CLOSED: Use What You Have Swap - Round 2 - S/U 1/28/21-2/11/21 SO 3/11/21

Slow but steady progress on my medium, and without feline intervention today. :grin:

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@Myrthena I know I will! I’m still mostly planning. Kind of. I have all my supplies and then some — I’m not all decided on which color way to go yet. But pretty much.

Time is just flying by between school stuff and work and everything in between and all around.

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Anybody else gotten lost rummaging the stash? LOL, it’s like a treasure hunt, literally. Just having so much fun “finding” all the things!


YEs, i know the feeling: Every box i open i discover forgotten stuff :slight_smile:


I’m getting inspired today!

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Yes! We moved to the house I live in almost 4 years ago and everything kind of got chucked onto shelves in the craft room. I’m taking this as an opportunity to do a little more reorganization! There are treasures galore in there. :slight_smile:


I now have 1 done, one half done! Still brain storming the last…

I feel like my craft room may be a sentient life-form and it’s developed hostile tendencies. It keeps hiding supplies I KNOW I have.


This sounds very familiar!

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My medium is not done yet, but I think it’s around 1/3 of the way done. I didn’t feel like working on it yesterday, but today I’ve got some crafty mojo going. So far so good! I also started my first small today and I have an idea for the other. We’ll see if it works out.

9 days left until sendouts! How is everyone doing?

I’m making progress on my medium and will hopefully be done in the next two days and then I can start my small items!!

Good! My medium is done, 1 small is done, have a plan for the other. :grin:

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Well I’m part way through moving the sewing things into a new room? LOL, that means as I unpack I’m finding the stuff I need for this swap that I couldn’t locate before. Having to touch and evaluate and shelve every single item that’s currently in my possession is working out well for this!


I just have one small left to make!

I forgot to take my medium item to work with me, so no coffee break crafting today… It needs a few more rows before I can ________ _________ the _________. One small is done, and turned out really nice, but might need a _______ to look its best.

I also realised I need to come up with a gift for a colleague who’s starting a new job. I was somehow talked into coordinating it… Oh, and the ”good bye” party is in two days, on teams. Gift cards, here I come! Ok, maybe I’ll crochet a little flower to go with it…

i am done…just need some motivation to go to the post office!!


Aaaah I’m totally behind on this thread, but my medium is done, and I have plans for the other items! (Too many plans, actually, still have to narrow down a bit more…)

I have a couple of things done. One didn’t turn out the way I wanted and I don’t know if am going to include it. I may make something else.

Our gallery is officially up!


I’m rummaging and trying to clean along the way! I had a cute idea, I am executing, but lack the finishing touch!!! How badly I want to go purchase the finishing touch!!! I am sure I have this in my stash SOMEWHERE or at least I have convinced myself of such. So I continue to work away and hope I find it if not I may have a different idea to finish this off.

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