COMPLETED: $5 Craft Challenge Swap Round 1 (SU: 9/19-9/25 SO: 10/19)

Aaargh! I worked on my project for @lifeinpigtails last night, and it is not living up to my original idea. At all. Now I’ve got to start again! I have another good idea, so hopefully I can still finish it by the end of the weekend, as I’d planned.

I’m in the EXACT same boat. I’ve now attempted FOUR different things and I’ve dare I say, hated how they were ALL turning out. It looks like I’ll do a 5th option that a friend just taught me… and I can get hands on help with if needed. Not as “flashy” as I was hoping, but functional. Now if I could just think of a ______ to go with it…

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My life is FINALLY settling down a tiny bit. I’m at the sewing machine and hoping to make big progress today.