Covid-19, A Little Journal

Like most of the world, I have been sheltering in place for the last 35 days (yes, I’m keeping count). Crafting has been great entertainment, and one might even say, therapy. Making this Covid-19 journal certainly was that for me. (Fun fact: the original title was going to be “The Corona Chronicles”, but @knickertwist beat me to it. Luckily, I hadn’t quite completed the cover at that time. :D)

I cut up a lot of newspaper in the making of this book; the background paper for all the pages was created by gluing articles about the virus to the covers (made from a House Shaped ATC Frame set), and each of the pages, which are thin cardboard cut to size. I gave each page a thin layer of acrylic paint, a little ink, and some paint details. The type fades into the background, but if you look closely, you can still see lots of what it says. Anyway, enough chatter, let’s look at photos.

The front cover. Hopefully this conveys the feeling of being stuck inside. I started out with just the “metal” bars, but then added the red arch to make it seem more restrictive. Even that didn’t seem enough, so I added the “call again” emergency tape. Like all of the type throughout the book, with the exception of the snarky captions, the “COVID-19” title and the “shelter-in-place” type were also cut from the newspaper.

The expression on this face is everything. All she needed was a mask, which I drew with colored pencils on a piece of typing paper, then cut out and glued down. My light table came in handy to show the shape of her face and and enabled me to make the mask fit properly.

I don’t know about you, but my husband and I are definitely enjoying some special snacks during this time, including Cheez doodles and peanut M&Ms. We are taking care not to overdo it, though, unlike this poor woman, who is obviously lacking a bit of self control. Definitely a “state of emergency”. I found this image of Cheez Doodles online, and sized it to fit. The tiny doodles on the left hand page were drawn with colored pencils.

As someone who really doesn’t mind spending a lot of time at home (when it’s by choice!), I did note that other than not having the option of going out, some things hadn’t really changed. I did, however, quit using a hairdryer and wearing makeup and jewelry, and we do seem to go through the alcohol faster than usual.

It can be hard to be isolated with family members for long periods of time. I think this page is self-explanatory. Not to worry, though, so far no one here has needed severe “correction”. This knife was drawn with a silver Sharpie.

And the back cover. I’m sure you agree.

I hope that neither you nor any of your friends or family has been infected with this terrible virus. Please know that this book is not meant in any way to make light of this serious pandemic. My family has been very strict in socially isolating, and this is just my way of coping a bit. Stay safe out there!


Thanks for the laughs, I needed it.

It is great! Humor during this time is needed.

I’m in the middle of sewing my first masks (yay), and I needed this. What could go wrong? Exactly.

This is an awesome journal of your personal experience and feelings during this unprecedented time. And it’s very, very well done! Amazing detail and overall cohesiveness.

What an excellent way to commemorate this period of time and to keep yourself busy (and sane). It’s fantastic! I like how melancholy it feels with the abundance of grey, but with just enough cheekiness to make it simultaneously lighthearted.

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I’m definitely being drawn to all the dark humor about the current state of the world so your book hits in just the right way for me :slight_smile: Your hand-drawn elements are so well done! They fit in perfectly. Love it!

Thanks for making me smile, I love your style. My daughter and I will be on day 30 of quarantine tomorrow.

I agree with sheepBlue. This kind of dark humor is there very thing getting me through this situation. Each page is so thoughtfully done. I just love it.

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This is simply excellent. You’ve really captured a lot of what we’re all experiencing and did it with a good dose of humor.

I think the only thing we can do when things are bleak is make light of it. Thats what a lot of people do naturally. This is such a gorgeous book. I love your attention to detail!

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So many of these ladies speak RIGHT.TO.MY.SOUL. It’s shameful how direct it is. Good grief, i love these.


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Oh man - truth on every page. :laughing: I love this!!

Fabulous!!! And just totally perfect.

This is utterly fantastic. Thank you for lifting my spirits @racky!

This is awesome - so clever and hopefully one day we can look back and remember what a strange time we all lived through, and little remembrances like this one will help us remember and others understand what is being experienced. Fantastic work. And your drawing skills are so impressive! I never thought I’d be impressed with a cheese doodle, but here we are :laughing:


Congrats! Your Covid-19 journal is one of this week’s featured projects.

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Thank you. This is bittersweet. It’s fun to get a feature, but I sure do hate the subject matter.


What a fantastic way to remember the covid-19 virus and how it affects everyone. Love it!

I adore the aesthetic you have through this, and it’s a great tongue-in-cheek keepsake of the stressful time we’re going through.