CLOSED: Ongoing Wish Swap Round 2 (October)

I claim Ewulotta for a surprise! I have way to many ideas!

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Hi everyone! I’m Valerie from Belgium. I live together with my boyfriend and our 3 guinea pigs Toedels, Toshi and Hub in our new home! We recently moved and I finally have a room for me and my craft stuff!

My crafting hobbies: clay, sewing (± beginner), hat making (beginner), drawing/painting, glass etching, wood burning (beginner), “I could make that”, etc.

Themes I like:

  • Puns
  • Migraine (well, I don’t like it, but it would be nice to receive something that helps or makes fun of it?)
  • Teal, ruby red, emerald (jewel tones), black, … colour combo’s I like
  • Roses, Dahlia’s, Cherry blossoms
  • Music, I sing and teach kids to sing as well
  • Musical
  • guinea piggies: Toedels (4 years), Toshi (1 year) and Hub (1 year)
  • Zero Waste (no fruit carrying bags, I have enough of them! ^^)
  • Curly hair
  • Series/Film: Crazy ex girlfriend, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Sherlock, Pitch Perfect, When Calls the Heart, Anne with an E, Harry Potter …
  • Girl Power
  • Thrifting! Antique markets, Vintage, …
  • Plants!

Things I don’t like:
Neon colours, religious items, coffee, …

Craft items

  • Mask with a music(al) theme. I prefer not the rectangle shape but the other one :smiley:
  • Cloth pads (the all in one kind please)
  • Wet bag
  • Mug rug ( I didn’t understand why, but since I work on a wooden desk, I do)
  • Homemade bath bombs (we finally got a bath!!!)
  • Scrubbers for the kitchen
  • Handmade soap (I love peach, fresh smells, fruit smells, …)
  • A decal for a water bottle: with a funny saying or a pun or to keep track of my water drinking. (I have a glass bottle I reuse for this and just glass)
  • embroidered quote, I am someone who has quite some anxiety so a quote to help me with this would be lovely (this can be a decor item!)
  • TM patches: which shows things I like but in a subtle way. Jewel tones would be awesome! I would love to make an elegant bag.
  • A decor item that fits my tiny window sill (must be no deeper than 9,5 cm, it can be wider)
  • I want to make a wall of things I love so something I can hang with a theme I like would be awesome! This can be as small as the OTT stuff
  • a bowl holder for the microwave. We always burn our fingers ^^’
  • Hat holder (examples on my Pinterest)
  • A thermal bag to keep my food cold when I get back to work! Preferably with a rectangle bottom
  • Macrame plant hanger

*Socks (size 39 European). No scratchy yarn please
*Slippers (size 39 European). I have difficult feet so one with a thicker sole would be very nice! ~Thank you Ewulotta

My Pinterest (inspiration, not to be copied exactly)
Etsy wish list
Etsy list digital patterns : Not much on there yet!

Used supplies are fine!

  • Pentel fude tough side pen
  • Posca pen (every colour except white and silver)
  • leather fabric (small pieces are okay)
  • A leather tool kit! I’d love to make a leather wallet for my boyfriend.
  • Guinea pig theme fabric
  • Leather paint (I have a pair of shoes that walk pretty good but has seen better days)
  • Hat pin or supplies to make a hat pin!
  • an old felt hat that you don’t want anymore (size 58 would be awesome)
  • online gift card (It has to be for a shop that sents from inside of Europe, otherwise customs will be huge) ~ Thank you Kittykill!
  • Sewing magazines /sewing pattern (dresses, sweaters, …)
  • Metallic wax in gold, silver or copper
  • Paper which you can use with alchol markers
  • Alcohol markers


  • Always curious to try out candy and tea! (Especially to try Red liquorice !)
  • Big fan of hot chocolate (has to be the milk chocolate kind though, because of migraines)
  • Images of vintage sewing models (people) or sewing rooms

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Claims: 2
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I claim Riechan for some slippers.

I’m Eva and I live in Cologne, Germany, with my husband and our two lovely kids, Emma (7) and Ole (5). Our very little flat is chock-full of craft supplies, especially fabric since I’m an out and out sewist. Besides I’m a high school teacher. Whenever I have some spare time though I find myself crafting. This year I’ve also started gardening a little – we’ve leased an arable plot for the season since we don’t have our own garden. I’m still learning a lot but it really does me good. Crafting and gardening are my yoga :smiley:

We don’t smoke and have no pets (my son and I are allergic to cat hair).

What I like
Bright natural and deep jewel tone colours, boho, tea time, autumn and spring, reading, Harry Potter, board games, hiking, the woods, cooking and baking, red accessorizes, fairies, flowers, birds, beetroots, functional things, upcycling, diversity…

What I dislike
neon and pastel colours, tangy scents, kawaii, princesses, unicorns, super cutesy, coffee, vintage, shabby chic

My Pinterest

My wish list

boho (pendant) necklace (long and not to heavy loaded)
(morse code) seed bead bracelet
beaded wrap bracelet
ankle bracelet
macrame earrings
macrame plant hanger (without flower pot of course!)
felt or wooden Christmas ornaments (especially with a polar bear for Emma)
Christmas cards
crochet or knit headband
crochet or knit gloves for me and the kiddos
crochet sloth planter (check my pinterest board)
knit socks for me and the kiddos
crochet cup cozy
crochet appliques
crochet soap saver
crochet dishcloth
embroidered tea towels or handkerchiefs
hoopla (themes: reading, HP,…)
freeze pop holders for the kiddos
prayer flag
anything Frida Kahlo or Harry Potter
any piece of art (small, I can frame it)
anything inspired by my pinterest boards

scrapbooking paper
decoupage paper
Harry Potter fabric (fat quarters)
heat transfer vinyl
gift tags

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I claim @Ewulotta for a Harry Potter Surprise :smiley:

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Hi! I’m Lauren, from Melbourne, Australia. Since my last post I’ve returned to teaching onsite, and it’s been wonderful! We are still however in lockdown, so my evenings are dedicated crafty time :smiley_cat:

I have a Yorkshire Terrier named Hound who is now 2 years old. He is the most spoiled and cheeky dog every, and we love him to bits!

To get to know me… “These are a few of my favourite things”:
Aladdin Brand Thermoses
Fairy Lights
Superb Fairy Wrens
Harry Potter
Little Red Riding Hood
Wonder Woman
My birthstone – Garnet
Coffee & Tea
Sparkling Wine/Champagne
My Yorkie - Hound dog
NASA, Space & Galaxies
San Francisco
Watercolour Painting

My Craft Interests:
Modern Quilting
Art Journaling
Happy Mail

My Instagram is:

Supply Wishlist:
[Etsy Patterns ](

  • Etsy gift card
  • Urban Threads gift card
  • Amazon gift card

I would be thrilled to receive a gift card to help fund my crazy online craft shopping habits :speak_no_evil:(and it might be easy as you could just email it through – “instant shipping”)*

Lunchtime Quilt Pattern
Stamps for Art Journal backgrounds
Q-snap embroidery frame
Snap press
Stamps and Dies (I love Waffle Flower and Lawn Fawn stamps [to get to know my style])
Nuovo Drops
DMC Embroidery Thread
Bag/Purse Hardware
Trims and Ribbons (for making tags and little projects)
Wool, wool blend or acrylic felt
Polymer Clay/Fimo
Daniel Smith Watercolours

Crafted Items: (Please click through to Pinterest on each item for examples of what I’d love to receive - I hope this format is easy enough for everyone. Also please note, the Pinterest links are for more of an ‘inspired by vibe’ rather than exact replicas)
Bag or Pouch
Knitted Socks / Legwarmers (size 8.5)
Fingerless Gloves / Mittens
Quilted Tote Bag
Mini Quilt for my studio
Garden themed prayer flags
Beeswax Wraps
Reusable sandwich & snack bags
Handmade Soap
Embroidered linen napkins (2)
Handmade Journal for Art Journalling (watercolour paper on the inside would be brilliant)
Quilted Cushion Cover (sent with no actual cushion inside to save on postage)
Harry Potter themed TM Patches
Felt Badges based on my interests
Unhooped Hoopla based on my interests
Harry Potter Ornaments
Halloween Surprise inspired by this board
Non-slip sewing machine pedal footrest
Or another crafty surprise based on my interests :slight_smile:

Extras Thingys:
Local Postcards
Packaged Tea
Botannical Book Pages
Joker Playing Cards – I collect them

Thank you so much for claiming me xx

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I claim @PrincessP for a bag/pouch and a surprise

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I’m Robin. I live in Portland Oregon, USA with my partner Phillip, my son Elliott, 2 dogs (Nebula and Tootsie), and 2 tarantulas (Pancake & Syrup). We are not allergic to anything. I’m an assistant professor of Public Health and I do research on substance use disorders, harm reduction, and stigma.

Things I like include:
Insects, cats, spiders, bats, skulls, buttons, jewel tone colors, necklaces, social justice, my favorite color is teal but I wear mostly black, I’m a total dog person but my personality is more like a cat :cat2:

Things I’m not fond of (for me at least):
Neon or pastel colors, Disney or really anything cartoony, religious items, anything super cutesy

My Pinterest board and Etsy wishlist are up to date. They both include supply dreams as well. Anything inspired by items on either would be loved. Exact replicas not necessary.

Crafted items

  • Necklaces, at least 18” chain please (lots of inspiration on my Pinterest jewelry board)
  • A simple small bag that I can loop on my wrist when I take the dogs for a walk (ahem…something I can temporarily stash the bags of :poop: until the end of the walk)
  • Handmade dog stuffies/toys (please know that Nebula will destroy it)
  • Artwork or patches (for my jacket) that incorporate social justice themes particularly BLM, transgender rights/trans joy, harm reduction
  • Infinity scarves
  • Pot holders
  • Fabric placemats
  • pillowcases
  • fabric bunting
  • Face masks - all black, floral, or small prints
  • Homemade scented bath salts
  • Homemade bath bombs
  • Homemade solid perfumes (prefer scents like bergamot, sandalwood…so-called masculine scents)
  • fun fridge magnets
  • Cloth pads


  • wool felt
  • 1/4 yard - 1 yard fleece (solid colors)
  • iron-on interfacing
  • Fat quarters and eighths of cotton fabric with small prints (floral, polka dots, stripes, animals)
  • Pretty faceted glass, crystal, semi precious beads in blues, greens, purples, yellows, reds, moonstone (all sizes)
  • La Doll air dry clay
  • Polymer clay in any colors
  • Metallic wax finish in any of the metallic colors
  • coin purse metal clasps
  • small 3-4 and/or 5-6 inch zippers
  • fabric paint (tulip soft brand is fine, I only have black and white)
  • Sponge brushes


  • I love coffee and caffeinated tea.
  • The child and Phillip love candy and snacks in general.
  • Fun stickers
  • LED fairy lights
  • sidewalk chalk
  • love Art Nouveau jewelry, particularly the pieces with flora and fauna
  • Fancy ornate frames
  • salvaged old metal faucet handles
  • Etsy or Amazon gift cards are welcome too
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I claim @Rlynn for fabric paint.

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Hi! I’m Alicia! I’m a technical project manager and a huge gaming nerd, currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. I live with my husband and our two cats.

Likes: lots of color! (teal is my favorite), science (especially chemistry), daffodils, video games (I love Luigi, Pokemon, and have recently gotten really into Fallout), fantasy themes, celestial stuff

Dislikes: Overly pink and cutesy (with the exception of decoden) or super goth aesthetic. Also, the color orange (it’s fine in small amounts, just don’t generally like it as the main color) and animal prints.

In general, I am totally good with surprises, so don’t feel like you have to stick to anything too closely unless you’d like to, or if you think of something not listed here that it seems like I might like or that you love to make, go for it! I am also a big fan of reuse/sustainability, so all good with half-used supplies, repurposed fabric, etc.


  • Anything from or inspired by my pinterest would be loved. The most relevant boards are “Swap Wishlist" and “Crafts for DJ” (my husband), but if there’s something on another board that inspires you, go for it! Here’s my etsy favorites as well.
  • Homemade lotions/body butters- I have eczema, so anything with dry skin love would be great (please no soap though, full up on that at the moment!).
  • Tie-dyed anything, especially clothing.
  • Hip bag - examples on pinterest
  • Superhero swag (clothes, accessories, bags, pins - anything I can wear!) - Favorites are She-Hulk and Beast from X-men
  • Homemade candles/incense/wax melts - I really love smelly stuff!
  • Stud earrings - I have double piercings if you’re into matching sets.
  • Small garden decorations - I have a rock bed on the side of my house that I am trying to slowly fill with painted rocks, garden gnomes, etc.
  • Garden flags - My holder is designed for ~12 x 18" flags. These could be seasonal, prayer flags, abstract, pretty much anything you’d like to make!
  • Anything inspired by my favorite movies: The 10th Kingdom and the Back to the Future series.
  • Non-traditional wreaths - I love the idea of having a seasonal wreath up all year round, but never get around to making them. My husband hates the one Christmas one we do have, so all holidays are fair game

Craft Supplies

  • Fiber for spinning - I recently got a blending board so any kind of unprocessed/ bits of fiber would be great, or if you have a braid or batt to give away that’s great too!
  • Adult coloring supplies:
    • Regular adult coloring books
    • Watercolor coloring books
    • Gel pens
    • Alcohol markers
  • Purse making hardware: Purse feet, square connector rings, swivel hooks, unique zippers, turn locks, etc
  • Paint pens/PITT pens - basically anything that you think will draw well over mixed media
  • Any garment sewing magazines, especially Threads and BurdaStyle/Burda World of Fashion - don’t have to be current
  • Candle molds - the only one I own is a very thick pillar
  • Starter kit for resin molding or decoden - both are crafts that I admire from afar, but have been too intimidated to try!
  • Traveler’s notebook inserts - store-bought or homemade
  • Needleminder - I have started doing cross-stitch and want to buy like every single one of these that I see.
  • Small Q-Snap frame

Thanks in advance to whoever makes my wish come true!!

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I claim fishstix43 for needleminders and some other goodies.

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I’m Pam. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband who owns a vintage collectible toy store and my three dogs: Maisy, Iggy and Monty. I work part-time as an assistant for a forensic psychologist and I’m going back to school in September for Computer Science. I turned 50 this year although I’m sure I’m still 25 and it is just a typo on my birth certificate. I love everything vintage up to the 1950’s. I am ready for fall and winter! I love every type of music, really bad 1950’s B horror movies, Disney’s Haunted Mansion, dolls, crows, Halloween and Christmas

Crafty items:
A crafted item(painting, collage) of my dogs
Any surprise from my pinterest board ( )
Anything with crows (painting, print, collage, stuffed animal)
Anything with Snow White
Bath bombs, bath salts
curtains for my tiny kitchen window
Barrettes for my hair
Home Sweet Home items. I am doing an entire wall of Home Sweet Home theme.
Amigurumi anything! LOL! I have several pinned on my crochet board
blank cards (to use in swap packages and penpals)
vintage Halloween crafty stuff
vintage Christmas crafty stuff
Felt dolls
handmade twine (see pinterest for ideas)
Blank journals to write in

Anything from or inspired by my favorites on Etsy:


Getting Awesome since 1970 by kittykill on Etsy

Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more.

Jewelry from my pinterest board:

Painted flats or sneakers with wonder woman, hearts, or crows

Vintage tea cups
Enamel pins
Etsy or Amazon gift cards
Any books from my pinterest list
Jigsaw puzzles! I love them!
Scented wax melts
Something special from your hometown (candy, tea, whatever your hometown is known for)

Aunt Martha tea towels
Vintage linens (table clothes, napkins, hankies, tea towels)
needle minders
sock yarn (I just got a sock loom)

MINIATURES!!! I have a tea cabinet and love to make little miniature scenes so any miniatures would be fun.

I claim kittykill for blank cards.

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Howdy! My name is Carissa and I live in a sunny suburb of Denver, CO, USA. I’m a domestic engineer that loves to read. My husband stays at home to work because of COVID, but my son recently returned to elementary school full-time. We also have an old lady kitty. She’s my fur-baby.
Any glitter needs to be affixed so it does not leave the surface. My husband despises glitter. I actually don’t like Halloween puns, but I DO love Valentine puns. Weird, right?
I don’t have allergies, although pure wool can get itchy.

Today it snowed so much that school was cancelled!

My Crafty List

  • an agate nightlight, they can totally be DIY

  • an altered altoids tin that I can hang on my wall

  • ATC set from my themes

  • black cat or black-and-orange cat stuffie

  • a butterfly puddler

  • crocheted Star of David ornaments/hanging for Hanukkah (we celebrate Chrismukkah)

  • a facemask that is half Christmas, half Hanukkah… bonus if you could embroider “Merry Chrismukkah” on it

  • a felt garland

  • a fluffy faux fur bed for my kitty for my new craft room… she’s 11 pounds

  • framed bat images (if you follow the pin it has a tute and if the ribbon was velvet, ooooh) OR if you don’t want to send glass, you could send a nice print out of the image and some ribbon and I can find the frame at the thrift store

  • Halloween chunky house

  • Halloween magnets set

  • handmade envelopes (I would like to be able to fit a 4x6 photo in them)

  • an insect hotel

  • little clay houses inspired by these

  • a necklace inspired by Prue Leith’s giant bead ones on Great British Bake Off

  • pillow cases inspired by these: (I can give you dimensions)

  • a pipe-cleaner pal

  • a resin snow globe ring

  • a small hand-carved stamp to go above a postage stamp… something like these… I have some of these Little Stamp People from this website

  • a small pillowcase for our travel pillow, bonus if it is embellished with Zzzzs (I can give dimensions)

  • something from or inspired by my felt board

  • something inspired from my Halloween postcard board (I really love the poems)

  • a surprise from my Halloween Pinterest

  • this crocheted Christmas tree

  • Valentines magnets set, bonus if vintage-related

  • okay, this may be asking too much, but if you can crochet the hat part , I can add the ribbon

Supplies and Other Things

  • AlphaStamps gift card
  • black cat Halloween greeting card
  • black fine tip retractable Sharpie
  • bling stickers
  • books: One Spooky Night by Kate Stone, Halloween Good Night by Rebecca Grabill, Dorrie and the… by Patricia Coombs (I already have the Blue Witch)
  • buttons-- 2 holes, 4 holes, shank… it’s all good
  • cancelled postage stamps, bonus if it’s from another country
  • candy from your local candy factory/mom and pop shop
  • Etsy gift card
  • foreign candy/snacks
  • Gelli print supplies like a small brayer or paint or stencils
  • geocaching trackable tag (amazon search for Groundspeak The Travel Bug)
  • Lawn Fawn stamps: Costume Party or Get Well Soon (used is great!)
  • Altoids tins (empty)
  • most things from
  • rummikub tiles
  • sea glass, even if you make it in a rock tumbler
  • stickers
  • vintage pumpkin pie spice tins
  • purple washi tape
  • your favorite papercrafting supply
  • Halloween-themed scrapbooking paper
  • Republic of Tea teas (I already have Blackberry Sage and Chocolate Strawberry)
  • this stamp
  • Tim Holtz Halloween paper ephemera
  • tiny deer-- here’s my list

Things For My Son

  • some armwarmers with thumbholes for my son, I can give measurements (he REALLY wants this), can be new or reclaimed fabric or yarn
  • a crystal pendant necklace
  • a flashlight, he’s kinda obsessed with them