Common Ground - another try for round 2?

We tried this last summer and had to cancel due to lack of interest. I think it may have just been a super busy time for us because this has been a pretty popular swap in the past. Wondering if maybe this would be easier now.

It’s an opportunity to get to know another LC member better and maybe even make a new friend!

Find something you have in common with your partner and make your craft about that. I’m thinking a medium and 2 smalls. Pretty low key with about a month and a half of crafting time. I’m thinking April? May?

If you’re interested or have any thoughts about this swap, please let me know. Curious about everyone’s thoughts on timing as well.


I’m maxed out on swaps right now, and have some family responsibilities and personal projects coming up in the next couple of months. So even though it sounds like a lot of fun, I wouldn’t be able to jump on board this time.

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I’m also maxed out on swaps right now, but if this ran in another couple months, I could probably jump on board. It’s fun!!! (And I did enjoy the personal swap you and I ended up with last time.)


It sounds like May would be a good time to try this.


It looks like the USPS is sending parcels to NZ again :smiley: I’ll be interested whenever the timing suits you.