COMPLETE: Secret Santa Wishlist Swap (sign-ups 10/25-11/10, send by 11/30)

I’m Pam. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband who owns a vintage collectible toy store and my three dogs: Maisy, Iggy and Monty. I work part-time as an assistant for a forensic psychologist and I’m going back to school in September for Computer Science. I turned 50 this year although I’m sure I’m still 25 and it is just a typo on my birth certificate. I love everything vintage up to the 1950’s. I am ready for fall and winter! I love every type of music, really bad 1950’s B horror movies, Disney’s Haunted Mansion, dolls, crows, vintage Halloween and Christmas

Thanks to anyone who chooses me!
Crafty items:
A crafted item(painting, collage) of my dogs
Any surprise from my pinterest board ([ ]
Anything with crows (painting, print, collage, stuffed animal)
Anything with Snow White
Bath bombs, bath salts
Barrettes for my hair
blank cards (to use in swap packages and penpals)
vintage Christmas crafty stuff
Felt dolls
handmade twine (see pinterest for ideas)
Blank journals to write in
Fleece pj bottoms (size m-l)
needle minders
sock yarn (I just got a sock loom)

Vintage tea cups
Enamel pins
Etsy or Amazon gift cards
Any books from my pinterest list
Jigsaw puzzles! I love them!
Something special from your hometown (candy, tea, whatever your hometown is known for)

For others in my life:
An enamel pin board for my husband. He love monsters and toys
Rope toys for the dogs


Hi, I’m Susie and live in the historic neighborhood of Garden Home in Portland, OR - I work for an older adult program that supports family caregivers and lead support groups on dealing with grief & loss and death cafes. I am currently studying childhood traumatic stress, complex trauma and trauma-informed care.

I love anything Edward Gorey, Elvira - Mistress of the Dark, Bride of Frankenstein, Stephen King (Misery, Carrie, The Shining, IT), Brian Froud type fairy things, the public library, PBS, tarot, historic homes & buildings, pioneer cemeteries, outdoor bird feeding and gardening (indoor & out). I love bright colors, but I also love black & white.

Recycled, reused and thrift items encouraged!

Crafted Items:

  • Sewing machine cover.
  • Handmade or any fun postcards to send to friends
  • Art - any size, but I do have a nice frame measuring 15" x 19.5" - so something smaller that I could put a mat around would be awesome.
  • Dog toy for large English Yellow Lab.
  • Small decorative bags for crystals.
  • Decorative covers for throw pillows measuring 20"x20" or for bed pillows.
  • Decorative plant stakes for indoor plants.
  • Incense - stuff for baths, lotions, essential oils, stuff for curly hair, lip balm, candles, wax melts - I love scented items.
  • 2021 Wall Calendar
  • I always wanted one of those beaded chains to attach to your glasses
  • Decorative boxes or tins
  • Taxidermy items for curio cabinet
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Stationery and envelopes, I love writing letters
  • Kitchen towels, any theme, love bright colors in the kitchen
  • Cozy lap blankets for home office and living room chair
  • Dog blanket for human bed (something light with tighter stitches so he won’t get his claws stuck in it and it won’t take up much room in the washer. Also lighter colors would be great - he is yellow and his fur shows up bad on dark fabric.)

I would love multiples of anything except the calendar. :heart:


  • Beads
  • Seeds for flowers or plants that will grow well in zone 8b
  • Watercolor items - paper, brushes, paints.
  • Writing pen
  • Yarn - neat crochet hooks
  • Small ceramic pots with drainage hole if possible.
  • Fabric quarters
  • Black or herbal teas
  • Something unique to your region
  • Anything old and weird.
  • Anything I can glue or tape into a collage journal
  • Vintage or interesting women’s watches - ok if they need a battery or minor repair. That is one of my hobbies!

Thank you so much to anyone who chooses me! You can view my small Etsy wishlist here.


Hi! I’m Alicia! I’m a technical project manager and a huge gaming nerd, currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. I live with my husband and our two cats.

Likes: lots of color! (teal is my favorite), science (especially chemistry), daffodils, video games (I love Luigi, Pokemon, and have recently gotten really into Fallout), fantasy themes, celestial stuff

Dislikes: Overly pink and cutesy (with the exception of decoden) or super goth aesthetic. Also, the color orange (it’s fine in small amounts, just don’t generally like it as the main color) and animal prints.

In general, I am totally good with surprises, so don’t feel like you have to stick to anything too closely unless you’d like to, or if you think of something not listed here that it seems like I might like or that you love to make, go for it! I am also a big fan of reuse/sustainability, so all good with half-used supplies, repurposed fabric, etc.

Anything from or inspired by my pinterest would be loved. The most relevant boards are “Swap Wishlist" and “Crafts for DJ” (my husband), but if there’s something on another board that inspires you, go for it! My etsy favorites are mostly supplies, but there are a few crafted ideas as well.

  • Homemade lotions/body butters for very dry skin
  • Tie-dyed anything!
  • Superhero swag (clothes, accessories, bags, pins - anything I can wear!) - Favorites are She-Hulk and Beast from X-men
  • Homemade candles/incense/wax melts - I really love smelly stuff!
  • Small but interesting stud earrings - I have double piercings if you’re into matching sets.
  • Small garden decorations - I have a rock bed on the side of my house that I am trying to slowly fill with painted rocks, garden gnomes, etc.
  • Garden flags - My holder is designed for ~12 x 18" flags. These could be seasonal, prayer flags, abstract, pretty much anything you’d like to make!
  • Anything inspired by my favorite movies: The 10th Kingdom and the Back to the Future series.
  • Non-traditional wreaths - any season/holiday/theme


  • Fabric scraps for quilting: ~2” square or larger
  • Crafty magazines - sewing, yarny, cross stitch - don’t have to be current
  • Gel pens for coloring
  • Black or herbal teas

Thanks in advance to my Secret Santa! :slight_smile:


Hello! My name is Eszter. I am living in Hungary (Europe) with my husband and 2 kids (9 and 2 years old boys). I am working as a business analyst in IT industry during the days, and as a felt crafter at nights. :slight_smile: Life is crazy here with kids and lockdown, but we are trying to enjoy our life in a big house with garden. I am running on coffee and books; more likes and dislikes below :wink:

My whishlist (will try to add more things on the go):
Sewn items:

  • Drawstring bags (big ones, if possible), like this
  • Fabric baskets, like this
  • project bag, like this or this
  • reusable snack bags, like this
  • food bags, like this or this or this
  • These funny bags
  • These small zippers
  • Reusable sponges, like these
  • this thing for the car, or this one
  • headband like this
  • hip bags like these (black or grey :))
  • home slippers, like these or these
  • car carrier for kids, like this

Stenciled things:

  • Funny shirts, bags from this board (woman size S)

Things to do with paper:

  • Bookmarks (themes are. Toothless dragon, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, MichaelJordan, Coffee)
  • Handmade postcards (Christmas theme without any religion things on it, Easter ones, friendship ones for kids)
  • watercolor art from Hobbit or LOTR (have a few on my wall already from the best Craftster friends already :))

Signs (also stenciled or painted maybe?):

  • Like this, or anything similar… you can check my board for my favorite :slight_smile:

Jewelries, also from this board

  • my biggest wish would be this stamped one

Knitted or crocheted things:

  • baby hat, like this (for a 2year old boy)


  • I have a shiny new Cricut Maker, so anything you think would work with that, more than welcome. It’s hard to get any supplies in Hungary for that.
  • Nice stamps @ supplies for that
  • Sharpies, watercolor or calligraphy supplies

Long list, right? Well, here is the board itself without any organization, so if you even want to sew me a dress, you can find my style here:
A few things about me and the recipents, in case you simply want to surprise us:
about me: wearing black and grey things most of the time, size S things. I hate cold, so warm things are awesome. Love reading, especially Tolkien books, so anything is themed with dwarves, elves or hobbits are awesome here. :slight_smile:
about my kids:

  • my 2 year old like Winnie the Pooh movies and series the most, so anything would work for him with them :slight_smile: He also a car-addicted guy, so any toys your kids left behind would also work - but I need your personal touch on those - e.g. repainted hotweels, or whatever :))
  • my 9 year old: likes Hobbit and LOTR the most, also likes Starwars (but only the good guys haha!), and everything which is OLD. He is a great fan of Storage Wars, so old stamps, vintage letters, papers, whatever not so pricey are more than welcome!

Thank you so much for reading - I’ll try to add more things… I already started to craft something for some of you :wink:


Hello! I’m Laura, and I currently live with my parents in Washington state. Last December I moved back to the states after living for 15 years in Japan, and planned to spend a few months at Mom and Dad’s, and then move to my own place in Seattle… and then Covid happened. I’m a video game translator for Pokémon, working from home for now until it’s safe to move to Seattle and nearer the office. My main passions are crafting, gaming, and music. I love all sorts of games, from video games to tabletop and playing cards… but maybe not so much sports.

My wishlist:

  • WALL ART! In particular I would love non-paper art, such as mini quilts, embroidery, hoopla, etc.
  • Useful items for around the house. I try not to collect knick-knacks because I don’t have room for stuff.
  • Accessories: I am allergic to most metals except silver and gold (not a problem for non-wearables though), and like chunky pendants and large-ish hook earrings, as well as fun scarves and hats (my head is HUGE)
  • TM patches
  • ATCs
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Accessories for my plushies, as seen on Instagram @katsuyukimoray . I can provide measurements for any of my plushies on there if needed!
  • warm fuzzy slippers that go up over the ankles (women’s US 9.5, narrow)
  • duck decorations for my parents (ducks native to Washington state preferred) (herons, coots, loons, Canada geese also OK!)


  • bright, bold colors, earth tones, jewel tones
  • Animals: moray eel, shoebill stork, octopus, giraffe, frog, ginger cat, angler fish, other weird sea creatures, guinea pig, degu, capybara
  • Pokémon: Eelektrik, Pikachu, Diglett, Snorlax, Sobble, Torchic, Furret, Tangela, many many others :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • medieval manuscript style art/lettering/bestiary creatures (non-humanoid), Book of Kells aesthetic
  • Games: D&D, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Catan, Code Names, Balderdash, Boggle
  • Video Games: Persona 3/4/5, Final Fantasy XIV, chocobos, controllers, Disgaea, Terraria, Stardew Valley, Tetris,
  • Animal Crossing (Boomer, Blathers, Nook nephews, Sabel, Flick, octopus characters, Genji)
  • Shakespeare, esp. Much Ado About Nothing
  • youkai (Japanese monsters, not characters from Youkai Watch)
  • Seattle/Washington State
  • Crafting themed (sewing, crochet)


  • craft supplies
  • candy (no nuts or coffee, please!)
  • game stuff
  • your favorite recipes
  • your favorite music

Please AVOID: NSFW, violent/gory, politically conservative, scented, religious (but traditional Christmas, like Santa/snowmen, etc. is fine), coffee, nuts, red wine (allergic!).

You may also peruse my pinterest for ideas, but please keep in mind that I haven’t curated it much for years, so my interests may have changed a lot; might be best to steer clear of specific fandoms if I didn’t mention them here, as my interest may have waned in the meantime :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry that got so long!


Hi, I’m Ann, in Maryland (US), introvert mother of a little extrovert 7yo, maker of stuff especially machine embroidery. Allergic to tobacco (please don’t send unwashables if someone in your house smokes.) No earrings or strong scents, please. Reused/thrifted/recycled/etc supplies always encouraged if you have them, including for shipping.

colors etc for me: anything nature-inspired especially dark greens and wild woods or paleoart themes. My 7yo daughter is super fond of pink, floral anything, gold, purple, MLP, and all animals past & present. My spouse is mostly a blue/gray/black sort of person.


*anything off my swap pinterest

*placemats! sets of 3-4 or one-offs for my kid who goes through them faster. (co-ordinating rather than matching sets are great) There are a bunch of ideas on my pinterest, but have fun— seasonal nature, abstract fun, Halloween, etc, but prefer no other holidays please.

*Sturdy magazine holders-- I like this one or something with a little lower front so it’s easier for kid-use

*we can always use more reusable snack bags.

*I would love a Krampus stocking (X-mas stocking style) for my husband.

*small tabletop zen garden w/ mini rake & lid to keep the dust out (& the sand in!) anything from altoid tin sized up to ~8” square as long as the rake is in scale.

*Spiderweb print quilter cotton— I really like the plain white on black one I’ve seen posted places, but other colors ok. Honestly I just need enough to make a mask, but more would definitely be used for something. :grin:

*small (atc-sized or smaller) coloring tags sort of like these only on watercolor paper… I haven’t had any luck finding anything like this, but possibly someone with a laser printer could make something? (patterns could be anything so long as the details aren’t too tiny)

*Cards for sending with swap packages. Small is fine, envelopes optional. Maybe something with hedgehogs?? :wink:


Hey! I’m Christy, currently living in Southern AZ with my mom (thanks Covid). I work in TV/Film and also as a Summer Camp Director (I help kids be creative). I’m a boy crazy Gen X’er (hence - pigtails and reading glasses). I have 3 cats that I raised like dogs, mom has a cat and a dog. My list of likes is long and eclectic. I’m a mixed media girl, canvases, clothing, paper, you name it, it usually has a layer or two of “other” stuff. My pinterest is fairly comprehensive, think of it as inspiration. Don’t feel like you have to make something in a specific medium just because of a pin.

Dislikes: Heavy smoke or scents (perfume or incense). Pinks, oranges, lace, or animal prints when in the majority. Not a fan of plastic canvas or perler beads, politically conservative or religious stuff. Oh, I don’t eat chocolate or drink coffee. Enjoy it for me. :smiley:

If you’re passionate about creating something, please, do it! I am a big conserver/recycler/thrifter, happy with half-used supplies, previously loved stencils, repurposed fabric, etc. I hang out with a buncha hippies, love and wear tie dye, but not exclusively. Huge live music fan.

Thanks in advance for crafting for me!


  • Blank cards (for swap packages and mailed to friends)
  • Medium/light weight scarf (I live in AZ) or scrappy scarf
  • Cross-body small bag (5" x 7" -ish or slightly bigger) or waist bag (festival bag/utility belt)
  • Silly hat or headwear (I have a few weird winter hats that I enjoy, moose, aviator [crafted for me on c-ster] and I do wear pigtails A LOT)
  • Statement necklace
  • Art doll
  • Fleece or similar slippers (US W8)
  • Wall art
  • Fabric twine
  • Patches (TM or embroidered) or adult merit badges
  • ornaments
  • Always a fan of fridge magnets
  • Funny/snarky/silly stencils (shirt/tote size) - I have NO cutting machine but can happily screen print with stencils or freezer paper
  • I have a soprano ukulele that I’m slowly learning to play, anything that inspires you on that front: art, gig bag, strap


  • Ephemera/whimsies
  • Stencils
  • metallic markers & a white marker/pen
  • Something special from your state/city


  • Anything inspired by my pinterest, most of this wishlist has corresponding pins :smiley:
  • Minion anything (for my mom) {L-shirt, US W 8.5 shoe)
  • Ugly sweater
  • Ziggy Stardust inspired (specifically the red, teal, white color scheme for my travel trailer named Ziggy he has his own board in pinterest Ziggy CamperDust or is it StarCamper)
  • Star Wars (4-6), Fifth Element, Back to the Future, MIB (1-3)
  • jewel tones and all shades of blue, or green.
  • Snarky & sweary don’t offend me
  • recycled/upcycled/thrifted/previously loved
  • Jackalope/untraditional taxidermy
  • Cute/wonky houses
  • Gnomes
  • Loteria - Mexican bingo

Hi there! Laura here! I live in Ohio with my husband, teenaged kids, silly tabby cat Zazzles, and our backyard birds! Please do not send me anything smoky. I don’t care for red as a main color (accent color is ok). I am happy with duplicates of anything on my list. I am a substitute teacher.

My Pinterest.

I’m going to start with the bare bones of this list and come back as time allows and add to it.

Crafty Wishes

  • Hair Salon style cutting cape. Thanks to Covid, I have become the hair stylist of the family. I started with the guys in the family and now also cut my daughter and my own. I’ve been using a towel, but a cutting cape has been a wish for ages! I refer to my “salon” as “Salon de Mama.”
  • Notecards for swap packages.
  • Animal Crossing plushie (Alice, Filbert, Skye, Flick, Eugene, Static, Maple, Pango, Gala)
  • fridge magnets
  • Christmas ornaments (I’ll post list again; tagged wrong post earlier.)
  • Hoopla of my dog Mia who crossed the rainbow bridge in June.
  • handmade soaps
  • handmade wax melts
  • pocket letter (Animal Crossing, Impractical Jokers, 2020, something inspired from my Pinterest)
  • handcarved stamp
  • Impractical Jokers (TruTv Show) ornament
  • I’m a sucker for ceramics!
  • oven mitts
  • Surprise me!

Themes I like

Ornament Wishlist, but can be used as themes for my other wishes, too:
My themes in no particular order:

  1. 2020 (Anything sassy/snarky/etc to represent how terrible 2020 has been!)
  2. The Covid Spike protein with 2020
  3. Something to represent my furpuppy Mia who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June.
  4. Something about substitute teaching (Best Substitute Ever) or really anything for teaching.
  5. Rose-breasted grosbeak
  6. Hummingbirds
  7. Animal Crossing! (Alice, Eugene, Isabelle, Flick, Bianca, Gala, Maple, something deserted island,
    the AC leaf, a Dodo Airlines ticket to Cactus Pt, CJ, Mabel, Isabelle)
  8. Woodpeckers
    9… Impractical Jokers
    10… Something for Lettuce Craft.
    11… The Santa Claus movie

My Pinterest is probably going to give you a good idea of my interest and style more so than this so far very small list of themes.

  • Substitute Teacher
  • Birch Trees
  • Flowers and Birds from your area
  • Impractical Jokers
  • My dog Mia (A little post about her)
  • Quilting
  • Foreign Languages
  • Animal Crossing New Horizons (Alice, Filbert, Eugene, Maple, Flick, Skye, Blathers, Pascal, Orville)
  • Puffins/Penguins, woodland animals, whimsical birds
  • Travel/Vacation
  • Mountains (I was lucky enough to grow up here.).
  • Machu Pichu (This is my # 1 on my travel bucket list. Maybe a hoopla/notecard/magnet/ornament/pocket letter)

Supply Wishes

  • Something from my Etsy Favorites, especially metal stamps.
  • metal stamping supplies (bracelets, tags)
  • embroidery hoops
  • gift cards to Etsy/Amazon
  • wool felt (I have been enjoying buying from TaDaaStudioFelt on Etsy.)
  • black fineliner pens (I have a whole box of of size 0.005, so more of the other sizes would be great!)
  • gesso, gel medium. I don’t have any and I’d like to play with it.
  • blank cards with envelopes that I can add my bird pictures to.

Thank you so much in advance to my secret Santa!


Hi everyone! Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: Thank you for being a wonderful, friendly community that I’ve loved being a part of :hugs: :hugs: Sorry my list below is massive :stuck_out_tongue:

My name is Lauren and I live in Melbourne, Australia. We are coming out of lockdown and heading towards Summer! Life is good :star_struck: I live with my partner and our little Yorkshire Terrier named Hound…in a couple of weeks there is going to be a new four legged addition to our family, we are excited and nervous to see how Hound will go with sharing our attentions :dog: :dog:

My partner is really supportive of my crafting and loves seeing all of the swap packages I receive, complimenting you all on your skills. If you wanted to send a surprise for him, that would be really special! Some themes he loves are tennis, watches, flight and engineering.

To get to know me… “These are a few of my favourite things”:
Aladdin Brand Thermoses, Fairy Lights, Superb Fairy Wrens, Harry Potter, Little Red Riding Hood, Wonder Woman, Mushrooms/Toadstools, My birthstone – Garnet, Coffee & Tea, Sparkling Wine/Champagne, My Yorkie - Hound dog, NASA, Space & Galaxies, Keto, Bees, Japan, San Francisco, Watercolour Painting and Colours

My Craft Interests:
Sewing, Modern Quilting, Art Journaling, Happy Mail

My Instagram is:

Here is my crafty wishlist:
I have a range of things from small - large (Please click through to Pinterest on each item for examples of what I’d love to receive - I hope this format is easy enough for everyone. Also please note, the Pinterest links are for more of an ‘inspired by vibe’ rather than exact replicas).
Biggest wish: Bag or Pouch for organisation
Socks / Legwarmers (size 8.5)
Fingerless Gloves / Mittens
Quilted Tote Bag
Mini Quilt for my studio
Garden themed prayer flags
Beeswax Wraps
Reusable sandwich & snack bags
Handmade Soap
Embroidered linen napkins (2)
Handmade Journal or Traveler’s Notebook for Art Journalling (watercolour paper on the inside would be brilliant)
Quilted Cushion Cover (sent with no actual cushion inside to save on postage)
Harry Potter themed TM Patches
Felt Badges based on my interests
Unhooped Hoopla based on my interests
Harry Potter Ornaments
Non-slip sewing machine pedal footrest
Something from my miscellaneous board
Or another crafty surprise based on my interests :blush:

Supply Wishlist:
Etsy Patterns
Small Etsy Wishlist

  • Etsy gift card
  • Urban Threads gift card
  • Amazon gift card

I would be thrilled to receive a gift card to help fund my crazy online craft shopping habits

Lunchtime Quilt Pattern
Stamps for Art Journal backgrounds
Q-snap embroidery frame
Snap press
Stamps and Dies (I love Waffle Flower and Lawn Fawn stamps [to get to know my style])
Nuovo Drops
DMC Embroidery Thread
Bag/Purse Hardware
Trims and Ribbons (for making tags and little projects)
Wool, wool blend or acrylic felt
Polymer Clay/Fimo
Daniel Smith Watercolours

Extras Thingys:
Local Postcards, Packaged Tea, Botannical Book Pages, Joker Playing Cards – I collect them

Thank you in advance Secret Santa for thinking of me and sending me a wish xx


Hello all, I’m Heather, in Maryland, U.S., hermiting and doing my librarian job mainly from home now. My main non-work interests right now are end-of-life care; history and finding my place in racial justice/healing issues on the local level; environmentally-sound house building and renovation; and, broadly speaking, spirituality and rewilding.

My house is very small, rustic and simple. I’m not anti-holidays but I don’t pay much attention to them. I’m new to living where there are actually four seasons, though (born and raised in southern California), so I am really starting to connect with that, lunar cycles, and the like.

I have no noteworthy collections, relevant allergies, non-craft hobbies (I enjoy many things but don’t do them often enough to call them hobbies), or fan-doms. I just got a foster cat but she doesn’t seem interested in toys or treats yet.

Likes: Rain and rainbows. Dogs. Iridescence, opalescence, holographic effects, and sparkle. Witchy mori girl (erm, Mori crone?) layered style in clothing. Silliness/nonsense/absurdity in a spirit of kindness. Latin America. Textural natural things. Organic freeflowing designs. Dignified animals (especially if they aren’t usually thought of as dignified or well-liked). Unexpected wholesomeness. Historical informed by modern sensibilities, and alternative histories/universes. Reclaimed/reused/upcycled/second-hand.

Dislikes: shiny-plated metal jewelry. Tobacco and cannabis smell. Rayon. Pastel, heathered, or neon colors on their own. Variegated yarn on its own without a solid (long bands of color are fine, but I don’t like the camo print or confetti effects). Artificial fragrances. Corn, peas, painfully-sour or -hot/spicy.

My wishlist (not in any order of preference) :


  • Luscious, sparkly prepped batt or roving for handspinning
  • CHARITY: wool-based items that could be offered for sale in the Accokeek Foundation gift shop to keep its programs going and it’s farm animals fed. Undyed or natural dyed handspun yarn, cold weather wear, ornaments, felted farm or woodland animals and cat toys are some things that have sold well.



  • Unscented homemade lotion, body butter, balm, scrub, or lotion bar (if it’s made with things that already have a natural scent that’s totally fine)
  • Your herbal specialty: tincture, extract, dried herbs, etc.
  • Baked goods, loose tea you blended, something from the dehydrator, or other yummies that can withstand the postal system

In whatever medium you fancy

  • shawl pin
  • Mail art: any kind, any size, any style, any media.
  • Handy, creative items for adventures out in nature. Such as a paracord bracelet, an emergency or dog-walking kit in an Altoids tin, or a reflective waterproof pouch to attach to bike handlebars.

Supplies from your stash :

  • Pattern stencils, or placards, tags, frames, or random unexpected shapes cut from your Cricut, Sizzix, craft punches, etc., for use in mixed media art (they’ll get covered in paint so feel free to use scrap materials)
  • Rough, unfinished leather strips. I want to make a more rustic version of these cabinet door pulls but haven’t found the right second-hand leather locally.



Hi! I’m Shannon. I live in the USA on the border of the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley with my husband and 11 year old kiddo. I got my BA decades ago but recently, as a middle aged woman, I earned my graduate degree and I now work in a Lab Preschool at a local Junior College.

My husband is a Dr of quantum physics from Germany who works for Stanford and CERN and is a super collector of Lego and is x10 more interesting than me (so enough about him. Let’s get back to talking about ME!!! :wink:)

I am TOTALLY up to surprises. If you are really good at a certain craft that isn’t on here please GO FOR IT! I’m sure I’d like it!

Craft ideas for me
•Hand made paper
•pot holders
•dish scrubbers
•Small zipper bags to hold items in my purse.
•I can’t crochet so I really love getting anything using that skill.
•I also don’t have the hang of pouring resin casting epoxy stuff and enjoy getting those items.

Supplies I could use:
•Things that are rainbow metallic
•Things that are opalescent
•Things that are described as holographic
•optical illusions
•things that dazzle
•Fancy or novelty sprinkles for baking
•Molds for epoxy resin casting
•Colored wood stain (like Unicorn Spit Brand)
•Some book board for book binding
•Fun patterned bias tape
•Bright colored roving wool
•Cute/interesting doll/plushie eyes and noses
•A new rotary cutter

•Candy and/or chocolate
•The Great British Bake Off
•Things that express my deep appreciation for booze or caffeine.
•Fat fuzzy bumblebees
•high fantasy
•Things that change color always delight me
•Anything rose scented
•Jane Austen or regency period inspired themes.
•My favorite color is black and white patterns like checkerboard or argyle

•Here’s my Pinterest for ideas:

But these are just my favorites, I honestly like pretty much everything.

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Hi! I’m Jenn and I live in Texas. I adore all things nerdy, but especially Harry Potter and Doctor Who. I’m a writer so books and writing related things are definitely high on my obsession list. Favorite themes include: hedgehogs, foxes, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, writing, books, reading. I like most colors, but bright jewel tones, blues and greens are my favorites. Orange and I are not friends. I’m also not a huge fan of busy patterns. I have two kiddos, a 10-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl and would love crafty items for them or my mom - in fact, those are top of my wishlist! We celebrate Christmas and have several Christmas trees.

Allergens: Both my kids are immune deficient so no crafts from households where someone smokes or a household with anyone who has been sick within the last two weeks. (or a CF household)


  • Anything from my son’s wishlist (
  • Bookmarks or magnets for my son: Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, The Madolorian, Clone Wars, The Last Kids on Earth series, Klawde The Evil Overlord Cat books
  • Anything from my daughter’s wishlist (
  • Anime inspired art or items for my daughter (Fairy Tail (Natsu & Lucy are her faves), Sword Art Online, Fruit Basket, and Madoka Magica are some of her favorites)
  • Harry Potter ornaments for my HP tree (I’m a Hufflepuff; any character related ornaments are great - my faves are the trio & the marauders & Newt; I love fun, unexpected ornaments and all the magical creatures; see my pin board; no snitches or wands, please, I have lots)
  • Cute dragon t-shirt in 2XL for my mom
  • Dragon figures or art for my mom (
  • Teesha Moore writing/book inspired patches
  • Blank notecards w/a cute design on front (themes I LOVE: hedgehogs, foxes, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, writing, books, reading)
  • Reusable paper towels
  • Small cloth hankies/tissues
  • Eco-friendly alternative to those plastic bath puffs

Anything from these two Pinterest boards:

Big wishes:

  • An art doll/creature for my daughter (she loves them, but they’re beyond my skill; there are several pinned on her board noted above, anything cute and fuzzy along those lines would send her over the moon)
  • An OoaK Monster High doll repaint done as Lucy Heartfilia or Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail
  • A recycled sari skirt in any jewel tones (size L/ US 9)

Perler beads in all colors, but especially white
Writing or book related fabric
Harry Potter Fabric
Old books that are falling apart and can be used for crafting
Natural feathers that are pretty
Dried flowers and plants (especially in muted tones; no moss please)
Music sheets (especially if they look aged)
Vintage looking maps (especially in sepias or muted tones)
Ornate, old keys
Dried citrus slices
Faux butterflies
Tiny wooden stars
Vintage tea cups & saucers (just a cup or saucer ok, the daintier the better)


Osiyo! Howdy! Yaw! K’u xi! I’m Charles and I live in Garden City, Kansas with my wife and 5 cats (And yes, I have the Crazy Cat Guy coffee mug to go with them). I have been out of work for too long and am in tears almost constantly from pain, but before that I used to travel to the schools playing the native american flutes for the kids, I’ve taken care of my family to the best I could. Worked as an electrician’s apprentice (Supervising, training, etc), furniture sales, and escorted oversize loads for three years.

Things I used to enjoy was gardening, hiking, biking, walking, taking care of my family, playing board/card games, programming, mathematics, linguistics (Though I had more fun with lexicography), driving long distances.

Things I still enjoy: Anything related to the carboniferous, devonian, and silurian flora and fauna, ferns (mostly epiphytes), Native American Flutes, eating, making people smile, watching the fiddleheads unravel on my ferns.

Things I enjoy when I’m able: Cook, construct something, solve a problem, knit.

Handmade items welcomed.


  • Donate time, food, or blankets to local homeless and humane shelters.
  • Donate to your favorite charity.
  • Buy from local mom and pop stores, take a chance on a newly opened small shop online or local.

For others:

  • Hand made cat toys for our eldest (Mamma) and the youngest (Hobbes).
  • A crocheted godzilla hat for a 4 month to 8 month boy.
  • Anything David Tennet or the television shows Friends, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries.
  • Miniature flowers and butterflies.
  • Anything punny/funny florist related.
  • Anything Beatles (The Fab Four) related.

Craft supplies:

  • Go for Faux yarn, or something like that.
  • Wood/bamboo double point knitting needles 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, 3.0, 3.25, 3.5, and 3.75, 8 to 10 inches in length.

For me:

  • Star Trek: NCC-1701 and NCC-1701A, old Romulan and Klingon Bird of Preys, and the Klingon battlecruiser. Coffee mugs.
  • Iron Maiden: (Somewhere in Time, The Number of the Beast, and Seventh Son), Coffee mugs, any depiction of Ed the Head.
  • Godzilla: The real Godzilla, not that travesty produced in 1998. Heh!
  • Wide Ruled notebook paper (I am always happy to get spiral bound notebooks)
  • 0.7 mm mechanichal pencils (Have had my eyes on some handmade ones, but any and all will do).
  • Hawaiian shirts. The flashier the better, :D. Handmade? Your own designs? OH ABSOLUTELY, :D. A pair of matching shorts? YES, YES, AND YES.


  • Old State/locally produced spiral bound recipe books from the 80’s and before.
  • Old college level and above mathematical books from the 30’s and before.
  • Thrash and speed metal from the 80’s.
  • Anything chicken/rooster related for the kitchen (I will not tell my wife I said this, HAH)


  • Anything that will make living in pain easier.

Kia ora! I’m Kirsten, I live in Aotearoa / New Zealand, in the beautiful Bay of Islands. I’m married and have no pets or children. No allergens or allergies here. I am writing fiction full-time (or at least trying to in between sewing, knitting, and art projects). I love art and I like to do drawing, painting and printmaking. My house is mostly plain white and grey, so black/white/grey/neutral or brightly coloured things can all work well.

Random List of Things I Like:-
art, pandas, frogs, retro sci-fi, chameleons, natural unbleached linen, Godzilla, wolves, aqua blues, handwritten letters, silver, handmade pottery, Japanese textiles and ceramics, mid-century modern, indigo, polka dots, watercolours, birds, books and writing.

Things I’d rather not receive:-
Some things that are just not my cup of tea – please no gory/scary/horror, glitter, anything very cutesy or very froufrou/girly (a bit of pink is A-OK though).
Also please don’t send natural/untreated materials (e.g. natural feathers, seeds, something made of driftwood), as biosecurity will destroy it at the border.

Crafted items

There’s loads of ideas on my pinterest, but feel free to make whatever you like your way and put your own creative spin on it. I love handmade things from my Lettuce friends!

  • pretty organising things for art and craft supplies – project bag, pouch, tins, cups, boxes, things with compartments
  • mini wallet/coin purse with a couple of compartments e.g. with a zip pouch for cards and separate coin pouch – just big enough for a few cards
  • mug rug
  • kitchen stuff (apron, potholder, teatowel) – Some ideas for themes – red gingham, or blue willow pattern, or arty black and white graphic, or turquoise with red accents (gingham? cherries? retro?)
  • handmade/handprinted stationery – letters, cards, notepads, I use it all
  • something inspired by the Frog and Toad books
  • do something with one of my favourite quotes
  • any surprise inspired by my pinterest

Most of all – something that gives you joy to make!!


  • cool paper ephemera, postage stamps, foreign language, vintage, etc.
  • stencils and stamps for mixed media work, e.g. letters and numbers, organic textures, raindrops, handwriting, vintage. Not so much motifs, more backgrounds/textures. Or letter stamps.
  • fat quarter – nice cotton, natural linen, Echino prints, something cool and arty, handprinted fabric
  • vintage haberdashery – buttons (esp. glass), trims, velvet ribbons, old wooden spools
  • iron on embroidery transfers in a theme you think I’d like (retro sci-fi? vintage fashion? nature?)
  • Sublime Stitching fine tip iron transfer pen
  • a Da Vinci Casaneo Watercolour brush (I only have the quill 0 in this range, so any size/shape)

Thank you!


Hi! I’m Ann and I live in a suburb to Stockholm in Sweden with my husband and my two cats Chilla an Chaplin. Christmas is my husbands favourite holiday.

I don’t have any allergies, but heavy scents can trigger my husbands migraine. The gifts for kids on my list are going to households with various allergies so it’s probably best to keep those as smoke and pet hair free as possible (or washable).

I have a pinterest that’s kind of massive, use it for inspiration if you like:

Colors I like:

To save on postage I can fill stuffies/heatbags/lavenderbags etc. to make sure they can be sent flat. I appreciate pre loved/thrifted/recycled gifts.

Random likes: Tiny things, tea, my cats, sheepy wooly things, playing Fallout 76, dark chocolate, lavender scented things, geocaching and letterboxing, white and blue tokyo design, buttons, bright colours, whimsical things, creepy cute, books, watching the birds at the feeder, cooking.

Random likes (husband): Gardening, painting miniatures (warhammer 40k), Fallout 76, Diablo, Assassins Creed (the one set in Paris and the second one mostly), cooking, persian rugs, milk chocolate.

Dislikes: Coffee. The taste of stevia and licorice root. Bible quotes on things. Things that are just plain creepy (there’s a lot of yelling going on when I play Fallout or watch a movie and something creepy does a jump scare).


Christmas card

A surprise! If you enjoy making it I’m sure I’ll love receiving it!

Lightweight reusable produce bags (knitted/crocheted/sewn, whatever works)

Wrist warmers or fingerless mittens. I like models that have a bit of a thumb.

Cosy socks

Felt ornament (I’m open to other non breakable ornaments too. I don’t trust my cats not to murder breakable pretties)


Decorated notecards for swap packages

Microwaveable heat bags, any size. I can fill them with rice myself. For larger ones I’d love if they have an inner bag so I can remove and wash the cover.

A bag for carrying cloth pads. I’d like it to fit 4-5 pads at least. Maybe with some kind of built in wet bag for used ones, but I do have a separate wet bag so that feature is optional.

Video game themed hoopla or wall art for the TV-room/game room. (Fallout, Monkey island, Super Mario, Pacman, Unravel, Journey or Bobble Bobble to mention a few favourites). We have a hoopla/embroidery wall going on but I’m open to whatever art that can be hung on a wall.

Cloth mask for me and my husband. Who knows when Sweden decides to mandate mask wearing? Tie on might be better than elastic. He’s got a big noggin and we both wear glasses. Nerdy fabric would be a bonus.

Festive pot holders, bonus points for larger ones.

For the nieces and nephews (1, 3, 8 and 10)

Age appropriate stocking stuffers. The youngest three are boys, the oldest a girl.

Funny hats for the younger kids

Minecraft themed things for the 8-year old

Anime (kawaii) anything for the 10 year old.

For the cats

Cat toys. Both likes catnip but seem to be unimpressed by valerian root. Chilla adores balls. (Bigger than a ping pong ball but a bit smaller than a tennis ball seems to be perfect for her.)

Kitty place mat for Chaplin, he’s a messy eater so having a placemat that’s washable or wipeable saves on mopping the floor. He will ”help” by licking the floor, but a placemat is nicer.

For random acts of craftiness

Painted rocks to abandon

Bookcrossing things (maybe bookplates or a stamp for marking the books so I just have to write the bookcrossing ID)


Colourful wool yarn in fingering or sport weight that can be fulled (ie, not superwash). Smaller amounts is fine. I want to make smaller things like bags and pouches and I can always combine colours.

Hardware for knitted bags and pouches

Needle felting things. I keep breaking the needles, and the foam thingy I use under what I’m felting is starting to look ratty.

Large googly eyes to stick on the robo vacuum for a laugh.


Local to you candy or treat that will survive mailing

Tea candy (would love ice tea flavour or chai flavour)

Your favourite brand of ”chai” style tea (spiced, good with milk)

Chili seeds from fun kinds of chillies (Note: only if you’re in EU, otherwise it’s illegal to send them here)

Thanks for a great swap!

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Hi, I’m Sarah and I live in the mountains of North Carolina. I am an environmental educator/ STEM educator (basically I’m the person at a park/museum/nature center who leads hikes/tours, does public programs, and works with school groups).

Dislikes: Scented items, no earrings as I don’t have pierced ears, floral prints

Crafted Items

Yellow and Black striped scarf (knit or crochet)

Steampunk accessories - No headbands/hair clips please

Accordian-style masks - Botanical prints, animals, blue or green prints

Dice bag - Would love something botanical/nature themed, my main tabletop character is a druid (shocker, right? XD)

Space themed tote bag (I also do astronomy outreach, would love a space themed bag to carry materials in at events)


Steampunk/metal ephemera

Tools/supplies for unique folk arts or historical crafts (I love trying new crafts!)

Thick wool yarn

Beeswax for thread

Trivet frame for a 6” tile


Small plastic animal or dinosaur figures

Plain green or black tea

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Hi, I’m Kailey, I live in Southern Oregon (USA) with my husband and 2 kids. I am a Mom, crafter, illustrator, board game designer, and product reviewer. We don’t have any pets at the moment. We have been very isolated since March due to my son being in a high risk group, so it is nice to connect with people virtually even though I can’t meet with anyone in person. I am the primary giver and organizer of gifts in our family, and rarely get any surprises myself. This swap is a fun way to get a mystery package for the holidays, while also getting the joy of being a crafty little elf! I realize this is a super long list, but I figured more information is rarely a bad thing.

Allergies and Things to Avoid: We are allergic to smoke of any sort (particularly tobacco), and strong scents are problematic. We also have a mango allergy. I’m vegetarian…but the rest of my family isn’t, so any treats for human omnivores will still get eaten, just not by me. We don’t drink alcohol. I dislike oranges and blueberries and maraschino cherries (though my kids love them), and I don’t care for licorice or nutmeg. I don’t wear much jewelry. Though I love wall art, with several artists in the family, our walls are completely covered and we really don’t have room for more. We also have more than enough blankets and quilts. We also have a whole trunk full of reusable bags. I’m not a fan of lace, camouflage, or animal prints. Fragile things tend to get broken in our house. Please avoid things that are violent/gory, religious, conservative, or not child friendly. We don’t follow any sports.

The Whole Family: LEGO, Science, NASA, Dragons, Puffins, Gnomes/Tompten, Dinosaurs, Fossils, Fantastical Creatures from mythology, Dr Who, Star Wars, Outer Space, Venus Fly Traps, Archery (target practice, not hunting!), Cosplay/dress up, Puns, Geeky Stuff, Board Games (I am very active on Board Game Geek), RPGs, Escape Room games, The Great British Bake Off, The Masked Singer, Baking/Cooking, Playing Ukulele together, Books (we read…a lot. Graphic Novels, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy are particular favorites).
Myself: Discworld (Terry Pratchett), Pern (Anne Mccafrey), Books By Diana Wynne Jones, Books by Patricia C Wrede, Firefly (tv show), anglerfish, porcupine fish, octopuses, jellyfish, nautilus, cuttlefish, hedgehogs, platypuses, tree frogs, Steam Punk, favorite colors are blues and purples. I drink both coffee and tea, though I lean more towards tea and only drink coffee once a week. Dark or White Chocolate, maple, and caramel are the most delicious treats.
My Husband: Video Games, Star Wars, Thundercats, the mythos of HP Lovecraft (think cuddly Cthulhu rather than horror), Invader Zim, Top Gear. Enjoys camping, but more as an activity than a theme. Favorite colors: red and black.
Kid #1 (6 year old girl, very smart and precocious): Magical Things, Hilo (book series), Princess in Black (book series), Castles, Princesses, Pegacorns, Unicorns, Fairies, Flower Fairies, Tangled/Rapunzel, Nightmare Before Christmas, Dia de los Muertos, My Little Pony, Flamingos (she made up a super hero character named Flamingo Girl. She pretends to save the world as Flamingo Girl while her brother is her sidekick, Flamingo Friend), the Slow Mo guys (on YouTube), pretend play, making art and craft projects. She is named after the goddess Athena. Favorite colors: Rainbow, purple, pink, orange, silver & gold.
Kid #2 (3 year old boy, soon to be 4): Puffin Rock (TV show), airplanes/helicopters (pretty much all vehicles), flamingos (like his sister), hot air balloons, animals, pretend play, unicorns/horses, Sandra Boynton books, The Gruffalo, Pete the Cat. Favorite colors: Rainbow, teal, most bright colors.

I do not have a Pinterest or an Etsy wish list, I am on instagram @HeroicHatchling

Crafted Wishes (multiples are fine)

  • Geeky or pun or science (or anything we are interested in) themed shirts or hoodies for myself, my husband, or my kids.

  • DIY craft/art kits for my kids (include necessary supplies and instructions for them to make something themselves…homemade kits are great!). One kiddo is 3 almost 4, the other is 6 almost 7 (and incredibly bright and capable, she can make most anything).

  • Anything cool and unique to your part of the world. (It is a great way to teach my kids about geography and other cultures).

  • A dragon weather vane for the roof.

  • A sundial for the yard.

  • Stacking dolls (Matroyshka) for the kids in a Nightmare Before Christmas, Puffin Rock, dinosaur/fossil, gnome, or dragon theme.

  • Baked goods, sweet treats, or teas unique to your culture or the place that you live. I love baking and cooking myself and enjoy exploring new flavors from around the world.

  • Unbreakable Christmas ornaments…wood, metal, wool , etc. of things we like

  • a cool leather arm guard, shooting glove and quiver for archery practice (a set for me and a set for my husband).

  • Leather masks for dress up/cosplay

  • unusual cute or geeky cookie cutters

  • Yard art/sculptures in a theme we like (probably in wood or metal…possibly ceramic) I’d love a Greenman or Ent face or two to put on our trees, or a dragon/sea serpent for the front garden by the pond.

  • Dress up/pretend play/stuffies/fairy garden supplies for my kids (they do have a lot of stuffies and dress up, but they love them).

  • Small earrings in cute/geeky themes (like really small, under 1cm please, bigger earrings won’t get worn)


  • Wool Felt!!!

  • edible ink pens for decorating cookies and other baked goods

  • a pizzelle maker (or similar cookie/waffle iron)

  • a mandolin for slicing vegetables

  • Eraser clay, polymer clay, or airdry clay

  • Leather and/or leather working tools. I have letter stamps and a mallet, but that’s it, I’d really love to try leatherworking.

  • Interesting papers for collage or origami

  • wool roving for needle felting

  • a good pad to needlefelt on

  • cute clever or unusual sewing buttons and/or beads

  • Geeky fabrics (or fabric with prints of other things we like)

  • sketchbooks for the kids and myself

  • Gift cards to amazon/Etsy/etc.

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How does this work? You have to write up what you do or what you like? Then what? Curious.

Thank you, Dusty

It’s all in the top post-- you can read up and join us next time if you want!