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Hi @appledainty, and welcome back to the Games! It’s lovely to see you around again, and what a nice way to start off here. Those patches are so cute! You used an embroidery machine to make these? I don’t have one of those, but I’m thinking I need one. Then I can make a million sloths and slothify everything I own. I need a sweater with sloth patches on the elbows. NEED! :heart:



Team Bits and Bobs

Project Name:
Bellflower and Butterfly Ear Cuff

Project Link:

Brief Description:
This ear cuff features a resin butterfly and silk tsumami craft bellflowers and trailing petals. I thought the shidare (strings of petals) were going to make me crazy like they normally do. They actually weren’t that bad. But, the string binding was just as annoying as I thought it would be.

Project Photo(s):


Nothing so fancy as an embroidery machine. All hand embroidery. :3 I worked on them slowly over about a week and a half.


It makes me so happy to see so many new projects and members. For real you guys, you are all super awesome and amazing!

Just wanted to give another reminder that we’re getting near the end of January, and the January battle is time sensitive. The monthly battles are the only prompts that are. Well, I suppose all of them are time sensitive in that the season closes on the last day of March, but you know what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I also wanted to say that I’m happy so many people have already submitted a battle prompt. We have 17 active players, and 10 people have already completed the battle. Last year, we had 16 active players for the entire year, and the most battle projects submitted for any one month was 8. The lowest month was only 1 battle project submitted. The average was only 3 per month. I’m glad to see the average going up, because it makes the battle results so much more fun! :slight_smile:

Thanks again, @Smeddley for making such a fun first month of prompts for us to craft for. I’m excited for February to start to see what you come up with!


What?! All by hand! You’re obviously an embroidery wizard! :metal:t2:

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Prompt: Research Project #2
Team: :yarn:
Project Name: Unicorn Biscornu
Project Link: Unicorn Biscornu
Brief Description: I’m not sure how long this one took me. Probably over 30 hours. I absolutely love it. For a fuller description and a few more photos, please visit the project link :slight_smile:
Project Photo(s):


@storerboughtcreation you are the biscornnu making queen!!

@appledainty I am in awe that your embroidery is all by hand! Your ear cuff is gorgeous!

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Prompt: January -Travel-
Team: Running with Scissors
Project Name: A Shawl for Aunt Steph
Brief Description: My uncle recently passed away so I made this for my aunt. It’s going to have to travel all the way from South Carolina to Washington state.
Project Photo(s):


Wow, that shawl is stunning!!

Prompt: January - Learn a new skill
Team: RWS
Project Name: garage sale notecards
Project Link: Notecards for garage sale
Brief Description I made these for the Craft Stars Garage sale. I used rub-ons for the typography. I have been making notecards at work for a while now, so this would be me going back to an old favorite. :grin:
Project Photo(s):



I like this. It’s so bright and cheery.

Wow. Seriously impressive

This is gorgeous.


Prompt: Destress
Team: Running with scissors
Project Name: Glowing Mushroom Demon
Project Link: [Glowing Mushroom Demon]
(Glowing Mushroom Demon)
Brief Description: paper crafting and ATCs is my favorite craft to do and a great way to de-stress for me.


Ooh! This is fun! And I just got a KISS song in my head. Maybe his specialty is ear worm demon? I love this so much! :heart:

Prompt: Diet/Exercise
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Attempt at Apple Cider
Project Link:Attempt at apple cider
Brief Description: As I sewed today, I made some very basic (sugar free!) apple cider.


@mountains_and_clouds – The glazed bowls are beautiful. I’m jealous that you get to work with ceramics. The color glaze is pretty.

@AcadianDriftwood – Look at you, adulting and sprucing up the house! LOL! I love the bright and cheerful nature of the lemon collage.

@storerboughtcreation – Full disclosure, I have no idea what a biscornu is, even after going to the link and reading your thread. LOL! I mean, it looks like a pin cushion I would punch someone for using. Ha! But seriously, it is way too pretty and you worked way too hard on them for someone to put pins in! That seems insane. I think the unicorn is my favorite, but I am partial to unicorns. The tiny hummingbird is cute too. I hope your partner posts up a continued pick with the beak inserted. It’s awesome. My sister would LOVE that!

@appledainty – Adorable elbow patches. They add such a unique and fun spark to the sweater! And that ear cuff. I absolutely LOVE it. Not only is it beautifully done, I love how unique it is. We don’t get a lot of them in the Games. You really add a new dimension and grace to the Games.

@QueenHobo – Is that shawl ombre or is it the light? I have to ask because, if it is, I have never seen such an impressive ombre before. It’s like a sunset. Stunning.

@Bunny1kenobi – Loving the notecards. They have such a great, vintage feel to them.

@geekgirl – I giggle a little seeing this guy. He’s so awesome. Love those teeth.

@Lynx – Kudos on your ambition to make cider even though you don’t like to cook (ditto here). It sounds yummy. I love cider.


Lol. Thank you. It can also be a decoration, which is what I’ll probably do with mine after I make it (yes, it will be sloth themed!). And Lynx2lancer put up a pic with the beak in the personal swap thread :slight_smile:


It is ombré! I can’t remember the name of the yarn right now but I can look it up for you when I get home if you’re interested? :slight_smile:


I just realized I missed some earlier posts! Oops!

@Lynx – I love the Games Charms! Those are so cool and such a sweet thought. I am so excited to hopefully get one! Nerd Games Love!!!

@roler – Mmmm. That apple cakes looks delicious. I bet it is scrumptious in the winter with a cup of coffee. Awe, that sloth is adorable! I love the fun background and the innocent expression on his face.

@AcadianDriftwood – I have never had Deviled Eggs but I bet those were tasty to people who like eggs.

@FrizzyTyger – Sour dough bagels sound amazing. The look like they have a good texture to the crust.


@QueenHobo Yarn is my kryptonite. LOL! I can’t do anything with it. But your shawl is amazing and thank you for the offer. I bet others will want to know the brand.

The yarn is scheepjes whirl ombré in coral catastrophe. It’s about $30 a cake but it only took one to make the whole shawl. I just saw another color called lavenderlicious that I may need to splurge and get soon! :joy:


Prompt: January: Learn a New Skill
Team: Running with scissors
Project Name: knitted dishcloth
Project Link: knitted dishcloth
Brief Description: I’ve known how to crochet for years. This year I wanted to learn to knit and I feel I have the knit stitch and casting down. Still need a little practice but I call this dishcloth done. Spent a lot of time taking out stitches and just needed to be done and have a finished product to feel accomplished. next knitted item will probably be a scarf.