Crochet Heart with Cross Knitting Needles Door Hanger

I was inspired by the classic skull and crossbones to make this door hanger. The crochet heart is lightly stuffed; if it were too firmly stuffed it would be difficult to stick the knitting needles through. The needles are really cheap flimsy ones that came with a kid’s craft kit-- they’re bendy, so they’re not actually any good for knitting (not without copious frustration, at least).
I tied fishing line to the top of the heart, so I could hang it on the door. I have the line going up over the top of the door, and I taped it to the back side of the door (with low-tack tape-- don’t want to damage the door’s paint!). I have it hanging on my bedroom door at home, and I hang it from my dorm room’s door when I’m at school. I’m very happy with it!


I like it!

So cute! I love it!

So fun and great use for those not so useful knitting needles!

This is super cute.

Great idea!
And it looks lovely.

Awesome! :yarn::skull_and_crossbones::yarn:

Adorable! This is so cute.