets a makeover in recipes like fennel al forno, rigatoni with sausage and fennel, and cucumber fennel salad.

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Last call to sign up for the Holiday Card Exchange!

I’ll be sending out our list later tonight, so if you wish to participate, send me your address asap!

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Questions Ms. @Abbeeroad: Does fennel seed count? I can’t stand the taste of fennel itself, but like the seeds in various dishes.

Sure! Make it work for you! :smile:

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I’m excited for the :christmas_tree:Christmas Card Exchange :christmas_tree:!!! I hope lots of people are signed up. :slight_smile:

Class or Challenge Title: Trees Challenge - TREE SKIRT
House: Gryffindor
Project Name & Page Link: Cinnamon Ornaments!
Brief Description: This project was perfect for the Tree Skirt challenge! It was both functional (smelling heavenly is a function, right?) and decorative (aren’t they cute?!).

They only take three ingredients: a boatload of cinnamon, some applesauce, and a teensy bit of glue. (Some recipes exclude the glue but I used it just for extra stability. These ornaments are NOT edible but they smell DIVINE.

I did the project with my kiddos and we had a blast. The 8 year old was self sufficient. But when you’re working with a three year old…lets just say that’s way more work on a project than doing it without a three year old. :rofl:

I highly recommend them for some easy, holiday fun. I may make more for present tags just because I love them so much. (Love me some cinnamon!) We used puffy paint to decorate them once they were dried out.
Project Picture:
The finished ornaments!

A close-up of a couple of decorated ones:


Awesome AS proposal! I’ve added it to the project log! :smile:

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And I would just like to emphasize this, lol. I’m so there, my friend. Great project!!


Good Morning all! It is always such a joy to read through the HPC thread. Everyone is pushing to create more and stretch their crafty muscles. What a great community <3 It’s gotten to be THAT TIME again–that wonderful time where craft meets holiday and I am SOOOOO EXCITED (except for the shameful procrastinating part, haha). Now that NaNowriMo is over I can look forward to working my fingers in a different way and the Classes here gave me tons of good present ideas.
Thank you Mistress Jennie and everyone for keeping this going term after term. Truly, I adore you all. (ROAR ROAR GRYFFINDOR!)–formerly IsikkahJai


Class: Arithmancy
House: Slytherin
Project Name: Secret pumpkin pie
Project Description: every year I make this pumpkin pie. I use Libby’s pumpkin pie recipe. But I add a secret ingredient! 8oz of cream cheese! I cream the softened cream cheese until it’s whipped and then I add it to the pumpkin and cream them together until they are well incorporated. (If you don’t do it right it gives you a speckled pie. Still tasty but not the same.) Be sure to double your spices too!

Sorry for the messy counter. I was in a hurry to serve.

Welcome back @Rummi!

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Class or Challenge Title: Flying
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: White on White Snowflake Doll Dress
Brief Description: The pattern on the fabric for these dresses are easy to see as a polar bear in a blizzard and may actually contain one of those bears for all I can tell.

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Yay! Good to see you!

Abbe I have stalked your wonderful crafty things. It is always a joy :smiley:

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Thank you Head Mistress! :smiley: Thank you (and to everyone) for keeping this wonderful cratalong going for so long!

Class or Challenge Title: Headmistress - Dec Trees- Tinsel
House: Slytherin :snake: :yarn:
Project Name & Page Link: Magnolia Mini Sweater (Ravelry links in FO post)
Brief Description: An adorable, sparkly sweater for my youngest niece.
Project Picture: