CLOSED: Mini Handmade Book Swap - SO 3/22

Ok, I’ve reached the point of staring at it trying to decide if it’s finished or not! :grin:

Our self serve kiosk has been down for months. Last time I asked the postal worker when it was going to be fixed and she said “tomorrow?” Yeah ok.

I have to finish up the cover for my mini book

It was up again on Tuesday. I missed Monday because…well, it was a Monday. I like the kiosk, so convenient…until it isn’t. Our package shoot keeps getting jammed and you can’t ever raise anyone with the bell at the door. But the mail does keep going.

I might be ready to send tomorrow :slight_smile: If not then I’ll send on Monday. Still trying to think of a few more extras to add :wink:

I am going to mail on send out day, this work week is kicking my butt.

I have finished & packed up the box, so we’ll see how long it takes me to print a shipping label & get it to the PO… (we’ve been dealing with plumbing nonsense, and it’s a lot around here at present.)

I’m finished! I took chances, I got messy, & I learned a few things. It is nowhere near perfect, oh boy, but I’m happy with the end result and I hope my partner will enjoy it too :).


I still need to take pictures and wrap mine up… but I have time to do that tomorrow :slight_smile: I’m happy with what I made and hopefully @SonjaBoo likes it too :slight_smile:

:rage: :sob: Just had the binding to attach this morning, take pictures and wrap, ready for the post office this afternoon and I have discovered I have cut the binding out in the wrong size! :sob: :sob: :sob:

Oh no! So frustrating when that happens. No way to make it work anyhow? Sometimes it’s possible to salvage a “mistake” & create something unexpected. Not always but I occasionally end up with a totally different craft than I started with, that can be sort of fun.
No worries in any case & best of luck finding a solution that works for you :slight_smile:

Will see, I am hoping so, but had to put it down and walk away for a bit!

Some times that is exactly the “supply” that’s needed. TIME! & not for crafting either, just away from it for a while.

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I sent this evening after work :).

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I received from @loves2experiment! And she spoils me. Posting goodie shots soon.


I sent 15 days ago, where oh where is the package? Everybody send good vibes to the postal gods and goddesses please!


I got home last night - I’ll check in with my neighbor later today. Fingers crossed that it arrived Saturday or Monday!!

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Well mine arrived, and it is wonderful! Photos going up in the gallery now…

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