Decadent Chocolate Biscuits / Cookies

These are a lovely chocolatey treat, especially when there’s no satisfactory eating, not cooking, chocolate available!
The recipe is Triple Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies from Nigella and, as long as the ingredients are declared gluten free and not pretend-y gluten free, the end product is gluten free, so added bonus for those that need that.

Triple Choc Bikkies 1G

Brown sugar and butter turning caramel coloured.

Triple Choc Bikkies 2G

Then the melted chocolate and eggs get added and mixed together.

Triple Choc Bikkies 3G

Time to add the dry ingredients and make a chocolatey gooey mixture!

Triple Choc Bikkies 4G

Everything chocolatey coming together nicely.

Triple Choc Bikkies 5G

In go the chocolate buttons - currently I only have these big flat ones on hand, because the picture on the packet lied about their size! But their make up is fine for the recipe, they’re just big to manage forming the biscuits.

Triple Choc Bikkies 6G

Forgot to capture an image of the first tray before they went in the oven to show uncooked size of biscuit, so got a shot of the smaller tray before it went in.

First tray out of the oven. The big choccy buttons aren’t all covered by the mixture, but they are still yummy to eat.

Triple Choc Bikkies 8G

Both trays done! Got 35 biscuits from this lot and they are so, so tasty! Low enough carb for me to manage a treat too due to the buckwheat flour and % of coco solids without sugar in the chocolate additions, and brand of cocoa I buy.


I read the recipe. These sound really good!

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They really, really are! I used to be able to enjoy a particular brand of choc chip biscuits/cookies, but they changed the recipe and I missed them. These are so much better than those used to be!
The recipe is a bit fiddly, but so worth it.

I need to see if I can get buckwheat flour…never really looked for it, but I bet Trader Joe’s might have it! I take it the buckwheat is what gives some of the flavor and texture? I was wondering if sunflower flour could be substituted.

They look yummy…and the big chips are my favorite!

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If you’re familiar with how sunflower flour behaves and would know how to substitute it, then sure, I’d give it a go. Because it’s a seed flour and has it’s own oil content, you might choose to slightly reduce the amount of butter used, especially if you have to sub any of the 70% cocao chocolate for lesser percentages of cacao that have more oil included.
Buckwheat flour does have it’s own distinctive flavour and texture, and colour too. Wheat flour can be subbed for the buckwheat without any changes to the other ingredients.

I often change out ingredients for others to get a result I’m interested in. Would love to hear how you go with them!

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