COMPLETE-Ongoing Wish Swap Round 4 January 2022

I claim @kittykill for a Pinterest-surprise doll!

Due 2/11
Claims - 2
In Transit -1
Received - 1

Hi, y’all! I’m Erin from central Texas, USA. I live in a tiny condo with my “new” (we’re coming up on our 1-year anniversary the day after Valentine’s Day) husband. I currently work from home, and I love collecting a ridiculous variety of things that I stuff in curio cabinets (because I hate dusting even more than I like collecting). I enjoy watching movies, playing computer and board/card games, and reading as many books as humanly possible. Some of my crafting has been on hiatus as we traveled to see family over the holidays, and as we are still working on our home. It has been awesome using this swap to ease back in!

Crafty Things I’d love to get:

-I love sewn and stitched/embroidered things, especially, like ornaments and Hooplas (hooped or framed or flat)

-I enjoy tiny clay or pottery things

-I love little dolls (sewn or hard-sculpted or felted) or figures or art dolls or anything that could go in a curio cabinet

-I definitely adore fridge magnets of all kinds

-I love Christmas ornaments of all kinds (except no Santa, please), especially poinsettias, holly, and snowmen/snowflakes

-Egyptian mythological creatures, favorites including:

  • Ammit the Devourer (particularly the cute little version from “The Kane Chronicles” books, examples here and here – not my art)

-The Set animal (from the same book series; so hilarious, and also not my art, but here’s a cute one)

-Weird/creepy-cute things in general :laughing:

-Alligator Loki!!! So cute! I like the realistic version as well as various cartoony/cute versions

-Crites (the titular fuzzy eating machines from the 80’s horror film “Critters” and its sequels) – I like the first and second movie the best

-Xenomorphs (from the Alien movies) & Predators (from the Predator franchise)

-Skeletons and skulls (either traditional or sugar skull style) – I live with a life-sized medical skeleton named Hezekiah, who dresses in fancy clothes and gets different hats for different holidays/times of the year

-Zombies (both the drippy, Night of the Living Dead kind and the cutesy, cartoony greenish kind)

-I particularly like things where traditionally scary creatures are doing cutesy things, like having tea, or petting fluffy animals, etc.

-Natural forest-y and flower things and creatures:

-Mushrooms (particularly toadstools and Death’s Caps)

-Hanging wisteria

-Hydrangeas (particularly the lavenders, greens, and blues)

-Red and orange poppies

-Luna moths

-Rabbits/bunnies (particularly lops; I used to have a white short-eared lop with grey ears, nose, and tail)

-Japanese things (I used to live there!):

-Torii shrine gates (the red-orange ones)

-Koi no bori (fish kites for Children’s Day celebrations)

-Kodama, Soot Sprites, and Dust Bunnies from “Princess Mononoke,” “Spirited Away,” and “My Neighbor Totoro”

-Tanuki and Kitsune from Japanese mythology

Supplies I’d love to get:

-I am trying to learn stamp carving, so any blank carving blocks (like the weird pink stuff) in various sizes would be awesome

-I would really enjoy trying some rinse-away stabilizer, too! I learned about it in a local embroidery group, and it’s been on my list ever since, but I haven’t had a chance to track it down

-I would adore some genuine wool felt in different colors for making ornaments/small dolls, etc. I only have easy access to acrylic felt, and it isn’t strong enough for some things

-I embroider a lot, so nice embroidery floss would be great (I don’t need hoops, though!), especially in variegated colors and things like that I don’t usually buy for myself

Colors: I love all greens & purples (Japanese wisteria is my favorite flower), oranges (I also love red-orange poppies and Red Death Cap mushrooms), earthy tones, dusty pastels (think Japanese Mori Girl pastels, rather than Easter egg pastels).

Patterns/Symbols/Motifs: I like abstract and floral patterns, as long as the individual motifs are very tiny

Materials: I like pearls, green things (green stone beads or things like that), copper and brass colored bits, layered felt designs…

Treats/Extras I’d love to get:

-I adore teas (both caffeinated and non), and things like Earl Grey and citrus/spice based things are my favorites (I don’t like chamomile or other floral flavors of any kind, though)

-I also loooove chocolate, with or without nuts (hazelnuts are my favorites), preferably milk chocolate—I also love it paired with mint/peppermint or peanut butter or caramel (but not fruit!)

-I also enjoy coffees (both caffeinated and non) now, as well—chocolate, hazelnut, peppermint, caramel, and flavors like that would be fun!

-I have a postcard collection from around the world, and would love anything local to you

-I like nifty stickers/badges/pins from around the world or anything geeky/nerdy/science-y

General About-Me Info:

Allergy-related - I am allergic to dogs/cats/most animals with fur; cigarette & similar smoke/odor; basically all scented products (I am extremely sensitive to smells and even many natural oils, like lavender or rose, can make me sick). HOWEVER, if you have pets/animals but keep them away from the craft area/item being made, I should be totally fine! Cleaned animal fibers (like real wool) used for crafting are also completely safe. I do not have any food allergies/sensitivities, thankfully.

I have a non-smoking home with no children or animals, and I use unscented beauty and laundry products (free & clear laundry soap and white vinegar only). The only allergen I have/use that I can think of is gluten, which shouldn’t be relevant for most types of crafting.

-I really would appreciate it if whatever object(s) I receive were fairly physically small, as my tiny condo just added a husband to it and display space is limited!

-I personally love to sew (fabrics and felts), embroider, and crochet, and I dabble in simple, silly clay work sometimes. I’m not a good cross-stitcher, knitter, or paper-crafter, and I draw like a distracted 7-year-old. 2D art is not where I shine. :wink:

-I am also totally happy to answer questions for my partner, even if I want the end swap gift to be a surprise.

  • My Standard Disclaimers: Please nothing with overt sexual content or obvious sexual nudity, and please nothing with current religious or political content or swearing. Also, please, no personal care products, like soaps or scrubs. My skin is so picky that I can’t often use these kinds of things, even if they are unscented and beautifully made. I’m not big on girly-fantasy stuff, neon, animal prints, or rainbows. And please, I beg you, no glitter! :joy: