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Hey y’all, check out this post announcing an event for Fall, and see if you want to participate! (P.S. I’m offering some craft kits!)


I love the usability of these boxes on shelves. Practically is great, especially when there are stressors like moving and starting fresh somewhere new. And I happen to think a well-organized space is beautiful, no matter what’s being used to organize it :slight_smile:

Also… I love the “chaos coordinator” cross stitch. Perhaps i should borrow that title and put it on my office door at home :joy:


I caught up on tracking and updating the team rosters.

Please make sure I got all of your projects submitted checked off… I got distracted in the middle of updating tracking on Friday when my husband called because he’d been in a car accident (he’s totally fine. We find out Wednesday if our car was totaled). I think I got everything, but if you see any discrepancies, let me know!


Sorry you’re going through all that stress, @storerboughtcreation ! Glad your husband is okay!

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Im glad your husband’s okay! I hope everything goes smoothly with the car situation.

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Yikes, @storerboughtcreation! Glad to hear everything is (relatively) okay.

Prompt: Cleanser (August)
Team: Miss Marple
Project Name: Teal solar print
Project Link: Solar Prints a la megwell
Brief Description: It’s not a towel by design, but you could use it in a bathroom.
Project Photo(s): Top print in this photo

Prompt: Broom (August Battle)
Team: Miss Marple
Project Name: Violet solar print
Project Link: Solar Prints a la megwell
Brief Description: This item, and all the bits I used to print on it, would get stuck in a vacuum, so it’s gotta be broom.
Project Photo(s):
Bottom print in the previous photo.

Editing to add one I forgot:
Prompt: Free Range 1
Team: Miss Marple
Project Name: Fox hoop
Project Link: LC Fox Mixed Media Hoop (Or, Look, Ma, I Stitched!)
Brief Description: I made this at the '23 Champaign meetup.
Project Photo(s):


Prompt: Battle August- Vacuum
Team: Miss Marple
Project Name: Rhubarb Lattice Pie
Brief Description: Last of the rhubarb & I attempted a pretty pie, it caught a little on top. I had to go with vacuum because I unfortunately still have carpet in our kitchen

Prompt: July - Cubism
Team: miss marple
Project Name: Salted corn ice cream
Brief Description: Made of many many pieces of corn (and cream and sugar) this was a fun different icecream

Prompt: August Bleach
Team: miss marple
Project Name: Beet hummus
Brief Description: My niece loves beet hummus so I had to give it a try. I made 3 different types. my favorite was topped with fragrant crushed fennel seeds. Love the muted pink

Prompt: August Cleanser
Team: miss marple
Project Name: Rhubarb Oatmeal Cookies
Brief Description: Speckled with rhubarb these are delicious cookies

Prompt: Research 1
Team: miss marple
Project Name: Bookshelves
Brief Description: I built bookshelves to go next to the fireplace, they’re only temporary so I kept them simple so they can go in any room later

Prompt: August dish soap
Team: miss marple
Project Name: Blueberry oatmeal cookies
Brief Description: Circular with berries of blue these are yummy cookies

Prompt: Big Time 1
Project Name: Crochet Popcorn Garland
Team: miss marple
Brief Description: I am hoping to make a few of these before Christmas, this one is 8 feet long with bead "cranberries ". it is a nice take along project, but a full garland takes quite a bit of time

Prompt: August- All purpose cleaner
Team: miss marple
Project Name: Flower arrangement
Brief Description: Gathered flowers around the yard as well as a few of the neighbors’. lots of colors, lots of shapes, lots of parts


We have a lot of newbies this season, so I thought I’d share my answer to a question I received. This may help everyone out. I vaguely remember being confused by the battles a bazillion years ago back on Craftster. :blush:


Every season runs for three months. Each month has a battle to complete, so there is a total of three. They are their own separate prompts. For the bingo card, you’d need to complete all three battles. You only need to choose a side when posting the battle prompt.

Each month also has 5 regular prompts. Those you don’t need to pick a side for, you just post that prompt. The battle has nothing to do with those. By the end of the season there are 15 of these.

Here are the crafting opportunities broken down another way:

These should take a minimum of 30 minutes to craft. Worth 20 points each.
Monthly battle - 3 total. Choose your side.
Monthly prompt - 15 total. No side choosing needed. Just include which prompt you’re doing in the header
Free range - 6 total. You can use this to post whatever you want. Useful for when your craft doesn’t fit a prompt or you’ve done all of the prompts already and have a few extras to share

This take less than 30 minutes. Worth 10 points each.
Zap - 5 total. For those crafts that don’t take much time to complete.

This should take longer than 5 hours. Worth 50 points each.
Big time - 3 total. For those larger projects.

This should take longer than 20 hours. Worth 100 points each.
Research project - 2 per season. For when you finish a time intensive project.


I can’t imagine the taste of corn ice cream. Does it taste at all like corn?

I love your popcorn garland, and your fireplace setup is so cute!!!


thank you

the corn icecream tastes like sweetcorn, & really good vanilla icecream had a baby

my son asked me if i “can be more midwestern” when i offered him some.


Prompt: Aug – Glass Cleaner
Team: Nancy Drew
Project Name: Busy Street Pocket Letter
Project Link: Town Tryptic Pocket Letter
Brief Description: These ATCs are in a clear plastic holder. Clear like glass!
Project Photo(s):

Prompt: Aug – Bleach
Team: Nancy Drew
Project Name: Lemon Hang On.
Project Link:
Brief Description: The Hang Ons are useful on door handles so you don’t forget little things. My Laundry Room has a door headed outside, so this would be useful to me there.
Project Photo(s):


The other special Anniversary Event is posted! :slight_smile: I have more prizes I’ll be adding over the next few weeks!

If anyone wants to offer prizes (and ship them directly to the winners), PM me a short description and image and I’ll get them added!

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Can’t believe I’ve been MIA again! Busy, but quick summer, and it’s back to school week, already. Quick post to get something in for the battle- I have a few more but just realized how late it is already.

Prompt: August Battle- Vacuum
Team: Columbo
Project Name: Crochet Club Zipper Pouch Set #1
Project Link: (Coming soon…)
Brief Description: I run a Crochet (& Knit) Club at school, and I had half a dozen kids who came almost every week (plus some occasional drop ins). I decided to make each of my “regulars” a set of zipper pouches in their favorite color- the larger one for hooks, a pair of scissors, etc. and the smaller one for stitch markers and yarn needles.

How does it fit the prompt? After making 12 pouches (the rest will be posted soon), there were plenty of thread bits and snipped pieces of fabric that needed to be vacuumed out of the carpet at my aunt’s time share!

Project Photo(s):


Glad to hear your husband is OK! I hope your car is OK too :heart:

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I love the chopsticks bag set; it’s beautifully made. And those birds are so cute. I love them all, but I think my favourite may be the cardinal.


@storerboughtcreation that multi-coloured lion :heart_eyes: So gorgeous! Are the cats also cross-stitch? I love the little doll. And the Moray Christmas cross-stitch made me laught :slight_smile:

@gozer I love all your paintings, but I think the cat one may be my favourite in your anniversary post. Those blue eyes are just so beautiful :cat: :heart: :cat: I love your purses too!

@QueenHobo I love the carousel blanket :heart: such beautiful colours, and it looks so cozy. And I love the paw detail on your bag :slight_smile: :paw_prints: Also, I just want to snuggle that little sloth :sloth: So cute!

@Bunny1kenobi I love your quilts! And the miniature (apothecary?) is so cool!

@bluebird the “no cat questions” bird makes me laugh every time I look at it :blush:

@storerboughtcreation that monster look so snuggly; I want to squeeze it :heart: 41-year-olds can also be strange creatures :heart: I find it adorable :blush:

@ezrib that looks delicious!

@roler that’s a beautiful card!

@gozer we need baggies like this at our front door… then maybe, just maybe, people wouldn’t lose their lip balm… and their library cards… and their keys… and… you get the picture lol! Such a neat concept, and I love the fabric choices.

@AudiobookLover It’s my first time here, too! I love your purrmaid/mercat pillow :cat: :mermaid:t5:

@LovelyMiss I love Poppet so much :heart:


Thank you! Yes, the cats are cross stitched also. I also love the Moray Christmas cross stitch. I made it for @roler for Christmas a few years ago. She loves eels, and it was fun to work up.

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Hi everyone! Oof, I’ve been really busy lately but am popping in to post here! I’ll catch up on all your lovely projects soon; so fun to see this place so active!!

Prompt: August battle - Broom
Project Name: Scrapbook Page #1
Project Link:
Brief Description: I finally started scrapbook again after almost 20 years! I’ve really missed having a physical photo album to flip back through. For this page, I spent way too long cutting out little flags for the bunting, and I put them all together with some twine that reminds me of the straw of a broom! I also had to sweep away all the extra bits of paper!
Project Photo(s):


Today is the last day to request a junk journal kit! PLEASE DO IT! :grin:


I was tempted, but I know how things have been going (or not going) for me lately! I’m trying not to get overwhelmed with teaching our new curriculum- my brain was mush after school each day last year- so I can have the proper mindset for crafting. So, I didn’t want to take a kit if I wasn’t sure if I could complete one.

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