COMPLETED: Holiday Present Swap - S/U: 7/29-8/14 - S/O 11/6

Everything has been photographed, wrapped and boxed up. I’ll be sending sometime this week.

Exciting! I shipped yours today!

I received from @Kwality570! All I want to do is shake! What does it sound like??

I’m in the home stretch! Will finish the package tomorrow for @artsycandice! Then to wrap and package! It has been so much fun making everything!

I wrapped and packaged yesterday. got to see what day I can get to the post office.

I created the gallery. and linked to it on the first post

Earlier we did a poll and the option that won was that we open all our gifts at once and not one per day.

Do we want to say what time frame everyone open? Like the week of Christmas, Christmas Day, Anytime in December? etc?

I’m finishing up today and tomorrow and will be sending just on time now. Holy moly! I’m super excited to wrap and send!

Also, did we decide on opening all at once? Or should I be numbering my packages as I wrap them?

the option to open all at once won.

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No one had weighed in so lets just leave it up to each person. Let’s just say anytime in December. So if you want to open all at once on Dec 1st go for it. If you want to wait and open in Christmas, that’s good too. or any time in between.

Just make sure you get good pics and post them!


I received from @Lynx and almost dug in before I remembered we have to wait :smirk:


I received!

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I received! Waiting is HARD!! Lol

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I received about a week ago, but didn’t post that in the thread. Waiting IS hard!

Relayed one on Sunday and shipped second today.

And now we wait.

Received today! I’m also team “waiting is hard.”

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When are those who’ve received planning on opening?
Are you going to crack in December 1st? :stuck_out_tongue:

We 3 are going to open together, but haven’t picked a day yet. Maybe closer to mid-month? To have some happy joy! But we’re still pretty TBD

@PrincessP what about you? When are y’all thinking?

Well… you can at least open the shipping box. lol The handmade pieces are wrapped. :wink:

My self control is terrible. The box has been opened. Now to wait…