Denim crafting apron

Thanks all! I wore it all day yesterday and have it on again. It’s chilly so I have a sweater on under it and that second button is just perfect for fitting over an extra layer.
I must say, my favourite bit is the button fly. Even though I haven’t had need of it yet, I love the way it looks. It’s just the right nice little detail, I’m so happy I included it with the last minute pocket addition.


Great design - love all the pockets - are the button loops for other tools too or a design detail. Totally would use the belt loops for more tools, or clips/pins, etc. Love it!

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How did I miss this!? It’s is AMAZING! So obviously well-constructed with such thoughtfulness put into utilizing all the features the jeans already had.

I just realized I haven’t seen that apron in months. Lost in the craft room, I gotta find it. It really is so comfy & handy for crafting.

(The mister just said he thinks I gave it away. I must have had a rougher go of covid than I thought if I did such a thing, even worst that I don’t remember doing it!)

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