Crocheted Best of Shawl

On Facebook I joined “Morben Design Group” a German group. At the end of 2019 (oops!) 2018 they shared a pattern that contains a few of the most popular shawls. I like to crochet a shawl/wrap and the yarn I had originally planned for a top, was used for this (the top didn’t turn out what I expected)

The yarn contains 4 strands of thread: 2 red and 2 pink. Those strands aren’t twisted, which makes it a bit hard to crochet with. In the beginning it splits when you’re not careful.

I like the open pattern and all the different stitches. I love how the stitches add dimension to it.

This shawl was also donated to the garage sale and was bought by another Dutchie :smile: it stayed in the Netherlands.

I can’t share a pattern, copyright and so. Sorry!

Thanks for looking!


This shawl is stunning! I was very very tempted to buy it out of the ebay sale myself, but someone beat me to it. The color and drape and just lovely. Great work!

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It is very lovely…what interesting yarn…you did a nice job of making it…the lace is delicate and yet the size makes a beautiful neck scarf when draped around…

Whoever got it in the auction is very lucky…just gorgeous!

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I’m so happy that it now lives with me! I’m actually wearing it right now. I love the intricate pattern, there’s so much to see but it’s not ‘too much’. The colour of the yarn is beautiful and it’s very comfortable to wear too. I know there’s acrylic in it but it doesn’t feel synthetic at all. It stays cool and doesn’t make you feel hot and sweaty which is important for something you wear around your neck all day.

And did I read correctly that the pattern was only published in late 2019?! It would take me months to make something like this.


Ooopppssss, it was published late 2018 hahaha, best of 2018. Will correct that in my post. I started it in July or August, I have no idea how long it took me, but long.

Thanks for your comment @Immaculata! I’m so happy that you love it!
The yarn was a bit tricky to crochet with but I like the touch of the yarn.

Again, thanks! It makes me so proud that this beautiful shawl gets to be worn by a fellow LC-er :smile:

That’s a beautiful shawl! The color is lovely, but I hate working with yarn that is hard to work with.

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The tip that I read about this yarn is to use a bead.(I read about that AFTER crocheting with this yarn haha) Pull all the treads through the bead, that makes it easier to pick up all 4 strands. After a little while, you get used to work with it.

I hate working with yarn that doesn’t feel good, it makes my finger hurt

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The bead idea is brilliant! I don’t think I would have ever thought of that!

I typically stick to cotton… for my dishcloths :joy: to impatient for anything else

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That is beautiful

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This is gorgeous!

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Thanks all! :blush:

That is lovely! Splitty yarn can make for a hard start. But, it’s so nice!

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Beautiful work!

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I love the delicacy of this one. All the lacy detail. Thank you so much for your generosity with it!

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Thank you!
It was for a good cause and really, the shawl worn by a fellow-LettuceCrafter is the best! I have way too many shawls already and I can”t stop stitching them up :grin:

This pattern was so much fun to crochet. I love to try a lot of different stitches.

Thank you for all your organizing :orange_heart: