Covid Claus, or A Boodle of Santas

Due to Covid, we’re not going out shopping this year. My family decided that instead of gifts, we would donate to charities in each other’s names and send small homemade gifts. Mr. Racky and I were inspired by a folk art Santa I found online, and decided to make some wooden Covid Clauses out of the plethora of wood scraps he has in his shop, plus some old wooden blocks I had. He cut out all the wood, and I did the painting. On Thanksgiving day, we had a fun time assembling them all.

I feel like those crazy eyes and startled expression perfectly illustrate 2020. WTF?

Here’s the lineup. The smaller eye is a 3/4" wooden wheel, and the larger eye is a slice of the tree branch that fell and damaged our roof and gutters after a big storm went through here about a month ago. Had to include that in the crazy!

An old folding ruler made the perfect hat fur and belt (love that rusty hinge!) I hope my family enjoys their Covid Claus, and that next year we can all be together again to celebrate the holidays.


I absolutely love the old wooden folding ruler bits

These are phenomenal! I love those expressions-perfect!! And I love that you and Mr. Racky did them together.

What a nice way to plan for a better holiday next year! Everyone can have their whacky Santas to remember 2020 and enjoy 2021 (I hope, anyway!)…

Nice that both of you worked on this project…turned out very cute and meaningful!

I love the ruler details and his expression, it’s perfect!! This is far better than anything you could’ve picked up at the store!

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Those are hysterical. I love their little crazy eyes.

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Those turned out so cute! Love the rule bits.

Those are absolutely adorable!!! The accents and distressing you did just take them to the next level. I love the little mouths and their expressions are priceless!

Love your boodle of santas! They are marvelous!!

Definitely encapsulates this year. Love the creativity!

These are absolutely adorable. The mismatched eyes catch 2020 perfectly. I love the details. What fun. Now I want one.

These are so flippin’ fantastic! I love that you guys made them together too.

Thanks everyone. It was nice to do a project that used stuff we had around the house AND got rid of some of the extra wood in the workshop, even though it’s impossible to tell that we used any. :thinking:

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Lol…it sounds like mr. racky’s wood stash rivals your paper stash :smiley:

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My goodness gracious. I just LOVE these stunned Santas! I know they’ll be lovingly displayed for many, many Christmases to come.

I love these so much!

Cute! They looks great! I love the “wtf” expression.

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Wonderful! Their expression says it all! :laughing:

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These are pretty fabulous.

How great! Perfect expression for 2020 for sure.