COMPLETE: ATCoin Swap - S/U 10/26-11/9/21, S/O 11/30/21

Partners were selected at random and I just sent out questionnaires to all of you. If I made any mistakes, please let me know - the messaging system isn’t the easiest for me to navigate, but I think I got it all taken care of properly. :slight_smile:

Have fun looking at those lists and creating those coins!!! I can’t wait to see what everyone makes!


Looking forward to creating this weekend!

Yay! I’m so excited!

Woohoo! I hope I can pick up a 2.5" punch tomorrow when I am in town on errands! Having reviewed my partners’ questionnaires I already have a few little ideas abrewin’!

I’m off tomorrow so hope to make a good start.

I have a recollections punch and it doesn’t punch through very sturdy paper. So what I’ve done in the past is just glue many layers together. I may look into a better punch.

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My Fiskars XXL Lever punch one will cut through light cardboard with a few tries. I highly recommend it!

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Welp, Missoula Montana does not have a 2.5" punch for sale! BUT I remembered that I have a couple different circle cutters and I can always use my Cricut. Gluing layers might just lead to some neato stuff!

I’m super excited, because I got to spend a few hours today making my first ever ATCoin! ACK! It’s not totally done, but I think it’s mostly done.



I got one set of my ATCoins done this weekend! Now I just have one more set to complete.


Me, too! One set donesies and a bit of a start on the next. WOO!

I’ve got 2 for partner #1 and 1 for partner #2 done. At least I think they are done. once they dry I will take another look and see if they need anything.


My ideas have yet to settle. I think I just need to start and see where things go.

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This is where I am. I’ve found some stuff that goes with my partners’ themes but for the most part haven’t figured out what to do with it yet.

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I’ve had bits of time over this last week to gather up some materials and idears and think that over the weekend I’ll be able to put some dedicated attention to my 2nd set. WOO!

I’ve got most of the parts I need - hope to get gluing and assembling tonight and tomorrow.

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Finally starting on mine today… will probably take me till the long Thanksgiving weekend to finish!

I have one done for each partner, and plans for the others. Hope to get a couple more done today.

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I thinking I’m getting in my groove for set #2 this morning!

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ARG! I thought I was going to be able to send today, but there was a wee glitch yesterday that I won’t be able to fix until at least Friday, possibly as late as Monday. D’oh!

I think I’m in the home stretch. One more to finish, and then it’s just the packing up. (Well, and photos. I always forget that…) I’m hoping to send tomorrow, but it may be after the holiday.

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