Decoupage knobs

yesterday, I decoupaged a set of 4 knobs with 4 different cactus from the same fabric.

The round shape made it quite awkward; I had to snip the fabric almost to the enter, then overlap the bits to get them to lie flat.

Here’s one installed:

I took it back off and put them all outside because they’re sprayed with stinky varnish. They can come back inside on Sunday, maybe. I hope the weather stays clear, or I’ll have to put them (and the 2 tables I sprayed today) in the car.

in order: boring stainless knob removed from cabinet
plain ceramic ball knob
ball knob with decoupage
a knob that would probably work better; the design would be easier to see.


This is so clever! Well done.

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Day of the decoupage, indeed! They look nice; I didn’t notice how you had to cut them, until you mentioned them.


What a great way to dress up a dresser, nightstand, or pretty much anything with drawers! I like the use of different cactuses for each knob!

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I made them for the kitchen, which already has a number of cactus/succulent accessories.
Your comment made me look around wildly to see what else I could knob. Bath cabinets, closet doors, the computer cabinet…

Oven knobs…lol.


Your decoupage projects are so fun and inspiring!

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