Cooling Off with Cool Colors Journal

Some of you might know that I am doing a 5 day bookmaking challenge, hence the multiple posts of journals! I am a bit behind because I want to make all the things…

This is a simple foldover journal. I added two signatures of nice sulfite paper so I could use it for notes and more drawing or doodles. I used a cool color palette since my last one was hot and festive! Man, it is hot enough to cook an egg on the driveway!



And, a few more spots for more drawing and doodling…


Gorgeous! I love that color combo.

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You’re on a roll! I love all of the details you’re putting into yours!

I’m trying to keep pace with the challenge and everything else but already planning to get more of the paper and make more.

Did you like the paper? I didn’t think it worked as nice with the watercolor…I liked the weight but it didn’t seem like it bloomed like good watercolor paper and parts got fuzzy on me…I like the Cason Watercolor Paper better.

Yeah it’s definitely not watercolor paper but it just feels so nice to work with. I haven’t had any issues with fuzziness but have gotten some warping from using so much water. The Canson watercolor paper is so thick that when I try to make zines from it they don’t really flatten well. I really like the smoothness of the paper, maybe hot press watercolor paper would work.

We should do a paper comparison in the Paper Craftalong!

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Ooohh this is really lovely the colours are fab. I totally missed your book binding posts, going back to have a look now.

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That is so pretty. I can imagine just smooshing it if it were fabric covered. Love!

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The paper is lovely…it has a good weight and does feel a bit like fabric.

Ahhhhhhh. Just looking at the cool, watercolors and detailed botanicals is refreshing. It’s hotter’n blue blazes here lately, too.

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Very pretty and relaxing, and the colors are a nice counterpoint to the last one you posted.

LOVE all your doodles on this one!

I have been super intrigued by the papers you and @photojenn have been using for these!

The paper is 90lb Legion Stonehenge. It’s really nice 100% cotton paper, I want to make more books just so I can justify getting more :joy:


Oooo…thanks! It really showcases your pieces!!

Beautiful my friend!

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This is absolutely gorgeous.