CLOSED: Holiday Present Swap - S/U: 7/29-8/14 - S/O 11/6

I am really digging where this little lady is gong. I didn’t realize I would like it so much.

** happy humming and maybe a shimmy or two **

Did I somehow miss the results of the poll? Are we opening all at once or one a day?

Poll results

I scrolled up and found the poll post… It looks like it will be Christmas morning when our packages arrive. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I had scrolled trying to find it before, but I obviously missed it.

:smile:You’re welcome.

Finished a medium/large and am starting on another. I will definitely be sending closer to the send out date but things are moving along.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to announce I am going to extend the send out date to 11/6!

if you are sending internationally you may want to take in account how slow shipping is in your area.



(Apparently this is an unclear thought?? Am I the only one whose grammar is this bad?)


Thanks @geekgirl, that’s great :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Yes!!! :roll_eyes::grin:

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Thanks GG! I only have 1 thing left, but it still leaves me extra time to not worry so much, so thank you.

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Oh my goodness thank you!!! I’m also trying to cram in finishing making my kiddo’s costume so this makes my life SO much easier!!!

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I’ve got two more things to make. I actually had to go to the office last week which left me wiped out so I got nothing done!

I have 1.5 items left for my second partner’s package. The one item turned out a lot different than I had planned, but I spent countless hours on it, so I’m going to attempt to salvage it today. Wish me luck!

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I may or may not have tore my house up trying to find my favorite stitching needle. Finally, I gave up, and as I’m sitting here, using the subpar needle, I remembered my favorite one is stuck in a separate project! Ha! I found you, you little dawg!


So I think I’m done other than a few finishing touches!

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