Cross post craft challenges to "Crafty Shenanigans - Contests"

I noticed we have contests, but I only just today noticed because someone posted their entry and I followed the breadcrumbs and clues. Then I found more challenges I didn’t know about!

So I was wondering if they could also be posted in the Contest area of the Crafty Shenanigans board? Either the full post or even just a list of links that direct people to the right posts…



This would be super helpful! There’s some challenges I’ve seen posted, then forget where they were posted when I want to go back.


I went to go find a challenge I remember being posted and that was the first place I looked and it was empty!



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The Contests category is for future site-wide and sponsored contests, while there are other board-specific challenges. But I totally get how you might go to the Shenanigans board looking for such things. So I’ve created a list, pinned to the top of the Contests board, with current individual board challenges. I’ll keep it updated as some challenges end, and others are started. :blush:
Current Lettuce Craft Challenges & Contests


Thank you; I had this problem also & that seems like a good solution! :grin:

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