Crochet tea cosy master

A friend requested a Dalek (from Dr Who) tea cosy so I googled crochet versions. Only one came up but it led to this yarn wizard, Trevor Smith. He hasn’t got much internet presence so here’s a video. Check it out, he makes incredible creations!
Here’s his Dalek teacosy.


Wow! This is so cool!!! It looks very much like a Dalek with all the details there are!

There is a free pattern on Ravelry but it’s knitting, which I don’t know how to do. There’s a free crochet amigurumi pattern though & I’m sure I could alter it to make a tea cosy. Fun, right?


That video was awesome, he’s so likable and talented!

I loved that video! Free form crochet is way more fun!

That being said, what a fun tea cozy!! You got all the right details…

I really loved that he had a bunch of embellishments on hand in those bins…

I have started a bin with circles, flowers, etc. just to use up and not store the leftover yarns…time to find projects to use some of those, so thanks for the awesome inspiration!

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Right? I was watching him scoop up his bins of leaves & flowers thinking what a terrific way to stash bust! I mean then you’d have to find ways to use it all up but half the makings already done. So cool!

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lol I was thinking that we have bins that store little things to add to art journals, notecards, etc. and bins of little pieces of fabric and string, ready to grab…why not crochet? lol…sigh…but maybe having things at the ready would be motivation to finish things…

I am going to add crochet flowers to my list of things I want…I think @madebyBeaG has some she is offering…lol…

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This is SO RAD! Seriously, awesome.

She does!!! She is sending some to me (yay!) to make hair ties for my granddaughter.

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@AIMR @Magpie did you see the May prompt in the destash along? eyebrow waggle

ha ha A timely prompt!

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