Crocheting while feeling icky

I’ve been slight under the weather this past week, but not sick enough to be in bed constantly, so I had to have projects that I could easily set aside when needed and picked up whenever.

Therefore, i made a set of the dish clothes. Not that exciting, but useful all the same. :slightly_smiling_face:


Um, new dishcloths are totally exciting! What a pretty color, too!


Sorry you have been under the weather. Hopefully you will soon feel much better. These dishcloths are wonderful and I love the color. It’s great that you could create them while sidelined.

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These are cute and I wouldn’t dare use them, way too pretty!
Hope you are feeling better now.

Which stitch did you use?

@wendiek That’s what my mom has said to me when I’ve made them for her. :rofl:

I am feeling better now, thank you for asking. It’s the bipolar weather that we’re experiencing that caught me. This past week had day or two in the upper 60s-lower 70s as well as a day with a low of 42 w/ monsoon rains. Bleh…

This pattern is super simple! It alternates between SC and DC and that’s it. The cloth turns out dense with “nubbies” that aren’t as big as a bubble stitch.

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I love the colors, the stitch, and the size!

Feel better soon!

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Haha! :joy:

Glad you’re feeling better now! Over here it is quite warm for this time of year, but tomorrow it wil get colder. The newspaper told about the flue, maybe even an epidemic… It has certainly to do with the weather and lots of people close together. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oh SC, DC, that is easy, looks good though!

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We’re in the middle of the flue epidemic here. I’ve been hosing down my classroom with disinfectant every afternoon.


Oh yeah, bleh! I hope it won’t ‘visit’ our house :mask:

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Glad you are feeling better! It’s great that you were able to actually work on some crafts while not feeling 100%. That’s something I always struggle with. Lovely work! And homemade dishcloths are terrific! I love the ones people have sent me :slight_smile:

Nicely done!

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Useful projects, what’s better than that?! And good that you were able to do something while you were still slightly sick.Funny thing, with that colour those remind me of instant noodles XD

I’ve had several people ask why I was crocheting with ramen! :rofl::joy::rofl:

At least they fit their purpose, unlike the ramen noodle shoes which has made the news XD Of course you can make your own sandals now with the dish clothes

Oh my…that’s…:roll_eyes: