CLOSED--Ongoing ATC swap-- February 2021

I claim fluffypants for 60s television!

7 total claims —— 0 in progress claims, 1 in transit, 6 received

I live in the USA and I prefer flatter cards so I can store them in sleeves. My favorite styles of art are paintings & drawings (of all skill levels!), but please do feel free to do other styles. I love glitter & shine, gold/silver leafing, metallic etc. I would prefer not to receive: political, nudity/pinups, curse words or blood/gore. Christian religious themes are fine.

Thanks for claiming me!

My themes are:

• Chickens getting into trouble! (hens not roosters :))
• birds — songbirds, chickens (girls not roosters), magpies, corvids, crows, ravens
• warrior mice (or bunnies) (cute animals, not the anime(?) of same name)
• bionic bird (from your imagination, not the drone with the same name)
• cute mice (realistic or anthropomorphic)
• toadstools, mushrooms, toadstool/mushroom houses
• autumn landscape
• winter landscape
• rainy day
• torrential rain
• foggy forest glade
• Frog and Toad inspired (the children’s books)
• Stained Glass
• color glass: bottles, glass buoy, etc
• Eggs still in the shell — birds, dragons, etc.
• Faberge egg
• jewel encrusted animal (bird, turtle, mouse etc! no bugs though! )
• a dragon’s hoard
• potions shop
• floating sky islands
• Silvermoon (from Warcraft)
• blue glowing lantern
• blue glowing mushrooms
• diadem (non-Harry potter version)
• little red riding hood in the forest
• Harry Potter - themes: Potions, Luna, Dumbledore, Snape, Hedwig, diadem, sword of Gryffindor, Fawkes, Always, deathly hallows
• Hunger Games (based on the books, not movies)
• Walking Dead - the first few seasons — anything before Alexandria (tv show, not the comics)

The following themes are for hand drawn / painted please.
• fantasy/fantastical art & illustration
• Whimsical landscapes
• surreal landscape
• neutral monochrome theme with a single color (example: greyscale with red as only additional color)

I claim @bluebird for “stained glass,” due 3/7.

Claims (total for the month): 5
Sent (in transit): 3
Received: 1
Outstanding: 1

I’m Laura in Washington State.

Here are some themes, in no particular order!

  • medieval manuscript style creatures (non-human, think bestiary) or lettering
  • Pokémon (I’ve started a collection and want just one of each Pokémon; please check the list in the top post of my collection thread to see which ones are already taken!)
  • Animals (shoebill stork, moray eel, octopus, other weird sea creatures, giraffes, degus…)
  • Something to do with @katsuyukimoray, my plushie eel blog on Instagram
  • Animal Crossing (Boomer, Nook Nephews, Flick, Gulliver…)
  • Other video games (Persona 3, 4, or 5, Final Fantasy (esp. XIV), Tetris…)
  • Seattle/Washington State
  • Interesting word definitions/words that are fun to say
  • crafting (sewing, crochet…)
  • quotes from female authors (esp. Dorothy Sayers, Connie Willis)
  • multimedia stuff including old stamps/book pages/newspapers/tickets etc
  • Osaka, Japan
  • Renaissance England (Ren Faire type stuff)
  • Shakespearean insults (or other Shakespeare quotes)

I’d prefer nothing gory, political, religious, or NSFW, no shedding glitter, and nothing bulky, as I’ll be keeping my cards in a binder with plastic sleeve pages.

I claim @roler for Pokemon due 3/7

Claims (total for the month): 12
Sent (in transit): 6
Received and posted:5
Outstanding: 1

Hello Swappers! This is my first experience with ATC’s and I’m excited to join you all! I’m stateside here in Ohio but I also love to send and receive international. :wink:

Please no: loose glitter. Everything else goes!
Please : flat, true to size ATC’s. I haven’t decided what I’ll do with them but I want the option to slip them into sleeves. A little thick is okay, just no 3D elements.


  • Artist’s Choice - Surprise Me!
  • YOUR Lettucecraft Name
  • Birds
  • Plants, gardens, floral, etc.
  • Trees
  • Spring
  • Fall
  • InspiroBot Quotation:
  • Botanical or Nature diagrams
  • Any of the 8 Wheel of the Year Festivals: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadth, Mabon.
  • Any herb
  • Cross stitch themed (not cross stitched…just related…unless you want to cross stitch I suppose)
  • Lettuce Craft
  • Crafty themed (anything! I’ve done most crafts, except knitting)
  • Quilt / quilt block inspired
  • Anything related to L.M. Montgomery: Emily of New Moon series, Anne of Green Gables series, any of her other books. (I’ve read them all!) (Ideas: a character, quote, setting, book cover interpretation, Prince Edward Island, etc)
  • Book/reading related
  • Interesting foreign words with their meaning
  • Animal Crossing
  • Dragons (for my daughter…but not cutesy dragons)
  • Pokémon (for my daughter…any Pokémon)

I claim Whistlefish for an “Artist’s Choice” ATC
due March 9.

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Hi, Lacey in Southern California

Artist’s Choice
Trees (especially old, gnarled trees)
Creepy, Weird,
Creepy dolls
Storm clouds
Fantasy (Faeries, Mermaids, Dragons, etc. / or make up your own creature)
Monsters (cute or creepy)
Prehistoric animals
Whimsical Cottages

Thank you!

I claim @WiccadWitch for monsters (or so I have planned… that may change, haha).

Due 3/11

7 active claims
4 in transit
I’ve received 3 :heart:

Howdy! Mary here from Ontario, Canada. Not too picky but I prefer no overly naughty language. Also, I add a theme to the end of my list each time I think of one, haha. :slight_smile:

Artist’s choice
Frog and Toad (books or musical)
Dinosaurs (actual dinosaurs or the TV show. My favourite “dino” is the tanystropheus).
Favourite quote or lyric
That weird dream you had last night
Katamari Damacy
Mid century modern
Board games
Pee Wee’s Playhouse/Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
Fiddler on the Roof
60’s television
InspiroBot quotation :wink: (
Dr. Seuss
Shel Silverstein
Graffiti (especially train cars or brick walls)
The Monkees
Wanted or Missing ads for strange characters (real or imagined)

I claim fluffypants for tbd, due 3/14, and we are CLOSED. Thanks for playing! See you next round!

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