Dining room refurbish

Loved the all the denim when it first went up but now wanted to tone it down.


I’ve met my quota of mitered corners.


Are those denim curtains actually patchwork denim?
Refurb is looking great but wow, those old curtains.


Thanks! I was going through a recycle/reuse phase.
Curtain on the left is three different colors of denim pieced together. Some pieces were cut from old jeans. I ran out of denim so the right side curtain is cotton fabric from my stash that are pretty close in color. Slipcovers, table cloth, placemats are also denim.


Love the new tablewear especially!

Love the plaid!

Very classy! And now you have denim scraps!

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Your rug is wonderful

I think its a fun touch. The colors in the rug ties the dining room to living room.

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:sparkles: :tada: :sparkles: Congratulations!! This amazing project is one of this week’s featured projects!! :sparkles: :tada: :sparkles:

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Thanks! I am enjoying sharing my projects and learning from others. There is always some little tidbit I can use.

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