Cross-body bag from upholstery samples

In the $5 Challenge swap, @lifeinpigtails said she’d like a cross-body bag. So I pulled out some upholstery samples and whipped them together.

They are anchored to a thrifted belt and some crochet work. The hardware all came from my local recycled-art-supplies store. (Back when I still shopped in person.)

The crocheted strap doesn’t feel quite right, but I couldn’t find anything else that worked better.

It was stitched without a pattern or plan, so forgive its wonkiness!

There is a contrasting fabric inside.

I hope it is durable and that it gets some good use.


I love this! One of a kind scrappy charm. The flap is particularly lovely.

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Gorgeous and useful!
I’d be happy to keep my wallet in there.

Wow! That is really a neat idea.

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Love it, it looks so rich. I snagged a bunch of upholstery samples years ago and they are a great resource for scrappy projects. Beautiful.

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The colors really worked well together!

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