COMPLETE : Miniature Make a Friend Swap S/U Jan 27 to Feb 6 SO March 15, 2021

Miniature Make a Friend 2021

Organizer: Lynx2Lancer

Sign Ups: January 27 through February 6, 2021

Send Out: March 15, 2021

Partner Poll List: PM to me Feb 6-7

Operation Make a New Friend Begins: February 7 or 8th

Swapping is so much fun and one of the best things about swapping is meeting new people! The purpose of this swap is to dig a little deeper and hopefully forge a friendship with your partner! Communication is key in making a new friend, so please plan to be in communication with your partner in private messages as well as the swap discussion thread. I will be asking “get to know you” questions throughout this swap for fun and a way for us to get to know each other better!

LC member who is organizing this swap: Lynx2Lancer
Sign-up date range: 1/27/21 to 2/6/21
Send Out Date: 3/15/21

Limited to a certain number of people? Nope! Bring it on!

Restricted to people who all live in the same country? Everyone is welcome!

Swap Organizer herself meets these conditions:

Has fully read the swap Info Guide: YES

Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant: YES

Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: YES

Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants: YES

Is at least 18 years old: YES

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:

Has been a member for at least one month: YES

Has posted at least 15 times: YES

Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time: YES

Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: YES

Does not have any negative comments: YES

Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 16 years old: YES

If within the US, understands that Delivery Confirmation number is required for this swap: YES

If outside the US, understands that a mailing receipt copy is required for this swap: YES

Nitty gritty, also known as the “Swap Requirements.”

You will write/type a letter to your partner telling them about yourself, your life, your interests, etc. You can talk about anything you think your partner will enjoy learning about you. A favorite trip, bucket list plans, non-crafty hobbies, favorite books/movies/music, etc. Please take your time with this and write several pages.

You will purchase or craft a small item that represents your own interests. This does not need to be craft related, however, if you want it to be, you can. Non-craft related ideas could be: If you are a dog lover, then you can send dog treats. If you are an avid reader, you could send your favorite book. If you are a bird watcher, you could send a bird feeder. If you like to collect something (Pokemon?), you could send a (package of Pokemon cards) or example of something you collect.

Lastly, after reading over your partner’s questionnaire and having conversed back and forth with your partner, you will CRAFT a medium sized item based on their interests.

In an effort to keep the swap moving and to help with postal lag, all 3 of these items will be shipped together. (When this was hosted on the old site, the letter and item about yourself was sent first.)

After the sign up period ends, I will ask you to look at the list of participants and send me a pm with two lists: those swappers with whom you have NEVER swapped with before/ those swappers you have only swapped with a FEW times. (This can also include those you swapped with on the old site.) I will do my very best to pair everyone up with someone new or newer to them! We do want to make a new friend, after all!

If you want to participate, please send your information to: Lynx2Lanver

Please title your PMs topic line like so to make them easier for me to follow:

Make a Friend Swap Sign Up— Your Username

Make a Friend Swap Partner Poll—Your Username

Make a Friend Swap Sent/Received—Your Username


Name of swap: Miniature Make a Friend 2021

LettuceCraft username:

Email address:

Your real name:

Mailing address including the country:

  1. Confirm that are at least 16 years old : (YES/ NO )
  2. Do you agree that you will PM the organizer when you send and when you receive, and PM the delivery confirmation # or a pic of the receipt if you are outside the US?
  3. Do you understand that you should post once a week in the discussion thread ?
  4. Do you have any allergies?
  5. Do you have any allergens?
  6. Are you willing to ship outside your country?

The following questions are meant to be used as a guide to help get conversation flowing between yourself and your partner. Feel free to use any of these questions to go into more detail when you write your partner your letter. You can choose to answer these later and send privately to your partner, or give minimal detail here and more detail one-on-one once you are partnered with your new friend. These questions are by no means exhaustive, but are meant to hopefully will guide you in your friend-making journey!

(This is technically part of the questionnaire, so please include these questions when you pm me. If you would rather fill them out once you are partnered, please leave a note in your pm so your partner will know this.)

  • Tell me about your family. Are you married/divorced/have children/are only child/are close/not close to extended family.
  • Tell me about your work. What do you do?
  • Tell me about where you currently live. Is it where you grew up? Is it far away? Is it your dream place to live?
  • Tell me about your favorite vacation.
  • Tell me a funny memory.
  • Tell me about your hobbies.
  • Tell me about your pets.
  • Tell me about your favorite crafts to do.
  • Tell about about a craft you admire.
  • Tell me about a craft you’d like to learn more about.
  • Tell me about your favorite tv show/movie.
  • Do you have any favorite quotes?
  • Tell me about your favorite foods.
  • Tell me about your favorite colors.
  • Anything else?

-----End Questionnaire----



Who might be your new friend?

Lettuce Craft’s Newest Friends

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@mel and @curiousfae
@raury and @Bugaboo
@MightyMitochondria and @saintcady
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Hi All!

I have a fun question for you since depending on where you live it is either summer or winter:

Would you rather live where it only snows or the temperature never falls below 100 degrees?

I think I’d rather it never fall below 100 degrees. As much as I like snow, I would get tired of it!


100 degrees every day. Even if I’m hiding inside in the air conditioning I need that sunshine! :sun_with_face:


snow all the way. the heat and i only get along at work. and even then, just barely…


Neither! I’d like a mild range of 50-80 degrees.

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I could not function at 100 degrees…I know how to dress for snow!

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I sent in my questionnaire! I’m excited for this swap!

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This swap is so much fun. I may have to join in.


Completed the Q and then hesitated. I have to really consider my commitments, but new friends are so much fun. I’ll Wembly for a bit just for form.

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Oh, this one is so fun and pretty small commitment with a month to craft a medium. The small can be purchased! I hope you and @kittykill join!

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I’ll work on my questionnaire later when the kids are finally asleep :smile:

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Hooray!!! I hope to fill out my questionnaire during my kiddo’s speech therapy appointment today.

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I like snow but I don’t like wearing all those layers of clothes - makes me feel like the Marshmallow Man. The idea of being able to runs around barefooted all year long is way to appealing.

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I just sent in my questionnaire, this sounds like a fun swap and I haven’t participated in a MAF swap before, so excited!

As for temperature, I don’t really understand how warm 100 F is, but give me the heat. I love to be warm and can’t stand the snow.


Glad to have you here!

I just did the conversion and 100 F is 37 C.

Oooh, this has me all excited! I’m working on my questionnaire, but it is so long already I decided to send an abbreviated version to sign up (for easier reference), and then the loooong version to my partner.

While I usually don’t like the heat, as it is right now I’d prefer 100F – but not higher. Usually I’m happy between 15-25C (roughly 60-80F) and I don’t need or want more, even at the beach.


I’d be good at 37C, my ideal temperature is 30C.

What is your most used emoji?

Probably, just the basic :slight_smile: for me. Sometimes, :heart:

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:heart::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::tired_face: :arrow_left::arrow_left::arrow_left: These guys!